How to Use a Snake to Unclog a Shower Drain

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of a shower drain becoming clogged? You try to unclog it yourself but can’t seem to get the job done. Don’t worry – a simple and surprisingly friendly solution to your problem is at hand! Today, we’ll be showing you how to use a snake to unclog a shower drain – so let’s jump in!

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What You’ll Need

f you’re looking to unclog your shower drain using a plumber’s snake, there are some items you’ll need to have on hand. Here’s a list of what you should grab before getting started:

  • Plumber’s snake
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Rag or sponge
  • Gloves

Remove the Shower Grate

If you’re looking to unclog your shower drain with a plumber’s snake, the first step is to remove the shower grate. You should carefully pry it off using a flathead screwdriver. Once the grate is off, you should be able to access the drainpipe underneath.

Make sure all the debris and gunk that has built up just inside is cleaned out so your plumber’s snake can move freely. 

Next, you will need to feed the snake into the drain until it reaches its obstruction. 

Insert the Drain Snake

Inserting a plumber’s snake into a shower drain is easy but it requires patience and precision.

Feed the snake into the drain until you feel it hit the obstruction. Put your gloves on before inserting the snake and be aware of your own safety while working with tools. When the snake feels resistance, you can move onto the next step below.

Auger With the Drain Snake

Next, feed the snake into the drain until it hits any obstruction. Then, turn the handle on the snake clockwise to clear out any blockage and restore proper drainage again. You may have to insert the snake a few feet before you have reached the blockage.

 It’s important to read all instructions before beginning work and wear protective gloves when handling tools.

Extract the Drain Snake

First, start by ensuring that all of the blockage in your shower drain has been broken up and removed. Then, gently pull back on the handle of the snake while gently turning it counterclockwise until you reach where the obstruction was first located. At this point, you can remove the snake completely from the drainpipe by pulling up on it.

If any debris is still caught in the head of the snake when you’re finished, use protective gloves to carefully dislodge them and then rinse off the tool with water. Once clean and dry, store away in a safe place for future use.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you encounter more difficulty than expected when unblocking your shower drain with an auger, it may be best to contact a certified plumber for further inspection and repair.

Flush the Drain

Clearing your shower drain with a plumber’s snake or auger is an effective way to dislodge any clogs or blockages. However, it’s important to properly flush the drain afterwards to ensure that all debris has been removed and the system is functioning properly again.

Once you’ve successfully cleared the clog with an auger, turn on the water in the shower and let it run for about 20 seconds. This should be enough time for any loose debris or objects to come out of the drain.

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