Why Use a Convection Microwave Oven: Electrician Weighs In

Investing in your kitchen appliances does not only involve comparing brands, prices, and models. You must look at how the appliances function and get the one that suits your needs.

A conventional microwave oven is an all-rounder. It offers services like roasting, cooking, grilling, and baking.

Why use a conventional microwave oven? The convection microwave has a cooking feature that offers quick services. It offers a traditional oven’s crisping, browning, and full cook-through. It does not only heat the inside as the regular microwaves. It also cooks and browns the outside of the food.

There is a difference between a conventional microwave oven and a microwave. A microwave emits waves that bounce around the microwave.

The waves get into contact with food, water, and molecules and get them excited. The heat that cooks the food is then generated.

In the convection microwave oven, a fan accompanies the heating element. It then forces the air movement around the oven.

The oven heats up completely, thus cooking food evenly both inside and outside.

According to Mr. Appliance, a microwave oven expert company, convection microwave ovens are very efficient in their electricity consumption.

Is It Worth Buying A Convection Microwave?

A convection microwave can perform various cooking functions. If you choose to bake, cook, warm, roast, grill, the convection microwave can manage all those tasks.

It is a 2 in 1 device that doubles as an oven and as a microwave. It has a convection mode and a microwave mode.

Its convection mode uses fans that distribute heat from its heating element. It also has a combo mode that combines microwaves with convection heating at a go.

A convection microwave is worth buying because it is practical and saves space. That’s because it is two devices combined in one.

It also offers other functions like defrosting, reheating, toasting, and crisping, among others.

The convection microwave is good for solar battery or RV use since batteries keep from discharging or overuse. I recommend the 850W over-the-range model for RVs available on Amazon. Click here for pricing details.

The switching mode helps you to use one mode at a time, from oven to microwave, or you can use them at a go depending on the recipe.

Up to seven hundred cubic feet of capacity and seven hundred watts of power, it is possible to cook your food. That is because it evenly distributes heat in a way that compensates for the lower-powered microwave mode.

What Are the Main Features of a Convection Microwave Oven?

When buying a convection microwave oven, these are the key features you should always consider.

· Power Or Wattage

The wattage or power level determines the speed it uses to heat your food in microwave mode. It also shows you the speed used in preheating your oven to the set temperature in convection mode.

· Dual Modes

The dual-mode feature helps you choose between convection mode and microwave mode.

Convection mode requires preheating. In microwave mode, power depends on the device’s wattage.

There is also a combo mode that allows you to use both convection and microwave mode at once.

· Size And Footprint

They are small, which means they can fit in any size of a room. The bigger the convection microwave oven, the more power is used in performing its functions.

· Interior Capacity

Its capacity ranges from 0.6 cubic feet to 2 cubic feet. The internal capacity determines the wattage of the convection microwave oven. It is also enough to prepare one type of food at a time.

The Table Below is an Analysis of the main reasons why people had purchased a convection microwave – Data from Actual Convection Microwave owners

Main reason people Purchased a Convection MicrowavePercentage of total Responses
Some owners loved the dual aspect of microwave and convection cooking 11 %
Convection microwave is great in an RV, takes less space than a convection oven44 %
Some people purchased the convection microwave to have another appliance for baking cakes33 %
Owners can roast meat in the convection microwave without heating up a kitchen during a muggy day11 %
data derived from various cooking forums online

What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Convection Microwave Ovens?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a convection microwave oven. They will guide you on whether to buy one or not.


A convection microwave oven is a two-in-one appliance that can be used either as a microwave or a convection oven. It can also be used as a combination of the two. I recommend the Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) model since it is also an air fryer. Click here to view it on Amazon.

It is known to preheat faster than an oven.

It uses less energy compared to the traditional convection oven.

It is portable and suitable for all spaces, including small homes and vacation homes.

It is perfect for reheating, roasting, baking, browning, among other functions.

It distributes heat evenly in the oven, which is also suitable for cooking.

It has a variety of cooking methods that you can choose from to make a range of savory and sweet dishes.

It makes cooking easier with pre-set menu options.

Compared to the other types of ovens, food is cooked faster and better.


The conventional microwave oven must be cleaned after every use.

It has limited interior space since it is tiny.

It can only cook one dish at a time because of its space and functions.

It must have a bottom element that will favor food that requires base cooking like pizza.

Here is a video that explains how a convection microwave works:


Is Convection Microwave Better Than a Regular Microwave?

What is a convection microwave? It is a machine that uses microwave technology to heat water molecules in food. it also performs other functions like an oven.

A convection microwave is great for roasting, grilling, baking, crisping, and browning food. A regular microwave can only reheat or defrost.

Convection microwaves have more functions as compared to normal microwaves. Below are some of the functions the two perform.

Functions of Convection Microwaves

· Boiling

· Reheating

· Defrosting

· Roasting

· Baking

· Crisping

· It has a cooktop lighting

· Has sensors that detect moisture to adjust cook time

· It can be controlled with a smartphone

· Needs preheating

· Ventilates the kitchen

Functions Of A Normal Microwave

· Boiling

· Reheating

· Defrosting

· Has sensors that detect moisture to adjust cook time

· It has a cooktop lighting

· Ventilates the kitchen

What Is Convection Microwave and Grill Microwave?

Convection is a heat transfer process from the air used in the microwave known as the convection microwave.

The kind of air circulation allows uniform airflow to all areas and makes food cook evenly.

A grill microwave performs the functions of a solo microwave and grilling. It is ideal for those people who need a microwave for reheating and grilling food.

