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Your porch light is quite important since it is the first sight that visitors and passersby will see. People choose different porch light colors for assorted reasons, including campaigns and personal interests.

Why Do People Have Blue Porch Lights? People have blue porch lights to honor fallen police officers. This tradition started in 1988 due to the killing in the line of duty of Daniel Gleason in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

According to Brainerd, Minnesota, “Project Blue Light” began when Dolly Craig, the mother-in-law of a late police officer, put up blue lights in her living room window. I recommend Blue Lantern Lights that are available on Amazon. Click here to have yours delivered.

Does A Blue Porch Light Support Autism?

A blue porch light typically supports autism. There are programs tagged to this effect, such as “Light It Up Blue,” which is observed annually in April to raise awareness and help people better understand autism.

Blue is widely recognized as a color that is associated with autism. There are programs and people who focus on raising awareness, demonstrating support for the diverse autism community, improving the lives of those with autism, and raising funds for research. Many of these autism-supportive initiatives use blue, including as a porch light color.

Although there are various other reasons why someone might choose to hang a blue porch light, the most common purpose is to raise awareness for the autism cause. Apart from autism awareness, law enforcement support and Alopecia Areata awareness are some other prevalent causes that are associated with blue porch lights.

April is Autism Awareness Month, with World Autism Awareness Day falling on April 2nd. Many sites throughout the world are lit blue to show support on this day. Many parents will also install blue lights on their porches to show their support for those who are on the autism spectrum.

It is suggested that blue is closely tied to autism campaigns because some autistic children spend a lot of time staring at the sky to relax or console themselves. Since the sky is mostly blue, blue was chosen for awareness.

Of course, different people have different motives for wanting to set up blue porch lights, but the common reason is showing support and raising awareness. Whether you wish to raise awareness for autism, police enforcement, or Alopecia Areata, blue represents your cause and serves as a visual expression of unity.

If you’re looking for a simple method to express your support while recognizing these very personal reasons, replacing your porch light is just one tiny modification that will make a significant difference.

Also, since blue light has a soothing and relaxing effect, it is a beautiful color to choose for your porch light.

What Do Green Porch Lights Mean?

Green porch lights are used to show support and appreciation for members of the US Army, both active soldiers and veterans. Green porch lights are also used to commemorate Memorial Day, St Patrick’s Day, and raise awareness for Lyme disease.

In 2013, the worldwide retailer Walmart started a campaign called “Greenlight a Vet“. The purpose of the campaign is to assist assists honorably discharged military servicewomen and men in finding jobs upon their return home from military duty. Walmart invited customers to change the color of their porch lights to green to increase awareness for the campaign while also appreciating warriors for their sacrifices.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, some people also used the green porch lights to promote and highlight the importance of safe, healthy habits, which helped slow the spread of the coronavirus. I recommend the SleekLighting Green Spiral Bulbs that are available on Amazon. Click here to have yours delivered.

Some people use a green porch light only temporarily, usually on special occasions like on Veteran’s Day. Other people opt to use it all year to symbolize respect for US veterans and men and women serving in the Armed Forces. People that are dedicated to the movement believe that expressing thanks to those who have served in the military should be done every day of the year, not just on Veterans Day.

So, when next you see a neighbor or a friend decorate their porch with green lights, you know that it is likely to acknowledge and thank local veterans for their service.

Apart from the affiliation with the military, green porch lights are also widely used on St. Patrick’s Day. This celebration takes place on the 17th of March, which is the date of death of the most notable saint of Ireland. St. Patrick’s day is a celebration that consists of large street parades.

Celebrants of St. Patrick’s day incorporates green in most of their activities. People put on green clothes, brandish green-colored shamrocks (an Irish plant), and sometimes even drink beer that has been dyed green. Porch lights are not spared either, as people set up green-colored porch lights for the celebration.

The color green’s relevance in this holiday is not directly tied to Ireland’s flag or shamrocks, but it does have roots in an old Irish proverb. Green is a relaxing color that is typically connected with nature and growth. For some people, Green has spiritual implications of good health and riches, thus, it works well as a light color.

Purple Porch Light Meaning?

In the US, purple porch lights are being used to create awareness among the public about domestic violence. Also, the United Nations has made purple the official color to represent domestic violence awareness.

In 2007, the Domestic Violence Task Force started the Purple Late Nights campaign to enlighten people on the prevalence of domestic violence. This campaign involves people setting up purple porch lights in October, signifying that they are supporting the effort to reduce domestic violence and honor the victims of domestic abuse.

People have been invited to light their porches purple in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which takes place in October. This gesture raises awareness about the genuine problem of domestic violence, but it also serves as a visible representation of individuals standing up to it.

