Best Outdoor Lights for Salt Air: Illuminate Your Porch Safely

Salt air can be harsh on many things, not the least of which are outdoor light fixtures. Fortunately, people have been living near the sea for ages, and we’re an ingenious species. Ligh manufacturers have been tackling corrosion for as long as lights have been around, and they’ve produced many solutions. I’ll show you some high-quality options and offer advice on how to maintain them as well.

There’s no good reason for a dark yard unless you want it that way. Surprise parties are great, but no one wants to trip on the porch stairs just because it’s cloudy out. Ditch those cheap falling apart lights, and I’ll help you find beautiful new lights to brighten your outdoor spaces no matter how salty the air gets where you live. 

Materials For Salt Resistant Outdoor Lights

When choosing your outdoor lights for salt air, it’s important to look at the material they are made from. Stainless steel is okay, but it needs to be extremely high quality to prevent rust. Grades 316 and 2205 are both acceptable for this climate, but they can also be quite pricey. 

Other good options for salty areas include Bronze, copper, and polycarbonate plastics. These three materials are durable and can resist the hygroscopic effect of salt deposits. According to GrowerExperts, Salt draws in moisture, and your old fixtures are likely corroding because of this electrolyte solution. 

Maintaining Outdoor Lights In Salt Air

If you’ve had trouble with your outdoor lights because of the salt air, then you might expect caring for the new lights to be difficult. I can assure you it’s not. In fact, the process is much easier than you think, and you only need three things to handle any salt buildup.

Get a soft cloth such as microfiber. Now you need to add about a tablespoon of mild soap to some water. Dawn is incredibly gentle and works well on any crusted salt, but in a pinch, some plain warm water should do the job as well. 

Make sure your lights are off, and no power is running to them. Now give a gentle scrub. If anything is stuck on, let the warm soapy water sit for a few minutes and try again. Remember to be gentle and only wash the glass. You don’t want to rub off any protective patina or damage film that’s beneficial to the glass. Allow it to dry, and you’re done. 

Top Five Best Outdoor Lights for Salt Air

Living in an area with salty air can be tricky since salt is so corrosive. Fortunately, many high-quality lights can handle salt air. You don’t need to break the bank, replacing fixtures every few weeks to keep your porch and yard well lit. All the lights on this carefully curated list can handle the salty air anywhere so that you can see the path even on the darkest nights. 

1. Progress Lighting Polycarbonate Transitional Wall Lantern

The beautiful and durable Progress Lighting Polycarbonate Transitional Wall Lantern is an ideal salt air outdoor option. With a truly classic style and shape, it fits into most outdoor spaces seamlessly. The white cover will help disburse lovely light for your porch or yard.

Since this light is polycarbonate plastic, you will never need to worry about rusting. Moreover, this plastic is weather-resistant and handles salt deposits well. The smooth outside is easy to clean, so salty electrolytes’ deposits will come off easily should they build up. 

Progress’ Wall Lantern has a safety listing of sweet and a safety rating of UL-CUL. This light also has glass and metal parts for longevity. Learn more on Amazon by clicking here.

2. Dewenwils Outdoor Wall Light

The seeded glass shade on this Dewenwils Outdoor Wall Light from Amazon is stunning. Tiny encapsulated air pockets give a truly unique and lovely look to the clear glass light cover. It is perfect for showcasing colored lights and Edison bulbs in addition to any standard lights you may wish to use. 

Not only is this light fixture elegant, but it is made of weather and rustproof metal. While the seeded glass helps disburse the light, a backplate with a small support makes sure it hangs upright. Moreover, the sealed bottom prevents insects from piling up inside. That’s an unsightly mess no home lighting plan should include, but few account for. The company calls this style ‘modern,’ but timeless would fit the appealing profile just as well. 

Dewenwils Outdoor light is compatible with 60-watt max A19 bulbs, so it fits most standard lightbulb styles, including LED, incandescent, halogen, Edison, and CFL. Best of all, the company offers a generous return policy and twenty-four-seven customer service to assist with questions and troubleshooting. See the outstanding ratings when you click here.

3. Globe Electric Harbor 1-Light Outdoor Wall Sconce

For a truly modern feel, the Globe Electric Harbor 1-Light Outdoor Wall Sconce is the way to go. This versatile and dimmable light is well suited to outdoor use. From a terrace to a garage, these fixtures will give widely distributed light and resist the elements with ease. You may already have Globe Electric fixtures in your home since they are widely known and trusted. 

Easy installation is a significant bonus, and this lovely light includes all the necessary mounting hardware to do the job. You also get an installation manual to make it as quick and straightforward as possible for DIY lighting—a sleek black finish compliments almost any decor without drawing attention away from it.

You can use these ingenious sconces indoors to get a beautiful glow when you want a uniform look to your lighting fixtures. Compatible with  E26 medium base sixty-watt bulbs, this single-socket sconce offers maximum lighting coverage and plenty of options. Furthermore, at a mere two-point-three pounds, the sconce won’t weigh you or your walls down. 

This company prides itself on respect for customers, associates, and partners. You’ll find helpful customer service and top-notch products from the well-loved company. It isn’t hard to see why this company has been around for over eighty years.

You can count on Globe Electric’s reputation and commitment to creative energy and quality engineering. In fact, the biggest issue you’re likely to have with these lights is that you’ll want more of them. Pick out your new favorite lights right here.

4. Sunlite Nautical Style Outdoor Wall Fixture

When you want a light that’s right at home by the sea, a Sunlite Nautical Style Outdoor Wall Fixture is the best option. Ship lights inspire these nautical style lights with a unique and classic three-tiered canopy design. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of compliments on this outdoor light. 

The prismatic lens distributes light evenly over your space, leaving everything lit up beautifully. Whether you’re lighting a driveway, dock, or a party on the porch, it will be easy to see what’s happening. Plus, the weather-resistant polycarbonate and acrylic will last years even in the extremely salty air. 

Since it’s UL listed for wet locations, you won’t need to worry about anything except an occasional wipe off if you get a little buildup on the outside. Better still, these lights are made in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting local jobs and the economy when you choose a Sunlite. Have Amazon deliver to your door by clicking here.

5. Trans Globe Lighting Coastal Coach Outdoor Wall Lantern

Another superb choice for bringing the feeling of the ocean into your outdoor space is the Trans Globe Lighting Coastal Coach Outdoor Wall Lantern. The pagoda top cap isn’t the only unique feature, but it certainly stands out. The round backplate is easy to install and complements the shape of this fixture. 

A clear glass dome protects your light from the elements and salty air. Since it’s fully enclosed, insects won’t collect. Moreover, the decorative metal piping completes the overall appeal giving it a familiar shape reminiscent of the past but done in shining stainless steel. 

Additionally, you’ll find these twelve-inch light fixtures surprisingly easy to install. Once mounted, you can use hundred wat medium base size bulbs for a brilliant glow even on cloudy and foggy evenings. Plus, they come with a one-year limited warranty, so you can rest easy knowing the company backs their products. To get Coastal Coaches from Amazon, click here.

Final Thoughts

When you live coastally, the salt air from the ocean will eat into many things, but your outdoor lights shouldn’t be one of them. Everyone deserves to see where they’re going. More importantly, you can get injured just coming home at night if you miss something in your path because of the dark.

High-quality outdoor lights should last for years. Plus, leaving a light on helps deter thieves as well. It’s easier to break into a dark house, so having those outdoor lights keeps you safe in more ways than you realized. 

Replacing old, salt damaged lights shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. Choose the right outdoor lighting for where you live so you can enjoy your space again. 

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