How to Stop Cat from Scratching Carpet Under Door

Cats are some of the most beloved home pets today, bringing extreme joy to their owners through their feline fluffiness and companionship – until they scratch every surface of your house. Even if you lock these pesky fluffballs out of a room, they’ll still try to scratch away the carpet through under the door. 

Therefore, if you own a cat or plan to become a cat owner in the future, knowing various methods to prevent your feline friend from scratching all the fibers out of your carpet is essential. And we’re going to touch upon just that! 

5 Best Tips to Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Carpet 

Several methods could be used to prevent your cat from scratching the carpets in your home. While not every method is guaranteed to work with your cat, you’ll find something on our list which prevents your feline from demolishing your rugs and carpets. 

That said, here are the five best tips on how to stop cat from scratching carpet under door.

  1. Use Carpet Scratch Stopper Mat

The most effective method of stopping your cat from scratching the carpet under doorways is investing in a Carpet Scratch Stopper. This is a sheet that can slide under your door, covering the portion of the carpet that a cat tends to scratch. The mat is made of polyethylene plastic, making the cat’s claw slide off its surface and discouraging its behavior.

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You can purchase an excellent quality mat for up to fifty dollars, which tends to last for years. Plus, a top-quality Scratch Stopper mat won’t do any harm to your cat’s claws either, no matter how hard they scratch. This is because the polyethylene plastic on these mats tends to be gentle and smooth, which can absorb rough scratches without retaliating on your cat’s claws. 

  1. Add Scratching Pads in the Vicinity

Another great method to prevent under-door cat scratching is installing a scratching pad or scratching post in the vicinity of the door where your cat usually scratches the carpet. Since cats have a natural tendency to keep their claws clean through scratching, instead of discouraging it, you can offer specific pads to keep them busy. 

You can make use of multiple scratching pads and posts of varying textures and surfaces like sisal, corrugated cardboard, or even plain wood. Place the scratching pads in both horizontal or vertical orientations, as cats like to scratch surfaces at different angles.

There isn’t much difference between the scratching pad and the scratching post, but most cats prefer the gentleness and feel of the scratching pads more. Your choice may depend on the nature and preference of your cats.

  1. Spray Pheromones on the Carpet

Oftentimes, cats like to scratch the carpet to mark it as their personal space. You can alter this behavior of your cats with the help of feline pheromones sprays and scents. Using a pheromone spray will trick your cat into thinking that the scented area has already been marked by another pet, compelling it to leave the place alone.

In fact, you can work with any scent that your cat isn’t particularly a fan of. For instance, cats usually tend to find citrus scents distasteful and will try to stay away from any mat or carpet emitting the scent. 

  1. Give Attention to Your Cat

Learning the behavioral patterns of your cats is important for deterring unhealthy habits and promoting good ones. That said, it’s common for feline pets to scratch their surroundings under stressful situations. The stress can be caused by anything, ranging from a change in the environment or even the introduction of a new household member. Therefore, look out for the scratching patterns and take them as a sign. 

In such situations, give your cat the proper time and attention it needs. Comfort your fur baby until she feels safe and comfortable in her surroundings. 

  1. Ask A Vet/Cat Trainer

If none of the previous methodologies work out for you in the long term, don’t be afraid to consult a vet. Especially if your cat has seemed to pick up this hobby of scratching out of nowhere, a vet can guide you better. You can also consult professional trainers to train your cat acceptable behavior inside the house. 


No matter how annoying your cat’s scratching habits are, keep in mind that it is never recommended to declaw your cat. Just follow our above-mentioned tips and prevent your cat from scratching any carpet again, especially under the doorway! 

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