What size of propane tank for Blackstone griddle

The excitement of using a brand-new Blackstone griddle is out of the world after purchasing one. But will you have enough propane in your tank to cook for the entire duration? Nothing is more frustrating than running out of gas when cooking. Therefore, it’s wise to consider what size of propane tank to use for a Blackstone griddle.

When buying a propane tank, it is wise to pick one that will connect easily with your griddle and run it for a considerable amount of time. The tank will last longer if it is larger. The appropriate size propane tank to utilize, however, will depend on your unique requirements.

Tip – I suggest that you read how to clean Blackstone griddle properly.

The 20lb propane tank is the ideal size for the Blackstone Griddle. You can use the griddle for around seven hours on the highest level. One-pound, five-pound, and twenty-pound propane tanks are available. The BTUs in the 1-lb, 5-lb, and 20-lb tanks are 21,594, 109,800, and 432,804, respectively.

Blackstone griddles in sizes 28 and 36 are not designed for portable use. They are ideal for use at home because they are big and heavy. Larger propane tanks are more suited for these griddles’ operation. Connecting a 28 or 36-inch skillet to a 1-pound propane tank is impossible. In less than an hour, the gas would run out.

Blackstone griddles come in portable sizes of 17 and 22 inches. Until you have the appropriate horse adapter, you may connect any size propane tank.

The one-pound propane tank is recommended for outdoor camping and picnics. It is more compact than the others (5 and 20 pounds).

But remember that the 17-inch flat-top grill’s 1-pound tank will burn out in less than two hours. On the 22-inch, it took less than an hour.

Buy a 20lb propane tank if you intend to use your grill at home and not while traveling. On a 17-inch grill, the 20-pound tank should last 36 hours; on a 22-inch grill, it should last 18 hours.

The Blackstone 17-inch and 22-inch are intended to be used with a 1-lb propane tank. Even though this tank is great for travel, it is insufficient. You can only solve the problem by switching your griddle to bulk propane. Although some portability may be lost, it is still worthwhile.

If you have a spare propane regulator, upgrading your Blackstone griddle is simple. 

A 20-lb propane tank can be connected to a 1-pound tabletop griddle using the Propane Adapter Hose. A regulator is already included, so you don’t need to purchase anything extra.

The 17-inch Blackstone griddle, 22-inch griddle, and tabletop griddle are the primary appliances for which the hose is intended.

To change a 1-lb propane tank into a bulk propane tank, follow these simple instructions:

  • Please turn off your Blackstone griddle first, then wait for it to cool. Then, release the regulator from the 1-lb propane tank by turning a screw.
  • Where you removed the tiny tank on the griddle regulator, screw the new adapter hose in.
  • The bulk propane tank should be connected to the adapter hose’s other end. Make that the connector is firmly and correctly screwed onto the propane tank.
  • You’re finished! The griddle is now using the large propane tank. Test your new connection next to ensure that it is operating properly.
  • Light your barbeque by opening the bulk propane tank. Verify that the burner’s and the burner’s flames are in good condition.

A 1-lb propane tank is ideal if you frequently travel with your Blackstone Griddle for picnics, hiking, or partying. However, a 20-lb propane tank is better if your grill is only used at home.

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