Another purpose of purple porch lights is to represent epilepsy awareness. This practice is prevalent in the United Kingdom. People in the UK install purple porch lights to raise awareness of the disease and offer support to those battling it.

If you are interested in getting involved in either of these campaigns, purple light bulbs are available at most appliance stores. You can also decide to shop online, as there are many products in various stores that sell bulbs that last for as long as 25,000 hours.

However, you should note that purple is a high-energy light in the color spectrum. Since purple has shorter wavelengths than other hues, it may consume a lot of energy.

Red Porch Light Meaning?

A red porch light often represents American Heart Month Awareness, Halloween, Support for Firefighters, Valentine’s Day, and sometimes, prostitution.

The American Heart Association is a non-profit organization in the US with a general aim of promoting a healthy life for people, with the heart as a major focus. The American Heart Association utilizes red as its official color, urging individuals to pay attention to heart health.

To show recognition and support for campaigns by the organization, many homeowners and renters have changed the color of their porch lights to red. Other people use red lights to highlight the exterior of their buildings or to enhance landscapes, gardens, or architectural components.

The installation of red bulbs, however, is not a recent development. For over ten years, notable monuments across the country such as the Seattle Great Wheel and the Niagara Falls have been lit up red to draw attention to the critical issue that is heart health.

As previously noted, the red porch light can represent various things, but one that stands out is the hue connected with the American Heart Association’s goal for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

The organization believes it is critical to creating public awareness about heart disease and its impact on individuals worldwide. It is especially noticeable in February when the American Heart Association’s month of heart health awareness is underway.

Because red relates to a wide range of emotions, including love, fury, passion, and power, Red will most likely be utilized as a light porch color to symbolize a meaning (such as those described earlier) or to create a romantic vibe.

What Do Red Porch Lights Mean?

Red porch lights mean different things depending on the date that they are set up. For instance, red porch lights in February can either denote Valentine’s Day or could be associated with the American Heart Association.

As mentioned earlier, in several US cities, red porch lights may be seen in February to raise awareness about heart health, so you may want to join in solidarity. Many Americans change their porch lights to red in support of the American Heart Association, which aggressively encourages localities to decorate the town red to raise awareness about heart health.

It is widely assumed that a red porch light indicates that you do not have any firearms in your home and supports gun control legislation. This was proven inaccurate around four years ago, and the red porch lights you see from your neighbors and friends are most likely to commemorate an occasion or demonstrate support for American Heart Health.

Another notable meaning behind red porch lights is showing support for firefighters. Our society is highly dependent on the courageous acts of firefighters, as they consistently save people from burning buildings, and put out fires that could spread and cause lasting damage. Unfortunately, some firefighters lose their lives while combatting fires.

To honor fallen firefighters and acknowledge the efforts of those in active service, there are campaigns that encourage people to put up red lights on the 4th of May, which is International Firefighters’ Day.

If you don’t like the idea of red lights, blend them with blue to allow your porch plants to grow. The fantastic fluorescent light combination of red and blue is excellent for growing outdoor plants without conveying any message. 

What Does an Orange Porch Light Mean?

While many people use orange porch lights to decorate for Halloween, they can also be used to express solidarity for the families of the Delphi murder victims.

In 2017, two teenage girls were killed in Delphi, Indiana while hiking. Soon after, the residents of Delphi began a “Light up Delphi” movement which encouraged people to display orange porch lights in memory of the girls. The movement was also aimed at reminding the public that the killer had not yet been caught.

The earnings from the sale of orange porch lights were donated to the victims’ families by local businesses. People involved in the campaign made a promise to keep using orange porch lights until the murders are solved. The orange light campaign extended beyond Delphi, as other cities in the US took up the practice to show solidarity.

Another notable function of orange lights is Halloween. Orange porch lights will be visible across the United States in October since the holiday is on the 31st of October. Orange is a cheerful, energetic color and it is part of the decor for Halloween and the fall period in general.

It is unlikely to find a Halloween decoration setup that does not heavily rely on orange, both for lighting and the overall color of accessories. Even the most iconic component of Halloween decorations, the Halloween Pumpkin, also called the Jack O’ Lantern, is colored orange. The light in the pumpkin gives off an orange glow.

The orange color represents endurance, inventiveness, and companionship, with some orange tints linked with the earth and changing seasons. Also, orange lighting is a terrific choice for the porch to create a welcoming and cheerful ambiance. Orange is an excellent porch light color for making your visitors feel welcome.

When you choose orange LED lights for your porch, you send a message of commanding attention while avoiding the overwhelming sentiments associated with Red.

As explained in the headings above, different porch light colors have distinct meanings. From paying tribute to soldiers to spreading awareness, there is something for everyone. At the same time, each color elicits a different emotion in us. So, the next time you decide to change the color of your porch light, consider its potential symbolism and psychological effect on your mood.

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