How to Tell if Black and Decker Battery is Bad?

Your battery isn’t charging, it’s not lighting up, or the battery still works, it’s just performing sub optimally, but how to tell if Black and Decker Battery is Bad? If you have the right tools, you will have to perform some rigorous tests in order to know which part of the battery is bad (if not all):

  • Using a multimeter to check the battery voltage lets you know if the entire battery is dead, or if a single cell has gone dead.
    • A usual single dead cell can be a tumultuous task to fix on its own, and will usually require a replacement battery, as BnD do not recommend troubleshooting while attempting to fix a dead cell.
  • Another more common way to tell without a multimeter, is by just plugging your (what seems to be) fully charged battery into a tool of your choice and try to power it on.
    • If the tool does not turn on and you know for sure that the battery is charged, then it is most likely a dead cell or improper circuitry within the battery.

If the battery does not light up, nor give off any semblance of being charged and you have just purchased it. It is most likely a dead cell and getting a replacement can do you wonders and not stifle your home improvement needs.

Do Black and Decker Batteries Wear Out?

Black and Decker batteries’ usual lifespan is around 3-5 years with proper use, storage and charging techniques. Though they have long lifespans, the batteries are not impervious to the usual wear and tear that comes with electronic tools. If the batteries are stored in a low ventilated area and are not given room to breathe, then their life span can be severely halted.

If you want to get the most out of one Black and Decker battery, order two. Having one on the charger and the other in your tool can give you room for error and allow one battery to be drained while the other one charges. A typical resting period is necessary for the longevity of the batteries, popping it off the charger and into your machine is only recommended when no other option is available.

But the batteries do wear out, the second you open up a package you’ve opened up Pandora’s box on its use. Even though the batteries are advertised to work from 3-5 years, it’s not uncommon for one to go bad after 1-2, sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw—high quality or not.

How Long Does Black and Decker 20v Battery last?

In terms of hours of use that can come from a fully charged Black and Decker 20v battery, you can get up to five hours. If you are using the battery heavily (constant hedge trimming, or just the tool constantly being on) then you can expect, at a minimum, around two hours.

In terms of longevity, the Black and Decker 20v battery boasts the same results as its other counterparts (12V and beyond). With around 3-5 years, the batteries can last you a long while, though it’s best to use that number sparingly. In reality you should expect that a Black and Decker 20v battery will last at least past the first year. Coming into the second year be weary of any possible malfunctions or technical difficulties you can run into with it, such as:

  • Battery not keeping a competent charge. 
  • Battery being too hot after being put on or taken off the charger. 
  • It’s hours of use dropping from five hours to less than four, then three, then so on.

Once you are past that first year and are able to catalog (if any) problem you have, you should be set to have that battery for its full advertised lifespan.

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