Why Does My Thermostat Click On and Off: Annoying Problems Easy Answers

Modern heating and cooling are a wonder that helps us stay comfortable indoors regardless of the weather. Unfortunately, the thermostat clicking sound can be annoying and makes many of us wonder why it needs to make a sound. So long as that noise only happens to turn the heat or cooler off and on normally, it’s not usually an issue. A well-insulated home shouldn’t need constant temperature regulation and will only adjust a few times per day unless the weather is extreme. Can you get a quiet thermostat? What should you do if it clicks, but nothing happens? I’ll teach you everything you need to know about thermostats that click and when to worry (or not) about them. Plus, I’ll offer up some great information about how to troubleshoot click related issues in your thermostat. 

Why does my thermostat click on and off? Your thermostat clicks on and off because of the mechanism inside. Since thermostats use electricity to sense the temperature, the noise results from the tiny machine (thermostat) sending a signal that your room is either too cold or too warm. However, if this happens repeatedly, you may be out of gas, or your thermostat may need replacing. Sometimes a change of batteries is all it takes to fix repeated clicking. 

How Do I Stop My Thermostat From Clicking

Stopping your thermostat from clicking is a bad idea because it is supposed to make that sound. Most people don’t know why their thermostat clicks on and off. The answer is simple and vital to its proper function. 

When your thermostat clicks, it is the sound of a relay opening and closing. This allows power to pass through, and with that power, it sends a signal. In short, the click is your thermostat communicating with your heater or cooler. Without that sound, it’s likely the temperature won’t change. 

To test if your thermostat is working, you change the temperature. After that, you should hear a click sound. The noise means all is well, and your heat or cooling is about to turn on or off. When it doesn’t make a sound, you have a problem.

Most thermostats require little to no maintenance. You change a battery, dust the top occasionally and forget about them. Thermostats that are pre-programmed are the easiest. Most offer a low battery warning, so long as they make that little click now and then, it is all right. 

The quiet Honeywell Home Programmable Thermostat from Amazon is quiet enough that most people barely notice it. This superb thermostat retains its memory settings even if the power runs out. Moreover, it includes a quick install guide, UWP mounting system, and mounting hardware for easy installation. Plus, the filter change reminder setting helps keep your heat and cooling system working at its best. To see the excellent Amazon reviews, click here. 

 Is It Possible To Buy a Non-Clicking Thermostat

If you buy and install a thermostat and it doesn’t click, you have a broken thermostat. The very nature of the machine makes the sound a necessity. The exception is the Honeywell T6360. This particular thermostat does not make a clicking noise. 

However, the T6360 is also for domestic wet central heating systems. It controls boiler pumps and other similar appliances that are less common in homes than they used to be. You are more likely to find boilers in industrial settings and older buildings since more energy-efficient heating systems are available. 

Why Is My Thermostat Clicking On and Off Rapidly

There’s a big difference between skin ‘why does my thermostat click on and off,’ and asking why it clicks rapidly. The normal, essential small clicks are just indicating that things are fine. However, rapid clicking indicates that there is something amiss with your thermostat

A rapid click can have several causes. I’ve collected a list of the top three most likely issues below so you can use it as a checklist to test for problems. 

  1. Wiring- If your thermostat is wired, then the rapid clicks might indicate a loose or broken wire. You need to replace that part, and it should clear up the issue. 
  2. Batteries- For battery-operated thermostats, low power can cause the thermostat to send inaccurate signals. In this case, pop open the battery door and take out the batteries. That should stop the noise. After that, you replace the batteries to restore normal function. 
  3. Placement- Location is everything, and this is true for a thermostat as well. When drafts from open windows or doors come in, it can lower the temperature reading suddenly. While this is accurate for that breeze, it may not indicate the average temperature for your home. Likewise, a blowing heat vent, fan, oven, or other nearby sources of heat and cooling can affect the thermometer inside, causing your thermostat to try and adjust a temperature that doesn’t represent the needs of your home. 

