Why Does My Shop Vac Blow Dust Out the Back

why is dust coming out of my shop vac

I have noticed a strange phenomenon happening with my shop vac. It is blowing dust out the back of it. I thought that this couldn’t be normal, so I decided to investigate the issue further.

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Why does my shop vac blow dust out the back? Your shop vac is blowing dust out the back because the filter was not installed correctly. You could also have a hole in a filter bag that is allowing dust to be ejected out of the shop vac, or the dust particles are too fine to be filtered out by the filter.

How do I stop my Shop Vac from Blowing Dust?

Keeping your shop vac from blowing dust can be a tricky task, but it’s possible. Here are 6 tips for ensuring that your shop vac doesn’t blow dust around:

1. Press the button that vacuums air instead of blowing it out. This will ensure that only the vac is vacuuming instead of blowing out dirty air that is full of dust. 

2. Connect the hose to the vacuum outlet instead of the exhaust. This will ensure that all the air coming out of the hose is suctioned and not blown out with debris still inside the unit.

3. Empty the drum to increase suction and clear the hose of dust. This will help prevent any excess dust from building up within your shop vac and potentially being blown out when you turn it on in future uses.

4. Replace your filter if it has a hole in it allowing dust to escape. Many shop vacs come with filters that can become damaged over time, so make sure yours isn’t one of them!

5. Clean your filter in a trash bin outside using compressed air. Doing this regularly will help keep dirt and debris from accumulating in your filter, making it more effective at catching particles before they reach internal components of your shop vac and get blown out later down the line.

6. Remove and reinstall your filter to ensure that is installed correctly. By properly setting up or replacing your filter, you can help reduce any risk posed by improper installation and guarantee that no dust or dirt is able to escape when you use your shop vac in future clean-ups.

Is a Shop Vac Supposed to Be Blowing Air Out?

A shop vac is supposed to be blowing air out. Shop Vacs are designed to be versatile cleaning tools, capable of both vacuuming debris and blowing air to clear away leaves and other materials. 

The blower function is located on the shop vac.  You must remove the hose from the vacuum port and transfer it to this location. The air is exhausted from this location. Make sure to adjust the switch on your unit to have it function like a blower.

While some people may assume that a vacuum should only be sucking in air and not blowing it out, the blower function is a key feature of many Shop Vacs. The blower function can be used to clean up outdoor areas quickly and efficiently without the need for a separate leaf blower.

It’s important to note that using the blower function will generate noise and can create a dusty environment, so it’s best to use it outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

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