How to cook eggs on Blackstone griddle

Eggs are among the most common meals to cook on a griddle. They are a common breakfast item worldwide and packed with beneficial nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals.  They are simple to make on a stove, but what if you travel? It is required that you be familiar with how to cook eggs on a Blackstone griddle.

A fried egg on a Blackstone Griddle is the ideal food to take your meal to the next level in cuisine refinement. They go well with toast, steaks, and other foods of your choice because they are a great source of protein and nutrients. Don’t assume fried eggs are only served for breakfast. 

After cooking eggs on, you need to learn how to clean blackstone griddle today.

They can upgrade almost everything, including avocado toast, a huge juicy steak, or a layer in your burger tower. The best griddle-fried eggs are made on a Blackstone Griddle, and you can cook several at once. Adding interest to savory dishes while maintaining their nutritional value is crucial.

Despite the fact that frying eggs might seem simple, there are a lot of potential problems. 

Choosing the correct oil: When cooking the fried egg, choosing the correct oil is crucial. Your eggs won’t cook properly if you use the incorrect oil or the incorrect amount of oil. You will get varied cooking results depending on the type of cooking oil you use. 

Olive oil, vegetable oil, frying spray, butter, and bacon fat, are all good options. I advise using olive or vegetable oil. When using a griddle, I prefer to use olive oil. You must lightly coat the griddle with olive oil. The excess olive oil should then be gently wiped off with a paper towel or equally distributed with a griddle spatula to lightly coat the flat top. 

It prevents the egg from frying in a hot liquid pool while creating a hot, non-stick griddle. I advise of not to use butter. Although butter has a delicious flavor, it will turn your eggs brown.

Properly Crack the egg: Crack an egg gently on a level surface. I’d advise breaking the egg into a tiny bowl. Lightly crack the egg on the counter while holding it firmly in one hand. Use both of your thumbs to probe quickly into the crack while holding the egg in both hands. Take caution not to go too far in this direction.

To crack open the egg:

  1. Pull the eggshell in different directions.
  2. Gently place the entire egg into the tiny bowl while not breaking the yolk.
  3. Look around for stray shell fragments that may have landed in the bowl.

Use a piece of the bigger eggshell to scrape out any stray shells that may fall into the bowl. Recall that an eggshell attracts another eggshell.

Griddle Temperature: Always let the Blackstone Griddle a few minutes to warm up before using. Each griddle will have a different temperature. The use of wind guards will impact the griddle temperature. 

Start with medium-low heat, moving up to medium heat after you’re satisfied with how the eggs cook. It’s crucial to get the griddle heated up properly. The eggs will usually stick if the griddle is not heated enough. The eggs will overcook if the griddle is too hot and won’t cook correctly.

The eggs are cooked to perfection thanks to a dome lid. When cooking, using an airtight dome lid helps maintain the heat and cooks the egg without needing to flip it. Your fried eggs will have extra crispy edges if you use a dome lid. 

You will need a dome lid if you are not a skilled egg flipper. The dome lids are extremely versatile and extremely simple to use.

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