Best oil to cook with on a Blackstone griddle

Grilling requires oil as a necessary ingredient. It can improve the flavor of your cuisine and prevent the food from sticking to the pan’s surface. But due to the wide variety of cooking oils available, have you ever thought about the best oil to cook with on a Blackstone griddle?

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Understanding the benefits of using cooking oil when using a Blackstone griddle is crucial. Food could still stick to your Blackstone cooktop’s rolled steel surface even after you’ve seasoned it. Food is considerably less likely to stick to the griddle’s surface when a thin layer of oil is applied before cooking.

Utilizing oil to cook meals on your griddle is a good idea for another reason. A thin layer of cooking oil transfers heat and aids in obtaining the desired texture. Additionally, it can give your food a delicious flavor.

The cooktop of the griddle is also protected by cooking oil. It would help if you thoroughly cleaned your griddle after cooking your food on it. The final step is to rub a thin coating of cooking oil onto the cooktop after the griddle surface has been cleaned. This oil layer preserves the griddle’s seasoning and aids in avoiding problems like griddle rust.

Smoke point: When selecting the type of oil to use when preparing food on a Blackstone griddle, you should consider several factors. The following information will help you choose the right cooking oil for your flat-top grill:

You should be aware of your cooking oil’s smoke point because temperatures on a gas griddle can go rather high. Cooking oils over their smoke points can lead to oil breakdown and the release of harmful toxins and a bad flavor in the dish.

Make sure the oil you choose has a high enough smoke point before using it. Generally, you should utilize a substance with a smoke point of at least 400°F, preferably even higher.

Neutral or Flavored Oil: When selecting an oil, you should consider whether it has a neutral flavor. While some cooking oils are neutral and do not alter the meal’s flavor, others enhance flavor. It might improve the meal you are cooking, so it’s not necessarily negative. It is entirely dependent on the manner in which you cook and the choices you make for yourself.

Some of the most popularly used cooking oils on griddle are Vegetable Oil, Ghee or Clarified Butter, Vegetable Oil, Refined Avocado Oil, and Refined Sesame Oil.

Vegetable oil has a high smoke point, making it perfect for griddling. It is affordable and accessible at most supermarket stores. Plant-based oils, including canola, olive, soybean, and sunflower, are frequently combined to create vegetable oil. This oil is chemically processed, unflavored, and reasonably priced. 

Because of its high smoke point, which ranges from 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, works perfectly on a Blackstone griddle. Vegetable oil is more all-purpose and frequently a mixture of other oils. It is taken out of nuts, fruits, seeds, and cereals.

Despite being the ideal griddle seasoning oil, vegetable oil is high in calories and fat. Thus, it should only be used moderately. Please consider the vegetable oil’s fat composition before cooking on the Blackstone griddle.

When it comes to cooking, using oils generated from plants that are vegetable-based offers a number of benefits. In addition to improving texture and flavor, it also offers additional advantages. They consist of the following:

  • Omega 6 and omega three essential fatty acids are found in vegetable oils like soybean oil. These essential fatty acids do an excellent job of preventing the buildup of cholesterol in the body.
  • Numerous vitamins, including Vitamins A, D, E, and K, are present in vegetable oils.
  • In contrast to animal products, they are inherently trans-fat-free.

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