Kitchenaid Range Burner Not Working: Get Cooking Again

Kitchenaid products are fantastic, but even the best appliances can have occasional problems. Can you fix a Kitchenaid range burner that’s not working? It’s always a little daunting to take on a new type of DIY repair, but it’s also an exciting challenge and a chance to learn something useful. Fortunately, you can make most repairs yourself with the right information, tools, and parts.  I’ll walk you through several potential problems and solutions for your range burners. However, it’s always important to check your warranty to see if parts and repair are covered. Moreover, when you do make a repair yourself, take the time to use proper safety precautions. Simple steps like unplugging or turning off power can help you avoid injuries. Plus, turning things off can also help prevent extra damages to your range burners and stove. 

How do you fix a Kitchenaid range burner? To fix your Kitchenaid range burner, you need to repair the ignition system. Sometimes a simple restart will work, but more often, the problem is in getting power or a spark to the burner. Gas and electric ranges both have these issues when parts wear out or become damaged. A range burner is subject to a lot of wear and excessive heat, so it’s normal for these parts to need replacing as your oven ages. 

Fix Non-Working Kitchenaid Range Burner With Error Message

When your Kitchenaid range burner isn’t working, and you see an error message, there are two very simple solutions. Either or both of these might help solve the problem in a couple of minutes, but if they don’t, I’ll walk you through other fixes as well. Always try these first when you see an error message. 

According to Kitchenaid’s website, you can sometimes reset an error with the push of a button. If your Kitchenaid system detects a problem, your electrical display may show an error message that says, “Call Service.” Don’t worry. You can press the Cancel button to reset the system. If that doesn’t work, try the next fix. 

Find your circuit breaker for the stove and turn it off. Wait one minute and turn it on again. After that, you should start a bake cycle to make sure the appliance is working correctly. When everything else is working correctly, turn on the range burner again. The simplest solutions can save you a lot of trouble.

Replacing a burner like the Glass Stove 6 Inch Radiant Surface Element is another simple solution. You will need to remove the glass range top to accomplish this simple part-swap. These are compatible with 1500 watt 240-volt ranges. Click here to find a compatible replacement part on Amazon

Eight Ways to Fix a Kitchenaid Range Burner

There are eight common ways to repair a Kitchenaid range burner that has stopped working. I’ll show you what to look for and replace in each case. Feel free to bookmark and use this as a checklist to get your burners working correctly again. 

  1. Power- A Kitchenaid range burner or other parts of your stove may malfunction if you’re not getting the right power. According to Repair Clinic, “Electric ranges require 220 volts of alternating current.” You can use a multimeter to check your outlets. This is top of the list because technically, an outlet replacement is not a stove repair, and you may need a professional electrician for this type of problem. Most fixes involve the actual stove instead. 
  2. Wires- Check your wiring first. A simple loose wire can mean your range isn’t getting the power it needs. Similarly, a burnt or broken wire has the same effect. Make sure to turn power off can inspect the parts visually for damage and disconnects. 
  3. Solid & Coil Surface Elements- Both of these elements plug into a power source and uses electricity to create heat, thus turning red. This is a ‘plug and play’ part that you pull out, then click a new one in its place. Always check to see if it has simply come loose first, as plugging it back in can also solve the issue in this case. 
  4. Radiant Surface Element- Like a solid surface element, a radiant surface element plugs in and pulls out for replacement. Although the burn-out is more like a lightbulb than anything else, the fact remains that you simply remove it and plug in a new one. 
  5. Element Receptacle- Your elements plug into a unique socket. The contacts in this receptacle can burn out over time. When this happens, you need to remove the element and inspect the receptacle contacts for signs of burning and damage. If there’s burning, then you need to replace both the receptacle and the element. 
  6. Element Surface Switch/Infinite Switch- This part sends power to your burner. If the burner isn’t working and neither the element nor the receptacle is the culprits, this switch might malfunction. Replacing a switch, like replacing and element receptacle, may require a little bit of work with wires to disconnect the old and replace, but it is a straightforward swap as well.  
  7. Surface Element Board- Of all the solutions you can DIY, this is the most complex. A surface element board is responsible for controlling the power supply to all of your burners, and when it has a problem, one or more of your range burners may cease to function at all. An easy way to tell a problem with an element from one with the board is to use a multimeter to check the element for continuity. If the element appears to be working, but there’s no power running to it, and the receptacle and wires are fine, then your board is the most likely culprit. 
  8. Spark or Glow Bar Ignition- If your Kitchenaid is a gas model, then the burner may not be sparking. It should make a clicking noise when you turn it on, which is the electric spark’s sound. Without this, you have no flame. When you hear no spark and smell gas, please turn off the stove and vent the area. It is okay to light a burner manually, but if there’s a cloud of gas, it can cause an explosion. As soon as you notice your spark ignition isn’t working, it’s a good idea to switch out the spark igniter. The glow bar doesn’t make a sound, but when gas flows and will not light, check to see that it is glowing. If it remains cool and dark, the ignition is bad. 

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Tips & Tricks for Stove Power Problems

When your Kitchenaid range burner stops working, it can cause unnecessary stress and frustration. However, almost all the solutions involve testing, removing, and replacing a single part. If you can use a different burner to solve your immediate cooking needs, do that first and then fix the actual problem.

One of the simplest replacements is the Electric Range Burner. This simple but highly effective metal coil conducts heat to your range and functions as the burner. With a one year warranty, you can cook with confidence. Plus, these parts are all made in North America. See the exceptional Amazon Reviews by clicking here

Should your burner stop working, testing other burners can solve one often overlooked problem. If none of your burners come on, check the digital display, or turn on the oven. Making sure your stove has power might seem pointless, but a power cord that has come loose or a tripped breaker can also cause you to think you have a burner problem. If the power is out, don’t blame the stove. 

Some infinite switches sense whether there’s a pot or pan on the surface and will turn off if nothing is placed there to heat up, so make sure you stick a piece of cookware on top when checking. Safety features are often mistaken for malfunctioning parts, and this is no exception. 

Final Thoughts

When you only want to cook a meal, having your burner refuse to work is annoying and stressful. However, these incredibly high-use parts are under a lot of pressure as well. Fixing a broken range burner is a relatively simple way to extend the life of your appliance. 

There’s no reason to replace your whole stove when a range burner malfunctions. Check the power and restart it first, and if that doesn’t work, take a look at the other possible causes. Whether you’re running gas or electric, a simple fix is almost always enough to get you cooking again. 

Once you fix a burner on your Kitchenaid stove, you’ll see how easy it is to keep them in good repair. While some things might need professional work, a range burner is rarely on that list.

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