Why Are There Ants in My Bedroom?

Have you ever come home after a long day and been surprised to find ants scurrying around your bedroom? It’s an annoying nuisance that most homeowners have experienced one time or another. But why are there ants in your bedroom in the first place, and what steps can you take to prevent them from coming back again?

Why are there ants in my bedroom? There are ants your bedroom because they are searching for food or water. Ants typically feed on sweet and greasy substances, and if your bedroom has breadcrumbs or other food debris present, this could attract them. Ants also need moisture and are attracted to damp areas in the home, so if your bedroom damp clothing laying around, this could be a potential ant attractant.

Also, ants are attracted to the smell of other ants, so if there is a trail into your room that one ant followed, the others will follow. If this trail of scent is not broken, then more and more ants will keep coming into your bedroom.

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If you want to prevent ants from entering your bedroom, there are several steps you can take.

How to Prevent Ants from Entering into your Room

  1. Clean up food debris and crumbs: Make sure to keep your bedroom clean and free of food debris. Vacuum up any crumbs or scraps that you find and wipe off surfaces regularly.
  2. Eliminate moisture: Make sure that your bedroom is kept dry and free of any damp clothing or towels. Fix any leaks or water sources in the room, such as windows frames, and air conditioners
  3. Seal off potential entry points: Make sure to seal any cracks or openings around windows in your bedroom. This will prevent ants from entering your bedroom.
  4. Use a sweet liquid poison for ants – Use a liquid poison that is for ants. They will drink the mixture and then take the poison back to the colony where it will kill off the other ants. Make sure to place in areas where you had seen ant activity in the past.
  5. Trim trees and shrubs close to bedroom windows – Make sure to trim any trees or plants that are close to your bedroom windows. This will reduce the sheltering that ants like to use when hunting for food.
  6. Stack firewood away from windows – Firewood can be a potential source of food for ants, so make sure to stack it away from any windows in your bedroom.
  7. Replace weather stripped around your windows – If the weather stripping around your windows is worn or cracked, replace it and make sure to seal any openings that ants could use to enter your bedroom.
  8. Use a sealant-based caulk – For any crevices or breaks in caulking, make sure to use a sealant-based caulk to fill in any gaps. This will help keep out ants as well as other pests.
  9. Add crushed rock along foundation – Adding a layer of crushed rock along the foundation of your house will prevent ants from entering your bedroom. They will take to want to nest in moisture lad areas such as under mulch that some people add close to their foundations.

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