Why Is An Oven Blue Inside: A Thesis Explains The Chemistry

An oven is an essential appliance in the kitchen. The range sets and retains the right conditions of heat flux, humidity, and temperature of products. But why is it blue inside?

The blue interior increases the visibility of the food when turning on the light. However, some research says the blue inside of wall ovens is simply cosmetic and just for attraction.

Why is an oven blue inside? An oven is blue inside because of the cobalt blue pigment. Cobalt blue can withstand temperatures as high as 2336 degrees Fahrenheit. It is inorganic and non-toxic.

According to a thesis by W. R. Morgan and A. H. Charles, the University of Illinois, the development of a reflector enamel has a blue inside due to cobalt-based pigments. 

Enamel must have a coefficient of expansion to adhere to the metal. It should withstand sudden impacts and have an effective, easy-to-clean surface.

The blue interior is outstanding and attractive—an oven with a blue inside pops out more than ovens with black or grey interiors.

What Is the Coating Inside an Oven?

Oven manufacturers use either porcelain-enamel steel or stainless steel to line the inside of ovens.

Porcelain-enamel is the standard oven liner used by most manufacturers. But stainless steel could be used for heavy commercial purposes in institutions due to its durability.

Wondering what type of liner to choose for your oven? Here is a comparison between porcelain enamel and stainless steel.

Porcelain-Enamel Steel Oven Interior

When applied to steel, industrial porcelain enamel makes it resistant to heat/fire, chemicals, rust, and decoration.

Porcelain-enamel steel is also resistant to scratch, which is why oven and cookware manufacturers use the product.

Porcelain enamel steel is resistant to water, so oven manufacturers use it as a lining to prevent damage to internal parts of the oven.

Porcelain is an easy material to clean. Therefore, the area covered by the porcelain makes it easy to clean the inside part of your oven.

Stainless Steel Oven Interior

Commercial oven manufacturers use stainless steel lining as an alternative to porcelain-enamel steel due to its desirable characteristics. They include:

  1. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.
  2. The material has a desirable tensile strength.
  3. It is easy to maintain stainless steel. This makes cleaning and maintaining your oven easy.
  4. Stainless steel lining has an attractive appearance, adding beauty to your kitchen appliance.

How Do You Clean a Blue-Coated Oven?

I recommend Commercial Use Easy-off Oven Cleaner. Click here to see the reviews on Amazon.

Step 1: Get Rid of Food Particles

Use soapy water with a kitchen cloth to remove baked food particles.

Step 2: Use A Spray Over Stubborn Stains

Spray the oven with your preferred oven cleaner if any lingering stains remain. Look for the user manual for the recommended oven cleaner.

Step 3: Remove the Stubborn Stains by Scrubbing Them Off

Use a scouring pad to remove the dirt and stains on the sprayed parts. Be gentle to avoid scratching and damaging the blue porcelain.

Step 4: Use Soapy Water to Clean the Inside of the Oven

Use a clean cloth and damp it in soapy water: clean the walls and the oven window. Be sure to use warm water to get rid of grease and sauces.

Step 6: Dry Out the Oven Interior After Self-Cleaning

Wait for the oven to cool down before you begin to wipe it with a damp cloth. Then use a paper towel to dry the inside of the oven.

Note: Porcelain Interiors do not use chemicals to clean because they can ruin the porous porcelain surface.

Can you use oven cleaner on porcelain?

As long as you are in the bathroom with your oven cleaner, you may as well work on the tub.

You can quickly get rid of stains or rings around a porcelain bathtub by spraying oven cleaner on the affected area.

Diverse ways to Clean Blue Ceramic Coated Interior Oven

  • White Vinegar & Olive Oil

Smear white vinegar directly onto your surface. Let sit for just a moment, and then wipe clean in the direction of the grain.

Then polish some olive oil into the freshly cleaned surface and wipe it with a cloth. This technique works well because the vinegar removes all the stain, while the olive oil gives it a fresh, shiny polish.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda not only helps clean the surface of fingerprints and food residue, but it will also give it a nice shine.

Here is a video that shows how to use Easy-off heavy duty oven cleaner:

Click here to view the current pricing of Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner. It is available on Amazon.

Here is a table that represents what oven owners are using to clean their ovens. Data is from various cleaning forums online:

Best Oven Cleanerpercentage of total results
Bam oven cleaner 9%
Easy Off Heavy-Duty Cleaner8%
Dr Purifier Oven Mate30%
Grease Strip for Ecolab17%
Oven Pride (click here to see the current pricing on Amazon)36%

What Ovens Have a Blue Interior?

Ovens with a blue interior look more appealing, especially when they are in use. Therefore, oven manufacturers have introduced ovens with blue interiors.

The blue interior is a result of blue porcelain-enamel steel coating and cobalt blue pigments. The blue coating is not only beautiful but also heat and rust resistant.

Ovens with a blue interior include:

  • LG ovens
  • Wolf wall ovens
  • Gaggenau convection oven
  • KA double wall convection oven

According to LG manufacturers, the blue interior gives you a clearer view when preparing your meals. This is because the blue interior reflects light better than the black interior.

Wolf wall oven and LG oven are the most common brands with a blue interior. But the manufacturers still produce ovens with black interiors.

How do you clean and maintain a blue-interior oven? Maintaining the blue interior is not rocket science.  It is like taking care of a black interior oven.

