Why does my oven light stay on – Certified Technician Explains

Your oven lights staying on can be frustrating and lead to many assuming that their oven is broken or a safety hazard. Luckily, your oven lights staying on only point to a malfunction. This is because, when the light bulb inside your bulb malfunctions, in most cases it defaults to staying on rather than staying off.

So, why does your oven light stay on? Your oven light stays on due to reasons such as your hidden light switch being turned on or your oven door not closing properly. Your oven may also have a faulty or broken door switch. You may also find that your oven and electrical board are faultily wired, causing your oven light to stay on.

A certified technician at Fleet Appliance Repair in New York also posits by saying your oven lights may be staying on because its switch was accidentally flipped to the on position. Unless it is turned off, you can expect the oven lights to continue staying on.

What do you do when your oven light will not turn off?

When your oven light does not turn off, look for a hidden light switch and turn it off. You should also find out whether you have closed the door properly and whether your sensors are working correctly.

Sometimes your oven light won’t turn off, and in most cases, it is due to a malfunction that can also result in your oven lights blowing out. Therefore, when that happens, you need to know the root cause of the malfunction and address it individually. Here are some of the possible reasons why your oven light will not turn off, and how you can address the problem.

  • Your hidden light switch may be turned on: depending on the type of oven, you may find that the switch is triggered when the door is opened, or there is a switch on the control panel. However, some ovens come with hidden switches which are mostly placed underneath. Therefore, if you notice your oven lights are not turning off, try to find out whether it has a hidden light switch, and turn it off.
  • Oven door not closing properly: For oven which the lights are triggered by the opening and closing of the door, if the door is not closed properly, then the lights will stay on. IF the doors are faulty and do not close properly, then the lights will be staying on until that problem is resolved.
  • Problem with electrical connection: If there is a power blackout or power surges, your oven may get affected. Among the most affected areas of your oven is the light bulbs inside the oven. When this happens, your light bulbs can malfunction and stay on all the time. To correct this problem, reset the electrical system of your oven. Most ovens come with a manual describing how to reset them.
  • Faulty or broken door switch: If your oven’s light switch is connected to the door and is only triggered during the opening and closing of the oven, it is important to ensure that the switch is working properly. If the switches are faulty, consider replacing them to avoid your lights from staying on.
  • Faulty sensor, control boards or wiring: Sometimes your oven just stops working. This can be due to a faulty sensor, control board or wiring. When this happens, it is recommended that you consult a professional. This is because the skills involved require technical knowledge to solve the problem.

Here is a table illustrating the reasons why forum users had oven lights that would not turn off

Why was your oven light staying on?Percentage of Results
The oven door would not close properly. Replaced the hinges25%
The self-cleaning oven lock was partially engaged. It had to be reset.60%
There were bad contacts on the oven light switch.15%

How long can an oven light stay on?

Your oven lights can stay on for hours without impacting the oven’s performance. Leaving the lights on for long also does not add to your utility bill significantly and can be used to light a space during the night.

There are many reasons why you may consider leaving your oven lights on. This includes circumstances where your lights won’t turn off.

For most people, when such situations arise, and they must leave their oven lights on, one question lingers, how long can the lights on the oven stay on?

To answer the question, we must first make a distinction as to whether the lights on your oven are on because of a malfunction or it is intentional. In cases where the oven lights are left on intentionally without any malfunctions, they can stay on for as long as there is power without posing any danger.

However, if the lights are on due to a malfunction, you must approach the issue more carefully. Although in most cases the lights are left on due to forgetfulness of failing to switch off the lights, leaving them on without knowing the cause can be a safety hazard.

Leaving oven lights with a malfunction on overnight can still be safe. This is because bulbs do not overheat. Oven bulbs also consume little energy and will not heavily impact your utility bills.

Also, even with a malfunction, you may opt to leave the oven lights on to fend off the darkness. This is also safe, and you can leave the lights on overnight. However, do not use an oven for heating your room, especially at night, the results can be fatal, because it leads to a buildup of carbon monoxide which kills when inhaled.

In most cases, even when you do not know the cause of why your oven lights stay on, you can still leave them on indefinitely without any danger being posed by this action.

Is it bad to cook with an oven light on?

It is not bad to cook with oven lights on, and in most cases, it is recommended when you are baking to avoid opening and closing the oven when checking whether the dough is fully cooked.

One of the questions that comes up from people who use ovens is whether it is appropriate to leave the lights on when cooking. This is because, in most cases, there is no solid way of cooking using an oven. Luckily, the question is not complicated, and we will try to answer it in the best conceivable way.

For starters, leaving the oven lights on when cooking is not a bad practice. In fact, with all factors considered, it can become beneficial both in energy costs and efficient use of an oven.

This is because, when you leave the oven lights on while cooking, you eliminate the need to open the oven’s door to check whether what is in the oven is fully cooked. This can also save you money. This is according to Trent Hamn, who states that every time you open your oven, the temperature drops by 40 to 20 degrees. By calculating using multiple factors such as math and thermodynamics, he indicates that this may cost you around $0.02 per opening action. This is not a lot of money, but it helps get the point across that you can use your oven with lights on.

