Can Too Much Toilet Paper Clog a Toilet

It is true that too much toilet paper can clog up your toilet—and even worse, your sewer line. When used in excess, toilet paper has the potential to form a blockage on its own or become stuck to other materials that make their way into the sewage system, such as wipes and feminine hygiene products. 

Since it is true that can too much toilet paper clog a toilet, to prevent these issues from occurring, it is best to limit the amount of toilet paper you use per flush.

Tip – using a plunger to unclog clogs

Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and environmental benefits. However, they can be prone to blockages when too much toilet paper is used because of the reduced amount of water passing through the pipes. 

This can cause the toilet paper to form an obstruction in the drainage system and create a clog.

Rough Pipes

Rough pipes are prone to attracting solid particles such as dirt, calcium deposits, and hair which can easily clog pipes over time. 

Rough pipes and using too much toilet paper are two common causes of clogged drains that require professional help from a plumber in order to fix them.

To prevent any future blockages from occurring, it is important for me to maintain my plumbing system regularly by checking for signs of corrosion or debris buildup and being mindful when flushing so I don’t overload my drain with too much material at once.

Too Much Toilet Paper

The best way to prevent clogs due to excessive use of toilet paper is to be mindful when flushing and limit my use per flush.

Excessive use of toilet paper can lead to plumbing problems that require professional assistance from a plumber in order to fix them. It is important for people who own low flow toilets especially, to be mindful when flushing and limit their use of toilet paper per flush so that nothing gets stuck in their pipes.

It is recommended to use around four sheets of toilet paper per use. Using too much may cause the toilet paper to clump together and not dissolve properly.

Toilet Paper that does not Dissolve Well

As a homeowner, I understand that it can be tempting to opt for supe soft toilet paperfor the comfort. However, softer varieties of toilet paper are not always the best option. Soft toilet paper is less likely to dissolve well in water after flushing. This can lead to clogs in my plumbing system and require me to call a professional plumber for help.

When looking for an affordable toilet paper option, it’s important for me to read the product information carefully and look for ones that are marked as 100 percent recycled. This means that the toilet paper can dissolve more easily than other varieties. 


In conclusion, I have learned that to avoid potential plumbing issues, it is important for me to select my products carefully and pay attention when flushing them down the drain. Additionally, regular maintenance of my plumbing system can help prevent unwanted blockages from occurring in the future.

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