Pulling Out a Dent with a Plunger

Pulling out a dent with a plunger may sound far-fetched, but it’s a method that is surprisingly successful. I recently tried it on a plastic surface on my vehicle and was amazed at how well it worked.

This method is best used on the plastic portion of bumper since car metal is too strong to be pulled into shape using a simple toilet plunger.

Tip – using a plunger perfectly

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Get the tools – a bucket of hot water, rubber mallet, and a toilet plunger

2. Pour hot water – pour some hot water over the dent. The heat will help soften up the plastic and make it easier to pull out with a plunger. Also, the surface will be cleaner and smoother so that the plunger can create the highest level of suction.

3. Put the Plunger Over the Dent – the first step is to make sure that the area of the dent is completely covered. Use one hand to hold onto the plunger firmly, and then push down. If it slides, repeat this step to create the suction onto the dent.

4. Reach behind the Dent to Push Dent Out – If the dent is still there after pulling up the plunger, then you should try to hit the dent from the other side. You can then take a rubber mallet, place the head at an angle behind the dent and start tapping lightly. Doing this should help flatten out any remaining deformations, making all areas of the plastic bumper look smooth again.

5. Repeat the above steps until Dented Area is Flat

How to get a dent of a fridge using a plunger

Are you frustrated by the dent in your refrigerator? Don’t feel like it’s a hopeless situation. With just a plunger and some determination, you can restore your fridge back to its original shape. Here’s how to get a dent out of a refrigerator with a plunger:

Before getting started, take a good look at the dent from the outside. Make sure there are no sharp cracks in the metal that will not allow the plunger to create suction.

Once you’ve identified the dented area, grab your plunger and position it over the dent so it is centered and tightly sealed against the surface of the fridge. Then, using firm pressure on top of the handle, slowly push down until feel suction between the plunger and dent.

After applying pressure for around 30 seconds, pull sharply on the handle while keeping contact between plunger and dent surface. This sudden pulling motion should help pop out any air bubbles trapped beneath and should hopefully remove most dents quickly. 


Using a plunger to remove dents from plastic car bumpers or refrigerator doors is an easy and effective way of restoring them to their original shape. With the right amount of pressure and a steady hand, you can apply suction to the dent surface and pop it out.

This method is especially helpful when there are limited resources or time available. Of course, it is always important to be mindful that too much force could cause damage so use caution when applying pressure. 

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