Secondly, it also makes the task of cooking easy. This is because you don’t have to struggle opening a hot oven. You can just lean over and check if what is in the oven is fully cooked. It will also not cost you significant money if you leave the lights on when cooking. This is because it costs less than a cent per hour when using an oven.

Another reason it is recommended to keep your oven lights on when cooking is, you get to see the environment your food is being cooked in. Yes, you will need to lean a little bit to see inside, but it can save you from unhygienic ovens.

If you do not check inside your oven, you are more than likely prone to using a dirty oven, with dirty trapped air. This will reduce the quality of your food, and can result in your food going stale, or posing health hazard to you.

How to turn off the oven light

You can turn off the oven light by closing the door or using a switch to turn it off. In cases where the oven is not turned off using the two methods, consider contacting a professional.

Chances are you are dealing with an oven that won’t just turn off, and you are wondering what you will do to turn it off.

Luckily, you are not alone. Finding it hard to turn off the oven light is a problem that most people encounter. Here is what to do if you want to turn your oven lights off.

  1. Close the oven door: This is the easiest solution. In most ovens, the on and off switch is triggered with the opening and closing of the door. Therefore, when your oven is open, the oven lights stays on. To shut the oven lights, you need to close the doors. Unfortunately, there are some instances where the door is faulty or won’t close properly. In such situations, you need to either get the door repaired, or fix it yourself.
  2. Use the hidden switch to turn the oven off: There are cases where you will find yourself struggling to turn off the oven lights because its switches are set to on. In such cases, you will need to search for a switch that turns the oven lights on and off. In most oven designs, this switch is located underneath the oven. However, if you don’t find the switch underneath the oven, consider looking for it everywhere until you find the switch.
  3. Repair your oven: In cases where you have tried opening and closing the doors, and turning the hidden switch on and off, and the lights are still on, you need to consider the possibility that your oven is damaged. In such cases, it is advisable to seek professional help. You can also opt to repair it yourself by doing tasks such as resetting the oven and ensuring the doors are seated right.
  4. Here is a video that explains how to fix the door switch in a LG Range and Oven that will not turn off:

Why does my Frigidaire oven light stay on?

Your Frigidaire oven light will stay on when you forget to switch them off. You also may have left the door open, or there is a malfunction of the oven that is preventing the lights from going off.

Frigidaire ovens are some of the best qualities available in the market, but even with such credentials, they are still prone to their lights staying on. I suggest that you keep spares on hand in case the light burns out. I recommend the Upgraded Frigidaire Light Placement. Click here to see the current pricing on Amazon.

Unfortunately, if you start noticing your Frigidaire oven lights staying on, it is good to assume that the oven is malfunctioning. This is because, in most cases when ovens malfunction, regardless of the type, they default to lights staying on.

Luckily, the reasons why your Frigidaire oven lights can start to stay on, even when closed are not mysterious.

For starters, your Frigidaire oven light can start to stay on because you have forgotten to switch off the light. This is one of the top reasons that lead to your oven lights staying on. It is also the easiest reason to correct because it involves switching off the lights.

Another reason is that your Frigidaire oven doors are not seated right. This causes the door to appear as if it has been closed. However, the door switch that triggers the turning on and off your oven does not activate the light. Therefore, your Frigidaire oven lights remain on.

Another reason is that your Frigidaire oven may have malfunctioned. This is a frequent problem for many ovens, regardless of the brand. This malfunction can result in your Frigidaire oven lights staying on. Examples of malfunctions that cause this include electronic malfunction, control pad error, faulty door light switch and faulty sensors.

If your oven lights staying on is a result of a malfunction, consider contacting a professional to look at it. You should also consider turning your oven off from the electric source if you do not know the extent of the malfunction. This is because some malfunctions can be a safety hazard and spark a fire if left plugged in and unattended.

Why does my Kenmore Oven Light Stay On?

Your Kenmore oven lights are staying on because the door may not be seated well. There is also a chance that you forgot to turn off the switch. There are also cases where Kenmore ovens are damaged and refuse to turn off.

Kenmore oven is a high-quality and durable oven regarded as one of the best in the market today. However, even high-quality products face glitches, and Kenmore is no different. That is why you may find your Kenmore oven lights staying on.

In most cases, your Kenmore oven light may be staying on because you forgot to switch off the light from the control panel If that is the case, then the only action required from you is switching the oven light off from the control panel.

However, in some cases, it may be due to your Kenmore oven doors being faulty or not sitting right. This can trick the oven to control system to assume the door is still open, and hence continue lighting the inside. Fortunately, this problem is easy to correct, and the only thing you need is to correct the opening and closing of the door.

I recommend that you have spare bulbs on hand since the chances of a bulb burning out is high is it is on for an extended period. I recommend the 40-Watt Oven Light Bulbs. Click here to see the current pricing on Amazon.

However, in some instances, your Kenmore oven may be damaged, causing a malfunction. The damage can be to its electronics unit, control pad, or faulty doors. If that is the cause, consider consorting a professional to look at your oven.

If you have the skills required to repair the oven, you should act as fast as possible. This will prevent your Kenmore oven from becoming a safety hazard.

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