Can you use butter on a Blackstone griddle

If you were cooking on a stove, you wouldn’t hesitate to add some butter to the pan to saute or fry your meal, but when it refers to our griddles, it can seem a little daunting. So, can you use butter on a Blackstone griddle?

On a Blackstone Griddle, butter is permissible. Butter adds taste and color to food, making it perfect for grilling on a flat top. It enhances the flavor of all the food you are grilling, including burgers, pancakes, steaks, and other dishes. 

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Various foods can benefit from the flavor-enhancing properties of flavored oils like peanut and avocado. However, butter has practically no flavor in cuisine. You can’t resist a tender piece of beef with butter dripping off it. If flavor is your priority, butter is the best choice.

However, butter is not the ideal seasoning option if you want a griddle with a long-lasting non-stick surface. It does not produce a strong and thick seasoning layer and has a low smoking point. Compared to other oils, butter burns more quickly. 

As a result, it is not the best method for cooking items that require high temperatures for a long period. In this scenario, you can cook with your preferred oil and add butter before serving. You will still experience the desired flavor.

The smoking point of butter is between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoking point of cooking oil is 400 degrees or higher. Oil must be heated to the smoke point during seasoning, particularly for a brand-new flat-top grill, to connect with the metal cooktop.

Butter doesn’t reach its smoke point until it has been heated to very high temperatures. Because of this, the butter cannot effectively connect with the griddle’s surface to produce a thick, long-lasting seasoning coat. Additionally, it will cause the stovetop to burn and produce a mess that needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

You can maintain Griddle temperatures below the smoking point of butter. The butter won’t burn this way, but the seasoning won’t be effective. As a result, you should never season your Blackstone Griddle with butter. 

Additionally, it is not a good idea to butter-griddle before cooking. Water makes up about 20% of butter. The food you are cooking will probably stick to the Griddle surface after the water evaporates.

On your griddle, liquid butter can be used effectively. Liquid butter is actually superior to conventional butter. It can resist temperatures that are higher. Slowly cooking butter until it separates will yield liquid butter. Since you won’t set the temperature as high like when cooking meat, the process could take some time.

As the water foams just at the top during this process, the milk solids sink to the bottom.

Remove the liquid gold’s top layer with a small spoon, then carefully pour it into a container. Make sure to refrain from scooping the milk solids at the bottom. You get pure liquid butter that can endure higher temperatures after this process. As a result, using a Blackstone griddle with it is secure.

Liquid butter gives your food color and flavor when it is used to cook on a flat-top grill. This is crucial for making your cuisine enticing and making sure it tastes amazing! The best time to use liquid butter is before putting any meat or other item on the griddle. 

It enables it to penetrate your meal, enhancing the flavor and taste of whatever you make. Make sure to cover the top of Griddle with the liquid butter as evenly as possible. Doing this guarantees that your meal will cook and taste deliciously across the entire Griddle surface.

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