Should you break Pasta in half?

Pasta, a mouth-watering Italian delicacy, is loved by all. It creates the best recipe for a comfort meal. With hundreds of types of Pasta all over the world, Spaghetti is the one found almost everywhere. It is easy to cook; however, when it comes to Spaghetti, there are specific rules that one needs to follow. The one question that is most asked and most common is, should you break pasta in half?

Spaghetti, as we all know, is long, and while cooking, some people tend to break it to fit it in the pot. You might think it tastes the same even if you break it, so what’s the issue? The main thing associated with this concept of ‘not breaking the Pasta’ is that it is supposed to wrap around your fork.

Twirling the noodles around your fork is the proper way to eat them. You can’t do this when you’re left with small pieces of Spaghetti instead of a complete noodle.

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You rotate your fork, and it should be long enough to stick to itself and secure by itself in such a way that it doesn’t slip off or drip sauce. A thick sauce is essential to both sticking to the Pasta and not dripping, splattering, or dribbling from it. The Pasta must be cooked well so the sauce will stick to it.

There is something very classy about it. A perfectly secured mouthful of linguini around your fork after twisting it around is an inexplicably romantic experience. To get that perfect bite, you can twist and eat your food to gather and sop up more sauce. 

It all comes down to Italian traditions. It is imperative to follow the way the Pasta is meant to be eaten. While making the Pasta, don’t break it to fit it in the pot. Leave the ends exposed for approximately a minute, or until the submerged parts become soft. Then stir to bend the Pasta and push it underwater.

In order to ignore your temptation of breaking the Pasta in half, use the right pot size. It is always a good idea to fill a giant pot you can find with 5 to 6 quarts of water when you cook Pasta. If you use a larger pot, you will not need to break up the Pasta to fit. Additionally, it will prevent your Pasta from becoming sticky.

In spite of the fact that Italian Pasta comes from a series of trading expeditions in East Asia, it is eaten in a different way. Like noodles, Pasta is gathered in a single bite, not slurped, and eaten in a single bite rather than suctioned up and chewed with the teeth.

 It’s still necessary to twirl Pasta unless you’re ravenously starving like you would see on the streetside restaurants of Naples. Using strands of Pasta stop the sauce from landing on your shirt. Eating short pieces of pasta could create a situation of splatter. If you’re preparing a classic Italian dish (not a casserole), be patient and keep your long Pasta intact!

The Italians are very peculiar about their traditions when it comes to making Pasta. Whether it involves how to make it or how to eat it. To get the authentic Italian Pasta experience, it is advisable not to break the Pasta in half. 

The best way to eat Spaghetti is to twirl it around your fork. Breaking Spaghetti into tiny pieces makes that impossible. However, if this method of eating does not appeal to you, you can always choose from a variety of short Pasta, such as farfalle, penne, and fusilli.

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