How to Hide Toilet Brush and Plunger

When it comes to my bathroom, keeping it neat and tidy is one of my major priorities. That’s why I’m always looking for new how to hide toilet brush and plunger methods. They’re not the most attractive items to have on display! Here are a few things I’ve done to keep this necessary but unsightly duo out of sight.

Keep It Behind Closed Doors

Finally, if possible, tucking away both your toilet brush and plunger inside a cabinet or closet works like a charm as they won’t be always visible until they need to be used. While this may require some rearranging depending upon how much space you have available, this was by far one of my favorite solutions!

Create Your Own Storage Container for Your Toilet Brush and Plunger

I love being creative when it comes to home decor, so another solution I’ve come up with is making my own storage container using materials I already have around the house. A tall flower vase work great for this purpose.

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Place Items Behind the Toilet Tank

If you’re looking for an alternative way to hide your toilet brush and plunger, one of the best places I’ve discovered is behind the toilet tank, no container needed. It might sound strange at first, but trust me, this creative hack will have your unsightly duo out of sight in no time.

The first step here is to make sure there’s enough room to tuck away both items without having a container in the way. 

Use a Free-Standing Toilet Brush and Holder

The first step when hiding my toilet brush and plunger with a free-standing holder is choosing the right design. There are lots of options available, from modern and sleek designs to more unusual or quirky styles. It really depends on what kind of look you’d like in your bathroom. No matter which one you choose though, just make sure it’ll fit comfortably in the space you have available.

Once the perfect design has been found, it’s time to place it into its desired spot in my bathroom. Personally, I like to tuck mine away near the corner of my shower for extra privacy, but you can do as you please depending on where your toilet is positioned. 

Use a Decorative Toilet Plunger Holder

When it comes to hiding my toilet brush and plunger, I love getting creative with the solutions I use, this way, not only are they out of sight but I also get to add a splash of chic style to my bathroom! Try Investing in a decorative toilet plunger holder. 

Not only do these holders keep everything neat and organized but depending on which one you choose, visitors won’t even know what lurks behind such an elegant decorative piece unless they’re told. Worth trying out if you ask me.

Store Them with Your Cleaning Supplies

So, it’s no surprise that when I stumbled upon this easy yet practical solution, I just had to try it. Here’s how storing my plunger and toilet brush with my cleaning supplies changed the game for me.

The first step in this process was deciding on which storage container would be the perfect fit for me. After a lot of research, I chose one that could easily fit into my cupboard while also having enough space inside to house any liquids or other cleaning products. 

Just make sure you measure the area where it’ll be placed before committing so everything fits snugly after you’re done setting up.

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