If none of these solve your issue, then you may need more serious troubleshooting. 

How Do You Troubleshoot a Honeywell Thermostat That is Clicking and Flashing

Clicking and flashing or blinking is certainly not ‘normal,’ but how worried should you be? Troubleshooting basic issues like clicking and flashing isn’t terribly time-consuming. We’ve already covered the reasons for clicking. Moreover, you can usually solve the flashing problem quickly with only basic tools and skills.  

According to AlarmSystem Store’s section on troubleshooting Honeywell thermostats, “If you see your Honeywell thermostat blinking, that’s a legitimate cause for concern — but not as much as you’d think. Nine times out of ten that means you have to replace the battery, which shouldn’t require much more than a new coin cell, a screwdriver, and a few minutes of your time.”

Most other issues stem from a lack of understanding about how a Honeywell thermostat works. First, it’s important to ask if there’s been a power issue in the house. Blackouts can cause your thermostat to go into Recovery Mode. Similarly, when you change the temperature drastically, the thermostat may simply be warming up the system gradually. By adapting slowly to changes, your thermostat helps your heater or cooler run properly and prevent damage. 

A Honeywell TH6110D1005 FocusPRO Thermostat will help you manage the clicking. With programmable options for both weekdays and weekends, plus multiple settings per day, you control when your heat or air turns on. The easy to read display and precise temperature measurement makes this an outstanding option for any home. Moreover, this thermostat is easy to program and can be overridden at the touch of a button. Have Amazon deliver to your door by clicking here. 

Make sure you take the time to read the manual and information included with your thermostat before installing it. Some models flash to let you know it’s time for a battery change. 

Why Is My Thermostat Clicking But Not Working

There is another reason why your thermostat may be clicking on and off. When the thermostat clicks, but nothing else happens, your heater or cooler is not working. Although it could be a wiring issue somewhere along the line, it is more often a result of a problem with your actual heating and cooling system. 

First, check your wires and any batteries or plug-cords. Doing this will ensure you haven’t missed the obvious. After you are certain the thermostat and cords are all doing their job, it’s time to check out your heater or cooler. 

Common problems include a refrigerant leak in coolers or a broken part inside the machine. Additionally, you could be out of gas. When you use propane or other natural gasses, you have tanks or a gas line that can cause the system to stop functioning.

For propane, you should check the gauges on your tanks. Sometimes switching a line to a full tank will resolve the issue. In the case of natural gas lines, first, make sure your bill is paid. If the gas is off, the thermostat will work and click, but nothing else happens. 

Next, make sure you’re not smelling a gas leak. The rotten egg smell added to gas is very apparent, so that particular additive is used. However, when there’s no obvious leak, you should call the gas company. Sometimes a line is damaged. This is not a repair you should attempt yourself. Let the professionals do their job. 

When you need a new thermostat for your connectors, radiant ceilings, or baseboard heaters, I recommend the Honeywell Home RLV4305A1000 from Amazon. The straightforward two-wire installation and energy-saving personal temperature control are excellent. Moreover, you can set different pre-programmed heating options for the day, night, weekends and weekdays, and more. Learn all about the Honeywell Home by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, a clicking thermostat is a good sign. It makes this noise to indicate that the thermostat registered a temperature outside your preference. The sound means that your heater or cooler should kick on and correct that indoor temp promptly. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Whether it needs new batteries or your gas is out, thermostats can click for many reasons. Normal noises are nothing to worry about, but when that clicking seems constant or too frequent, you might have a problem. It’s easy to feel if things are far too cold or too hot. Moreover, a thermostat that frequently clicks because your inside temperature is fluctuating too fast can warn you about open windows or even bad insulation. 

It pays to listen carefully to those clicks. Your thermostat can help you reduce your electricity bills by warning you to upgrade your insulation or even turn the temperature up in summer and down in winter. 

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