How Often Should Carpet Be Vacuumed: A Guide For Everyone

How Often Should Carpet Be vacuumed

If you have just finished renovating your home, office, or workplace with your dream carpet and now wondering how often should carpet be vacuumed to maintain hygiene and increase its useful life. 

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How often you vacuum your carpet depends on the environment, surroundings, and conditions the carpet has to face. It also depends on your standard of hygiene and concern about the carpet. There is no hard and fast rule to vacuum the carpet, and you can do it whenever needed. 

In the case of domestic use, it depends on the environment, surroundings, and the number of individuals in the house. If your house is in a clean neighborhood with low levels of dust and sand and has two to three members with low mobility over the carpet. It is best to vacuum at least once a week to maintain hygiene.

It changes if you have kids, especially those who crawl or are not young enough to know about hygiene. In this case, it is recommended to vacuum every second day to maintain a clean surface for your young ones.

Similarly, if you have any pets but not kids then it is recommended to vacuum your carpet at least twice per week as pets like cats or dogs usually lose air easily and continuously. So twice a week is the minimum to maintain proper hygiene. 

If you have kids and pets, then it’s a daily task to vacuum your carpet thoroughly to maintain proper hygiene and increase your dream carpet life. It’s also necessary to vacuum your carpet daily if you live in a dry and dusty neighborhood. As dust will more easily fall on the carpet and if not vacuumed, it will reduce the carpet life by half easily. 

If your home has more than one carpet and both are subject to the same environment but not the same level of use. Then it’s not necessary to vacuum both carpets after equal intervals. It is based on the factory and how much it is being subjected to dust and other environmental factors. 

In the case of a large size carpet that has some portion of it covered with furniture like a couch, tables, pots, or a decoration piece. It is not recommended to vacuum that portion of the carpet that is covered by furniture. That portion of the carpet can be vacuumed once or twice per month to remove the dust.

This routine of vacuuming your domestic carpet can be changed based on the season and external environment. During allergy season it is recommended to properly vacuum your carpet daily. It does not matter how much the carpet is being used if you or anyone around you have allergies. Then it is highly recommended to vacuum your carpet daily. 

Similarly, those regions of the world where the moisture level increases to an extreme level during the rainy season. It is highly recommended to vacuum the carpet daily to remove any food grain or any object that can produce an unpleasant smell under the influence of high moisture. 

In the case you have a carpet or rug at your workplace and what to know about how often you should vacuum it. It all depends on your hygiene standards and how much that carpet is used. 

It also depends on the value of the carpet, as expensive carpets need more care than cheaper ones. It is recommended to thoroughly vacuum your office carpet at least twice a week without depending on the number of visitors moving over the carpet.

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