Should I Put a Rug Under My Coffee Table: Livingroom Decorating Questions

Livingroom decor is as varied and unique as the people who create it. However, some questions come up for everyone, like whether or not to put a rug under the coffee table. Style depends largely on who lives there, but looking good is the goal. To do that, it helps to understand how certain items impact the feel of a room. Most living rooms share just two main components, a couch, and a coffee table. Naturally, tying these two pieces together visually is the primary concern when decorating. The couch, rug, and coffee table combination are what makes a space feel like a living room, so finding the right proportions and placement are vital to your comfort, and that of your guests. Bad rug placement or proportions can make a whole room feel uninviting and overly small even when you have plenty of square footage to work with. I’ll help you find the best layout for your room. 

Should I put a rug under my coffee table? You should put a rug under your coffee table. However, the rug should cover a lot more ground than merely the space beneath the coffee table to give a room pleasing proportions. A tiny rug used only to anchor a coffee table is offputting and doesn’t bring the space together. Instead, it gives a disjointed and chunky feel that is less appealing than welcoming even in a small space. 

Why You Need an Area Rug

You should have a rug under your coffee table, or more accurately, you should place a coffee table on your area rug. The idea of putting just a single, tiny rug beneath a coffee table may look fun in a highly stylized magazine, but in real life, it seldom works out well. Even the smallest living rooms need more than a weirdly isolated-looking coffee table. Instead of thinking of it as a rug under your coffee table, look at it as putting a coffee table on top of your area rug.

Choosing the right area rug for your living room is essential to bring a unified and comforting look to your space. Once you’ve chosen your coffee table, seating, and any knickknacks, pictures, or other furniture for your room, finding a good color or patterned rug to distinguish and unify the room is what makes it look complete. Like people, spaces within your home need to look well turned out and confident of getting the best reception. Just as the right clothing can make or break a person’s first impression, your rug is what dresses the room for success. 

When in doubt, a simple, geometric two-tone rug like the Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection Moroccan Ogee can blend with most decor. These soft and durable area rugs come in various colors, with a simple, attractive, large pattern. The extra-thick, two-inch pile makes this a comfortable and cozy choice without sacrificing design. Learn more on Amazon by clicking here

The Exceptions

Unless you have a tiny home, and by this, I mean that you have literally joined the tiny-home trend and built a house that is smaller than many home garages, skip the tiny rug. For those who do have genuinely tiny homes, then a rug that fits below your coffee table may be the only space you have for floor covering. In which case, that’s fine, but I recommend choosing a rug that fits wall to wall like a carpet instead. It’s easier to get a proportionally large rug in minimal space. 

If you have a decorator come in, they may suggest a specific small rug for a highly stylized space. In these rare cases, a smaller rug to accent the coffee table can work nicely. Especially with unique decor, bringing the focus to a central conversation piece may work in your favor, but in general, avoid this unless you have a pro or a very practiced eye for interior design. 

The other exception to the larger-rug rule is in some homes that have hardwood floors. Large open spaces with warm or dark wood don’t always need a rug to bring the visual appeal together. Moreover, a rug in a wood cabin-like space can seem disjointed and break up the lovely, cozy flooring. In these cases, you can skip the living room rug completely and opt for a bare floor. 

The Only Downside To Having A Rug Under Your Coffee Table

When you have a rug under your coffee table, there are many bonuses. For one thing, it brings the room together. There are color and pattern choices for any space. You can incorporate the hues of every item in the entire space. Alternately, you can take a monochrome room and add a pop of new color easily.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to having a rug under your coffee table. Especially for homes where a coffee table is where you drink actual coffee, stains can become problematic. From a single drip to a full-blown giant mess, a spot can ruin the look of your rug. However, there are simple solutions for this issue, so your rug will look nice for years. 

I recommend treating all new rugs with Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector from Amazon. By taking the time to treat your rug with this ingenious protector, you can help prevent stains from setting in when spills happen. Scotchguard is a well known and trusted brand, and you can rely on it to keep the mess from getting in too deep. A properly treated rug can hold liquids on the surface, making it easier to soak up liquids. Moreover, solid messes will also stay on the surface. Have Scotchguard Rug & Carpet delivered to your door when you click here. 

If you notice a mess on your new rug, make sure to clean it up right away. For solids, a good vacuum will pick up most debris. Please don’t leave it there until it’s ground in by walking across the surface, or you’ll have a much harder time getting the mess out later. 

When there’s a liquid spill, soak up the excess immediately with a highly absorbent towel. Once you’ve removed as much of the water content as possible, check for further stains. If necessary, apply a good carpet stain remover, but make sure you always test s small patch first to prevent fading your rug by accident. Finally, dry the area with a hairdryer to avoid having mold and mildew grow inside the rug. Doing this can prevent nasty smells and the need to throw out a nice rug. 

How to Choose and Style Your Area Rug

Choosing the right rug for under your coffee table changes the whole feel of a room. You need the right proportions and colors, but there are also other considerations like shape and budget to consider. The following list will help you determine the perfect rug for your living room. 

  1. Consider your budget. Don’t be afraid to spend money on a high-quality rug since it will last longer and look nicer in the room. 
  2.  You can put more than your coffee table on top of your rug. Chairs can sit on a rug, but couches should only have the front legs resting on an area rug for the nicest visual appeal. 
  3. Size matters. Your area rug should be about a foot wider than your couch. It shouldn’t take up the whole room but rather accent the seating area. 
  4. Consider the shape. A standard rectangle or square rug is fine. However, in larger rooms, you may want a round seating arrangement, so use a circular rug to bring the look together. 
  5. Both solid colors and patterns are nice. If you want a minimalist look, go for a solid color rug. Otherwise, choose a pattern that includes the main colors from your decor and matches the room’s style. 

For a classic home, consider an option like the Barclay Sarouk Black Traditional Area Rug. The geometric floral pattern adds appeal without distracting from other important visual features of the room, and it;’s easy to style. Moreover, you can find these rugs in both rectangles and round shapes for easy decor options. The jute is both soft and eco friendly, plus this rug is stain resistant and durable. To see the Amazon reviews, click here. 

Final Thoughts

Although there are a few rare exceptions to the rug-under-coffee-table rule, you should stick to a larger area rug unless you’re sure that your idea will work. Small rugs make the coffee table feel like an island, and not in a good way. Alternately, an overlarge area rug can paradoxically make your room feel uncomfortably small. 

Are you the type of person that opens items and then just stores them away for years, what about a bag of coffee, you should be concerned about how long do coffee grounds last do not you think? Also, if you tend to get cold feet, should I put a rug under my coffee table should be on your mind to warm your toes.

Take the time to use a product to pre-treat your chosen area rug with a high-quality stain preventative. Preventing stains on your living room rug is always worth the time. Moreover, a coffee table, even in a careful home, is a high-spill zone. You’ll be glad for the protection later when you’re cleaning up a mess that comes right out of the rug like it was never even there. 

Choosing the right rug for your space can be difficult, but with our tips on size and placement, you’ll have a comfortable space in no time. Ultimately, the rug under your coffee table is what brings the room and the people inside it together. 

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