Why Are Toto Toilets So Good: The Truth Revealed

We don’t always think about our toilets as much as we should, given that humans spend an average of ninety-two days of their lives sitting there. Sometimes, a product like Toto toilets comes around that is so good you find yourself asking why and what makes these any different? It’s not very often that a bathroom company becomes mainstream news. Most people ignore what happens unless it’s to note that some public space has a nasty toilet. It’s about time we turned that conversation around and looked at a company that makes your bathroom time more enjoyable instead. Some of the nicest hotels in the world have these toilets for their high-class clientele, but you could have one for your home. I’ve tried several Totos, and it leaves me wondering why I didn’t learn about this company sooner. Fortunately, I will share my findings with you to see what makes Toto toilets so different. 

Why are Toto toilets so good? Toto toilets are so good because they are genuinely dedicated to making a better, healthier, and more functional toilet. From their compact one-piece toilets to the more complex two-part toilets and accessories, these uniquely designed toilets are made to last. Moreover, comfort and cleanliness are vital in the toilet-making community, so Toto is working to change that for the better. 

Toto Toilets Are Better At Flushing

To begin understanding what makes Toto toilets so good, you have to look at the most obvious aspect first. Naturally, I’m talking about how they flush. One look at a Toto and you will immediately notice a difference. Furthermore, once you actually flush it, you can clearly see how different the flush is and why it works better. With high-powered water jets, the whole process takes only a couple of seconds to remove anything inside the bowl from the top down. 

Most toilets have dirty, small holes that the water comes from. You can find them under the lip, typically caked in the mineral buildup that comes from less than pure water flowing across a porous surface hundreds or thousands of times. Sure, you won’t notice this in a new or extra clean toilet, but the tiny, inefficient holes are still there, waiting to catch that buildup.

Looking at a Toto, it is easy to see why they call their flush cyclone-like. Rather than a bunch of tiny holes under a pronounced lip, you see two much larger rectangular openings and no overhanging lip. This patented design allows a dual stream of high powered water to rapidly spiral around the toilet, picking up anything inside and cleanly removing it all, so you don’t have to worry about mess or minute buildup. 

Check out the economical TOTO Entrada Two-Piece from Amazon when you upgrade your bathroom. This clean, modern-looking toilet is hiding surprising technological advances and stands at the universal height so more people can use it comfortably. Moreover, it is ADA, WaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC compliant. The E-Max 1.28 gallons per flush system offers high powered cleaning and waste disposal at a touch of the standard handle. Learn more by clicking here

Self Cleaning Means No Maintenance

The way a Toto toilet flushes is self-cleaning. Instead of doing the minimum to get the job done-ish, this company asked how you can take the minimum and do the most with it? The answer was the cyclone flush system. Additionally, Toto has patented internal designs to conduct the water away more efficiently and with a much smoother surface. 

You can watch the smoothness of the cyclone flush and see that all the water and anything within the bowl goes directly down the pipe. As a result, there’s no need for double flushing or regular toilet cleaning and maintenance. The combination of patented technologies offers a seamless transition. It uses just over one and a quarter gallons of water to do more than a standard five-point-five gallon toilet does to accomplish far less. 

By looking at every aspect of how a Toto flushes and improving it over the course of decades, the designers could get the most effective water use and leave nothing behind for you to worry about. As a result, these toilets are virtually maintenance-free. After all, you don’t need to service a problem that doesn’t occur. 

The Surface Of Toto Toilets Is Smoother

While Toto toilets are so good because of all the work that went into every part, one of the less immediately obvious aspects is the glaze. Experts at this company have done real-world tests for years to improve their sustainability practices through lower water use. From the moment they begin building, every part of the process is held to the highest possible standards based on current science and excellent data and metrics. 

You may notice the plethora of awards the company has won and the patents it holds. Likewise, you might note the sleeker designs of the various models and the pleasantly updated appeal. Or you may note the way you see these toilets at many high-end establishments, but you probably wouldn’t look too closely at the ceramic.

Moreover, no one ever reaches in to touch a toilet and feel how smooth it is. The bowl either looks sleek and shiny, or it does not. If it looks good, we usually leave it at that. Especially when it’s not your toilet, and you don’t need to clean it, there’s little reason to inspect it further. However, you are missing an essential part of why Toto’s work as well as they do. 

Most toilets use a ceramic bowl. Additionally, those bowls have a seemingly smooth coating on the outside. Some of us even wonder how that slick surface collects buildup in the first place since it doesn’t look like there’s anywhere for debris or mineral buildup to cling. It’s all a matter of perspective, and ours comes from several feet away. 

If you were to look closer at a cross-section of most toilets, you might notice a slightly uneven surface. However, using a microscope or another magnification device would tell a very different story. The seemingly smooth surface of most toilets is, in reality, quite textured. Albeit, the pores are too small to notice easily, but they are there regardless. Resultantly, anything in the bowl that is small enough has a great surface to collect on. 

Ultimately this leads to an endless cycle of buildup and cleaning. Toto solved that with a unique finish that is actually smooth, rather than merely looking like it should be. The pore-free finish offers no purchase for waste to cling to, and when you flush, everything comes off almost like magic. 

The Toto Aquia IV Washlet Elongated Dual Flush toilet is a perfect choice for any home. While it may not seem too far out of the ordinary at first glance, features like the slam-free soft-close lid and smooth pore-free Cefiontect ceramic glaze are more than meets the eye. The Dynamax Tornado flush keeps the inside clean while the understated design makes the outside stand out just enough to know you have a high-quality toilet. Read the outstanding Amazon reviews by clicking here

Saving Water With Toto 

Especially if you have an older model American toilet that uses as much as seven gallons per flush, it’s time to make a seriously beneficial change. A big part of what makes Toto toilets so good is the way they use water. It is one thing to simply point out how little water it takes to flush completely in a single flush. However, that doesn’t give you much context. 

Most people flush one to three times for each trip to the bathroom. If your Toto used the same amount of water per flush, it would still cut your toilet water waste in half or more. That’s pretty impressive, and ecologically speaking it’s a major advantage. The best Toto models use just one gallon per flush

Equally vital and noteworthy is the fact that saving water saves you money. A little here and there wouldn’t make much difference, but you can save tens of thousands of gallons of water per person using a Toto. Even if you only pay a dollar per thousand gallons, you can see how quickly it adds up. 

Choosing a TOTO Eco Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet can eventually pay for itself in savings from all the water you don’t waste. This sleek, single piece, floor bolted toilet has a Watersense Certification. Plus, there’s a one-year manufacturer guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing Toto backs its products. To have Amazon deliver to your door, click here

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to see something every day for the rest of your life, it is well worth making sure you can appreciate it. This is just one reason to upgrade to a Toto toilet. However, there are plenty of other excellent benefits as well. After all, a toilet company doesn’t land in five-star hotels worldwide without a good reason to be there. 

Toto prides itself on doing the highest quality work from a better flush to a more compact design. While other companies have found plenty of clever ways to remove your unwanted waste for money, Toto uses its products to help the environment and keep you and your space cleaner. Best of all, you save both water and cleaning time by using a better-designed toilet.

Toto’s low-water toilets are always looking to the future and working to anticipate and meet an ever-growing population’s needs. A sanitary and civil lifestyle has always been the number one priority for Toto, and it shows in the craftsmanship of every toilet they make. 

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