Frigidaire Washer Stuck On Spin Cycle: You Can Fix It

You just noticed that your Frigidaire washer has been spinning for way too long, and it seems stuck on the spin cycle. Trying to open it won’t work right away, so you’ll need to turn it off and wait. This is a safety feature to keep you from accidentally injuring yourself. Be patient. The latch will release in about three minutes with the machine off. What can you do then? Is it ‘just broken,’ or can you fix it? This particular brand can seem frustrating due to the latch safety mechanism, but you don’t need to give up completely and buy a new washer. I’ll help you figure out what’s wrong and show you how to fix the issue so you can do laundry again without having to order a whole new machine. With a little patience, a couple of tools, and some good information, you can reset the machine or replace the timer to get things working properly. 

Why is my frigidaire washer stuck on the spin cycle? A Frigidaire that won’t stop spinning is typically experiencing timer problems. While blocked hoses and other issues can occur, often when your washer isn’t advancing to the next part of the cycle, the timer has failed and needs replacing. Fortunately, you can swap this part at home and save hundreds of dollars in the process. 

Resetting Your Frigidaire Washer and Checking the Hose

There are very few reasons your Frigidaire washer is stuck on the spin cycle. The simplest is that it hasn’t drained properly, and the machine is still trying to get rid of the water inside. In this case, you may have a blocked drainage line. 

Before we check and clean the drainage hose, please reset the washer and rerun it. Sometimes a small, temporary glitch is to blame, and merely resetting the load is enough to solve the problem. While this isn’t the most likely issue, it’s always worth trying first. Turn the machine off, set it as though you were starting a new load, and wait to see if it advances properly. 

Remove your wet laundry and unplug your washer. Then pull the machine out far enough to access the back so you can work on the hose. If you cannot access the pump that attaches to the hose, then remove the washer’s backplate. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a small object or bit of fabric stuck inside that needs to be cleaned out of the hose

The drain hose is the biggest one attached to the back and runs to a drain pipe rather than a faucet. Make sure your hose isn’t bent or broken since both leaks and kinks can also stop water from escaping properly. Get the bucket and take a look at the clasp holding this hose to your washer. You can open this with a slide-lock wrench or screwdriver, but you’ll want to make sure the bucket is below to catch any trapped water when you release it. 

Once the hose is no longer attached to your washer, unscrew the other end from the pipe. Take a bent coathanger and run it through the hose. Push out any stuck items, then reassemble your hose and washer. When a simple bend or block is the problem, you should now be able to run your washer as normal. If not, then we’ll look at the timer and other potential culprits. 

If your hose is broken, I recommend a Frigidaire 134889600 Drain Hose from Amazon. You can easily input your model number to make sure this is the right fit before ordering your replacement. Moreover, by choosing a part that is made for your machine instead of a generic replacement, you can avoid the frustration of ill-fitting ‘universal’ parts. Plus, Frigidaire is a well-known and trusted brand that offers durable, high-quality parts. Grab a new hose by clicking here

How to Tell When your Timer is Broken

If your Frigidaire washer is stuck in the spin cycle and resetting the load or clearing the hose, doesn’t work, then your timer is probably bad. Since the timer is what tells your machine when to move on, this is a logical and incredibly common problem. Fortunately, it’s also a relatively simple repair. 

When your timer is working, the machine progresses through each cycle in turn. Regardless of what caused the malfunction in the timer, such as age and use, manufacturing defects, or even a leak causing internal damage, without the timer, your machine has no way to know when it should be finished with a spin cycle. Since washers don’t think for themselves, and most lack sophisticated sensors or backup programs, they just do as they are ‘told,’ and without a directive, they keep doing the last step they reached. 

Replacing a Broken Frigidaire Timer

To replace your timer, you will need a screwdriver and a new timer. Follow the steps below to swap out your part. Having the manual on hand also helps, but it isn’t always necessary as this replacement is very straightforward. 

  1. Before beginning any repairs, you always need to turn the machine off, unplug the power and empty the tub. 
  2. Remove the plastic disk that holds the knob in place and pull the knob off the machine. Your model may have more than one knob, in which case, please remove them all. Older knobs may break during this process. Luckily, a new timer knob will quite literally slide into place. 
  3. Unscrew and remove the front panel so you can access the inside of the machine where the timer is located. 
  4. Remove the wiring harness by taking the clip off. 
  5. Take out the defunct timer and plug in the new one. 
  6. Clip the wiring harness in place. 
  7. Replace the panel and screw it back in
  8. Put your knob or knobs back in place. 

If you damage or lose your Frigidaire Timer Knob, you can have a replacement delivered to your door quickly. This is a genuine Frigidaire brand replacement part and should be identical to the one it’s replacing. Always check your model number to make sure you choose the right part. See the Amazon reviews here

What Does it Cost to Get a New Timer?

Timers aren’t costly parts. Usually, you can find one for a hundred and fifty to two-hundred-fifty dollars. However, you need to be certain it’s correct for your washer model, or the timer won’t fix the problem. Frigidaires are high-quality machines, and a new timer should last for years if you maintain and use your washer properly. Plus, installing this simple part yourself can save you hundreds of dollars in labor costs. 

You can find a Frigidaire 131758600 Timer on Amazon. Make sure to check that this part is compatible with your washer or select a similar Frigidaire timer the works with your model. This part advances the cycles in order and lets your washer know when to stop. Moreover, this model is compatible with most top-load machines. Find out more by clicking here

Tips & Tricks for Replacing Parts

Timers are one of the easier mechanical fixes, so there’s not much need to worry over a Frigidaire Washer that gets stuck in the spin cycle. However, there are a couple of easy tricks for replacing parts that may help you get things done quickly and smoothly. For example, you should check the wiring manual to see if your timer is getting proper power before replacing it. A simple loose wire can mimic a more serious problem, but they’re easy to spot. 

Secondly, always keep your parts organized when you remove them. Use a ring dish or a plastic bag to collect screws and tiny pieces as you work. Additionally, lay everything out in a row in order so you can replace it quickly. 

Finally, if you are forgetful, make sure you have the manual and a digital camera on hand. The manual will give you a visual guide to the parts, and the camera can record what you’ve done already. By scrolling back through your pictures and checking the manual, even a novice can reverse their steps to put a simple part like a new timer in a Frigidaire washer. 

Final Thoughts

A stuck Frigidaire washer can be a minor headache, but most repairs are relatively simple. You can replace a hose or timer at home with little more than a new part and one or two basic tools. Instead of letting it get you down, reset your machine and then check your hose and timer. 

Don’t let a washing machine ruin your day. Being unfamiliar with the repair in question isn’t a problem; it’s a learning opportunity on the path to DIY self-sufficiency. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to swap parts once you know what to look for and where it belongs inside your washer.

Remember that the lid is supposed to lock shut for three to four minutes after you turn a Frigidaire washer off. This isn’t a problem. It’s a safety feature that can prevent injury, so have patience, and you’ll be cleaning your clothes again soon. 

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