Should You Run Dehumidifier in Winter

Do you ever question if it is a promising idea to run a dehumidifier during winter? Well, the answer is yes! Although lower temperatures may make you feel that there would be no humidity or condensation present in your home. This could not be further from true. Dehumidifiers help maintain air quality and hinder mold growth. As such, running a dehumidifier throughout colder months ensures optimal health for you and your family—and here’s why!

Should you run dehumidifier in winter? A dehumidifier in a basement setting during the colder months is highly beneficial. Not only will it help laundry dry faster and reduce condensation on windows, but a healthy level of humidity in the air will be maintained as well.

Although turning up the heat may seem like an attractive option for wintry days, these temperatures can cause discomfort due to overly dry air quality. A dehumidifier solves this issue with ease!

Understand the Mechanics of a Dehumidifier: how does a dehumidifier work

What Should I Set My Dehumidifier at in Winter?

You should set your dehumidifier at in the winter, especially in the basement, at 30-40% relative humidity. Remember to check your dehumidifier’s filter regularly, as dust and dirt can accumulate quickly during the winter months due to heating that is electric in some homes.

Also, homes are closed more during the winter. reducing the circulation of fresh air.

The main goal is to keep your basement’s humidity level at a consistent steady state.

Should You Run a Dehumidifier in the Basement All the Time

You should not run your dehumidifier all the time in the basement if you are not able to set it to turn off and on automatically.

Once the humidity level in your basement reaches a level of 50% or above, it’s time to switch on that dehumidifier! If left untreated, such elevated levels will allow mold to grow which can cause damage to walls and furniture.

To ensure these types of issues are avoided completely, you can set up an automatic stop-start feature so that your dehumidifier runs continuously—consistently keeping the relative humidity inside optimal for maintaining a healthy home environment.

There is no establishing time that you can run a dehumidifier in a basement, it depends on the level of humidity. It is recommended to use a hygrometer and make a note of your basement’s humidity levels, so that you can accurately determine when it is time to switch on or off your dehumidifier if it does not have the auto shut off feature.

Is a dehumidifier worth it in winter?

Heating your home this winter? Then a dehumidifier is an absolute must. It helps balance the humidity levels and prevents mold growth, which can not only ruin furniture but cause irreversible damage to your home’s interior. Invest in a dehumidifier now and protect yourself from future headaches!

When you are purchasing a dehumidifier, make sure it has an integrated humidity level gage that shuts off automatically when the ideal relative humidity is achieved. In this manner, you won’t have to frequently check and manually turn off your dehumidifier if it isn’t equipped with a feature designed to do so itself.

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