How To Cover Up Ugly Carpet: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Cover Up Ugly Carpet

A carpet can get worn out, plain, have strains, and become boring over time, or its color or design does not match your interest. It can be due to your financial conditions, time limitation, physical effort involved, or just rental agreement that you cannot remove it and now stuck with that ugly carpet. 

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With no way to replace it, you are now on the task of how to cover up the ugly carpet. There is an entire setup that you can buildup to cover up the ugly carpet. 

Start with changing the color scheme of the room walls in contrast with your carpet. Walls are the dominant part of a room, and they can draw attention away from the ugly carpet or develop a beautiful combination with the carpet.

If the carpet is worn too much, you can use a low-cost rug to cover up an entire patch of your ugly carpet. The rug contrasting with your wall color can help establish a new look in your room and divert attention from the ugly carpet.

The available furniture at your home like couches, lamps, and bookshelves work best with rugs to cover up the corner of the ugly carpet. Rearranging and strategically placing your furniture with respect to the rug and in contrast to the wall color will brighten up your room and effectively divert attention from the ugly carpet. 

Using bold art pieces is also one of the ways to divert attention from the ugly carpet. It can be unique or in contrast with your wall color, rug design, and furniture placement to cover up the ugly carpet. 

If painting walls and rearranging furniture is too much work, and the rug is either too expensive or so small that it’s out of option. Then you can use a floor cloth to cover the carpet without extra work. Floor cloths are lighter and cheaper than rugs and do not take much time and effort to place and completely cover the ugly carpet. 

Similar to the floor cloth option, interlocking floorboards or tiles are also an option to cover up the ugly carpet. These interlocking tiles can easily be locked together to get any size, shape, and area of ugly carpet covered. They can be carpet, foam, or rubber tiles that blend and cover the ugly carpet.

If the above solutions appear expensive or need extra effort, the temporary flooring can cover the entire carpet. These peel-and-stick floor tiles can easily cover the ugly carpet with any color, texture, and design you want. Little research is needed to select the material that is easy to clean and does not further damage the carpet beneath it.

If none of the solutions above is an option, then there are some tips to give a new life to your ugly carpet. Considering a carpet rake is one of those tips. Carpet rake will help to restore your flat ugly carpet by making it fluffy and removing the dust and stuck-on dander. This has to be done multiple times to make the best out of your old and ugly-looking carpet.

If the problem with your ugly carpet is that its color has faded out or has strains or fixed spots, then dying your carpet can be an option. Wool and nylon carpets can easily be dyed and will cover up the old ugly carpet. 

So nine solutions have been presented to cover up your ugly-looking old worn-up carpet. Anyone or a combination of these solutions can easily cover up your ugly carpet but be sure and confident before trying any of these by yourself.

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