A convection microwave performs the functions of a solo microwave. It can crisp, brown, roast, and bake, among other functions.

If you need a versatile microwave that cooks in diverse ways, a convection microwave is ideal for you. The best thing about it is that you can insert metallic objects in every setting.

The grill microwave uses the kind of process where air heats up. A lot of that dry heat and direct heat is used since the workpiece is closer to the fountain.

In convection microwaves, the air process is usually complex. That’s because when the hot and frigid air switches places, they meet equally. They then create a whirlwind of stifling air.

The fan in the microwave mixes the air while using dry heat in the grill microwave workpiece.

When a microwave is in convection mode, it can bake anything. The heater is turned on, and the fan within the microwave chamber circulates air throughout the microwave giving a baking effect.

Grill mode is used for grilling. A heater is placed in a specific location which provides the grill effect required mostly in preparing chicken.

Here are some of the characteristics found in a grill microwave oven and a convection microwave oven!

Characteristics Of A Grill microwave oven

Technology- eco-mode, combo grilling, power grilling

· Uses- defrosts, grills, cooks, reheats

· Power- 900W to 1700W

· Price- it is costlier than the silo microwave oven

· Temperature- manually adjust the temperature

· Extra features- magnetron and a radiant heating element

Characteristics Of A Convection microwave oven

· Technology- sensor cooking, tempered

glass, inverter technology

· Uses- grills, browns, reheats, bakes, crisps, roasts, defrosts, cooks

· Power- 1200W to 2200W

· Price- costly than grill microwaves and solo microwaves

· Temperature- automatically adjusts its temperature

· Extra features- magnetron, fan for cooking, radiant heating element

Convection Microwave Oven Reviews         

A convection microwave oven cooks more evenly than any other microwave oven. These are better at browning than is required in making cookies and pies.

According to a health nutritionist, Kris Gunnars, BSc, a convection microwave oven is effective and convenient for cooking.

There is no proven evidence that they cause harm. They preserve nutrients and prevent the formation of harmful compounds.

When the convection cooking feature is enabled, metal and foil can be used effectively and safely in a microwave convection oven.

Convection microwaves MC24 and MWC24 don’t make toast. The heat flows from the sides; thus, the toast will not brown on top.

The power in the microwave dries up moisture from the bread, making it hard and stale.

Some people avoid purchasing a convection microwave oven. That’s because it is costlier as compared to traditional ovens.

A convection microwave oven works well for meals that require elevated temperatures to be cooked.

It has specialized programs that balance convection and microwave buttons which makes it easy to use. It is also simple that when you want to cook everything combined, you will know what to use.

Cooking is made easier with pre-set menu options, and it is faster and better than normal microwave ovens, according to a customer at Best Buy.

Best Convection Microwave Oven

If you want nothing but the best convection microwave oven, there is a chance that you will find a wide range of varieties to choose from.

You have to keep in mind that the priority is looking at the key specs like higher power in the 1000 watt or in that range going up. You also have to look at a control panel with enhanced functionality.

Convection microwave ovens replace the traditional microwaves. That is because of features like air frying, grilling, crisping, among others. The internal capacity will dictate the choice you will make.

After thorough research of people’s reviews on different platforms, Samsung MC12J8035CT was nominated as the best choice.

The following is the order in which we picked the top 3 convection microwave ovens. To learn more about the criteria used, keep reading!

#1 Samsung MC12J8035CT 1.2 cu. ft. Convection Microwave Oven

It has one of the highest wattage ratings of 1650 watts.

The external dimensions are 23.43 inches wide, 15.87 inches tall, and 18.5 inches deep with a glass turntable of 15-inch diameter. For large families, the size may not be ideal.

It comes with various functions and a PowerGrill Duo function that turns it into a grill for crispy food.

It also comes with a Slim Fry feature. the feature acts as an air fryer for healthy food that needs to be crunchy without excess fat.

It can be reconfigured into a built-in microwave with the buy of a trim kit.

It has a safety lock feature for children, which is good for families with kids.

#2 Black & Decker EM720CB7 Digital Convection Microwave Oven

That is a smart choice because while the wattage is 700, it still has consistent power and even heating.

The external measure is 10.2 inches tall, 13 inches deep, and 17.3 inches wide with a 10-inch diameter glass turntable.

It has a sleek stainless-steel finish that looks nice in the office break room and home kitchens.

It also has a standard touchpad control panel. It also features six auto-cook pre-sets, and a memory feature. It also has express quick start cook buttons, and a defrost.

It comes in 10 power settings.

The only disadvantage is that it lacks fingerprint resistance.

#3 Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Convection Microwave Oven

Toshiba is exceptionally durable.

The external measures 12.8 inches tall, 21.7 inches wide, and 20.1 inches deep. With a glass turntable that measures 13.6 inches in diameter.

This microwave oven has a sturdy door handle. It is suitable for seniors or people with accessibility concerns.

The microwave gives you the chance to choose between 4 auto-bake and 4 auto-roast options. the options are ideal for various foods like muffins, pork, French fries, or chicken.

There is an Eco Mode feature that enables you to reduce standby power by 50%.

It has a smart sensor and 13 auto menu buttons to cook food expertly.

There is a warm hold feature that allows you to warm food for a maximum of 99 minutes.

The only disadvantage is that some people may not prefer a stainless-steel interior.

Final Thoughts

Saving money on buying a convection microwave oven is worth it. It’s well known for its cooking versatility.

Read through this article for detailed information on why a convection oven should be your best kitchen companion.

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