How to light a Blackstone griddle

Imagine that you just spent your hard-earned money on a brand-new Blackstone griddle, only to discover that it won’t light when you want to make your BBQ. For any foodie, it might be among the most infuriating experiences. I researched and came up with solutions to the question “how to light a Blackstone griddle”

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Even though every Blackstone griddle is well-made and lasts a long time, the most common problem is that when the ignition switch is turned on, the griddle won’t start.

Blackstone griddles might not light if the ignition needle seems to be in the wrong place, if the battery in the igniter is dead, if the gas supply to the burner is too low, or if there is no gas supply at all. The Blackstone ignition system will normally work once these problems have been fixed.

Let’s look at potential solutions, the root of the issue, and why your Blackstone griddle is not lit. The following are the most common causes of a Blackstone not lighting.

The ignitor needle is displaced: The most common reason why a Blackstone griddle won’t light when the igniter is used is that the ignition needle is set too far away from the burner inside the griddle. If a griddle is moved hastily, violently, or quickly, the ignition needle may be pushed out of position.

If the ignition needle has moved too far from the burner tubes, the griddle will not spark and must be brought back to the correct distance. Depending on the Blackstone model, the unit may need to have more than one ignition needle replaced to get back to normal.

The ignition needle should be located, and then it should be gently bent toward the ignition tube. The needle should be about 14 inches from the tube for effective operation.

The igniter battery is dead: Most Blackstone griddles use electric igniters. So, they need a power source to give the griddle the spark it needs to catch fire.

This power is supplied by a straightforward battery housed inside the griddle’s igniter. If this battery is flat, the burners won’t light when the igniter is turned on because it won’t produce a spark. Although this is a straightforward issue with a simple solution, it may prevent the griddle from working because it must be fixed before it ignites.

The old battery should be replaced with a new one after opening the battery compartment. The battery will not work to power the igniter if it is not installed in the proper direction.

A restricted gas flow is another factor that can contribute to a Blackstone griddle’s lack of ignition. It could happen due to a gas line leak, a safety feature in larger fuel tanks, or improper installation of a smaller gas tank.

A broken regulator is a more frequent problem. You’ll find the regulator between the Blackstone Griddle and the propane tank. Another easy check is to replace it with a different one and test it again. The griddle won’t properly ignite if there isn’t enough gas going through the flame tubes because there won’t be enough gas to support a regulated flame for cooking. 

Larger gas canisters will restrict flow as a safety measure if there is a fuel leak in the system or if the griddle burner or canister valves are opened too quickly. Close the gas canister’s valve and turn off the gas burners on the griddle to get the gas flow back to normal. All the valves should be slowly opened again to restore normal flow, enabling the igniter to properly ignite the flames.

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