 How to Clean Blue Wolf Oven

  • Pull out the oven racks before you start the cleaning process.
  • Get rid of food debris in the oven especially around the cavity and on the window
  • Use a razor blade on a soft blade to remove stubborn food particles stuck on the walls and the window.
  • Pick a damp kitchen towel and use it to wipe the food particles.
  • If there was grease or sauces, use a degreaser to remove the dirt.
  • For tough stains, use a no-scratch scouring pad to avoid damaging the lining of the oven.
  • Use warm soapy water and a clean kitchen cloth to remove any remaining dirt
  • According to Wolf Oven manufacturers, you should only use a damp cloth on the porcelain when the oven surface cools down. This will help minimize cases of thermal shock.
  • Do not use steam cleaners on the interior of wolf ovens with a blue porcelain cavity.

How To Clean LG Blue Oven?

If your LG oven range has no self-clean option, you can clean it using the easy clean method.

The easy-clean option allows your oven interior to soak at low temperatures while loosening the dirt. This makes manual cleaning easy.

LG Easy Clean Guide

  • Spray water in the interior of your oven. You can do this to a specific area you need to clean
  • Select the Easy Clean Option for the oven cavity you wish to clean. Press start
  • Wait for 20 minutes before washing the area by hand.

According to LG manufacturers, the Easy Clean option works best when the dirt is completely soaked in water.

If the dirt is not well soaked, the performance of the Easy Clean option will be affected. You may have to repeat the soaking process when you encounter stubborn stains.

How Do You Clean the Inside of an LG Oven?

There are two methods you can use to clean an LG oven. They include easy-clean and self-clean options.

Easy Clean or Self Clean?

LG oven ranges come with different cleaning options. Both are an easier alternative to manual cleaning of your oven.

Easy-Clean is an entirely automated oven cleaning method. Self-Clean is a partially automated method that involves soaking up the dirt before washing it out manually.

According to Mariette Mifflin, an expert in housewares and appliances, more water is required to soak the baked-on food particles and then to use a plastic scraper during cleaning. 

This easy clean method is fast and effective for minor and light soils and everyday messes such as cheese drops from pizzas or light splatter from broiling.

Does my LG oven have self-clean?

LG’s Self-Clean option enables you to clean your oven cavity in depth. It removes even the toughest stains.

Elevated temperatures are used in the Self-Clean option to burn all the debris into ashes.  Smoke may appear while washing the oven when the dirt is burning.

Use a clean kitchen cloth to wipe out the ash after the self-clean cycle is complete. The clean cloth effectively removes any unwanted grease and oils that may be in the oven.

How Do You Fix Oven Enamel?

Electric appliances need proper care and maintenance for durability. But damage may occur by accident to our precious kitchen companions.

What happens if you scratch or break your oven enamel? Here is a guide on how to repair your enamel.

Step By Step Guide on How to Repair a Scratched Enamel Oven

  • Get your new blue porcelain repair kit ready.
  • Clean and dry the scratched spot.
  • Sand the scratched area using sandpaper, preferably, a 400-grit.
  • Wipe the debris using a clean and damp kitchen cloth.
  • Dry off the area completely and ensure it is free of dust.
  • Pick up your liquid enamel bottle and shake it up.
  • Apply it in accordance to the directions of the repair kit using the applicator provided.
  • According to Bob Vila, a home improvement expert, you may apply more than one coat depending on your preference. But allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat.
  • Wipe out any overflowing porcelain liquid when working on the repair.
  • You may begin to use your oven once the porcelain dries.

Keeping The Oven Clean

Cleaning the oven is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a necessary step that should be performed regularly.

A clean oven means a clean kitchen. It also helps to maintain good hygiene and prevent health hazards related to dirt.

Different ovens require different cleaning methods. As mentioned earlier, there are three main oven cleaning methods.

  • Self-Clean option
  • Easy-Clean option
  • Manual cleaning option

Look at your oven manual for a guide on how to clean your particular kitchen appliance.

Tips On How to Keep You Oven Clean

  • Wipe out any spills immediately after cooking. This prevents buildup of dirt which makes cleaning tedious and time consuming.
  • Purchase an oven liner and use it to prevent spills from falling on your oven. You can easily remove or clean the liner hence minimizing the task of cleaning your oven.
  • Make use of a roasting bag when preparing roasted meat. This helps to minimize spills and keep your oven clean. In addition, the roasting bag enriches the taste of your food by locking in the flavors and the natural food moisture.
  • Clean your oven with soapy water and a piece of cloth immediately after cooking. You may also place a heat-resistant bowl of water in the oven.
  • Set the oven at high temperatures of about 20 minutes. This will loosen dirt and grease. Wipe of the dirt using a damp cloth then dry it up using paper towels.
  • Get professional cleaning services once or twice a year. Look online for professional oven cleaning services near you or consult the oven manufacturers for guidance.

Point To Note:

Not all oven parts are to be cleaned. According to Bob Vila, a home improvement expert, read through your oven manual to identify the components that are safe to clean and those to avoid.

Final Thoughts

Although the porcelain baked onto the oven’s surface is durable, it is not resistant to damage. When you first notice cracks, scratches, or chips, it is vital to repair them immediately.

Ceramic ovens are long-lasting and easy to retain, and they do require regular cleaning. The key to keeping them “stainless” includes appropriate maintenance and care.

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