How to transport a refrigerator in a pickup truck? Read this article to know the answer.

Bulky appliances like your refrigerator must be transferred from your room to a truck, which is the most challenging element of moving to a new house. We all know that refrigerators are already too heavy to be handled by a single person. So, how to transport a refrigerator in a pickup truck?

It’s crucial to remember that because refrigerators are heavy, surfaces like flooring and your truck bed are susceptible to scratches. Because they are so delicate, refrigerators are particularly easy to break or damage when transported improperly. 

If you have a refrigerator that will not fit through the front door of your new home, consider renting a pickup truck and moving it yourself. Many people think it’s too difficult to move a refrigerator alone, but it’s relatively easy with the right tools and precautions.

First Steps

Unplugging your refrigerator and turning it off are the first things you should do. Then, spend a little time reading through its manual because it can contain some crucial information that will help solve this issue.

Whatever the case, carrying a refrigerator requires checking a few important details first because they are difficult. Certain areas could become sensitive to even minor motions. So, please read it before completing the task.

Ensure that everything is removed from the refrigerator, including the shelves and containers, if you can. If not, you must keep them under strict control. Additionally, it would be best if you fully cleaned your refrigerator before leaving it alone for those few hours; otherwise, a smell will emerge.

It’s time to put the refrigerator in your truck at the moment. Verify that the refrigerator is firmly fixed upright on the trolley. Next, pull your vehicle up to where you’re removing the refrigerator. The simplest procedure to achieve this is to lean your truck against a curb so that you can raise the refrigerator from a lower height.

You can leave the fridge strapped to the dolly in the truck if you don’t need it for anything else right now. Place the fridge against the cab at the foot of the bed. Loading something else in front of the refrigerator will also help keep it from shifting if you’re moving something else. Put a piece of flat cardboard between the truck cab and the refrigerator.

Secure Fridge Safely

How to safely secure the refrigerator in your truck is the next question. The ideal way to secure your refrigerator is with ratchet straps, but you may also use bungee cords in a pinch. The first strap needs to be fastened over the refrigerator’s top. The front should be wrapped with the second strap. Pull the fridge and the straps towards the cab to tighten them. 

Verify that the straps are fastened to your truck’s anchor points. Before packing and strapping your refrigerator, consider enclosing it with blankets. It will help shield it from the elements and damage and assist in shielding your truck.

To minimise unnecessary jumps to the refrigerator and the risk of fluid leaking, try to move your fridge along the route with the least traffic and jerks in the road. Repeating the previous loading procedures will allow you to unload the refrigerator from your truck. If a truck ramp isn’t available, push from the truck bed while one or two persons escort it from the ground level.

Be cautious and wait at least three hours after bringing the fridge to your new location before plugging it in. It is done to ensure that any liquids in motion during the transfer have a chance to settle once more.

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