How To Get Powdered Makeup Out Of Carpet?

How To Get Powdered Makeup Out Of Carpet

Powered makeup is one of many beauty-enhancing products available in the market. It enhances your beauty in many ways but works the opposite for your carpet. Damage done by powder can be much more than you expect it to be. 

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So understanding how to get powdered makeup out of carpet to maintain hygiene and cleanliness is important. 

If you have dropped any quantity of powdered makeup on your carpet, the first thing is to get it out from the carpet fiber as soon as possible. Use a carpet vacuum cleaner to remove the maximum quality of powdered makeup from the carpet. This instant vacuum of the affected area will help to avoid building any strains from makeup.

Vacuum cleaners will remove the maximum quality of powdered makeup from the carpet. Care must be taken while removing the powdered makeup through a vacuum. As this makeup is designed to stick with surfaces so any extra pressure during vacuum cleaning can develop strains, so be as gentle as possible.

It is recommended to simply switch on the vacuum and place the suction end of the vacuum above the affected carpet area. Let the vacuum suck the powder and do not rub the suction end of the vacuum over the affected area as it is done in the normal vacuum cleaning process. 

When the vacuum cannot remove all powdered makeup from the carpet, they can use dishwashing soap and water to remove any remaining powder. Simply take a small amount of dishwashing soap (liquid type is recommended) and mix it in a bowl full of water. 

Now take a clean cloth or dishwashing sponge to apply this soap and water solution on the affected area. Dip the sponge in the solution, squeeze it to remove excess water, and then gently remove the remaining powder from the carpet fibers. 

In the case when the powdered makeup fell onto a wet carpet area and got stuck with carpet fibers or has been on the carpet for quite some time, dried and bound with carpet fiber. Use a dull knife or spoon to first rub and lose the dried powdered makeup. They use a vacuum to remove the loose grain of powdered makeup from the carpet. 

After the vacuum, use makeup remover to clean the remaining powder from the carpet. Makeup remover has chemicals that will soften the dried powder. After applying the makeup remover, a clean cloth can be used to remove the powder. Care here is not to apply too much of a makeup remover; it can react with carpet fibers.

If you don’t have makeup remover and water soap solution does not work on dried powdered makeup, then vinegar is a DIY solution. Use a small amount of hot water and dishwashing detergent solution to first wet the powder makeup on the carpet. 

Now use vinegar with a clean cloth to gently blot the carpet. The highly acidic nature of vinegar can soften the dried powdered makeup but can also damage the fiber of the carpet so be careful with this DIY.

Another DIY to soften and remove the dried powdered makeup from the carpet is baking soda and lemon solution. Use hot water to initially soften the hard-dried powdered makeup and then sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. 

After that, squeeze a lemon onto the baking soda. This will develop a strong chemical solution and start a reaction that can easily soften or dissolve the makeup content. Now use a clean cloth to remove the powdered makeup from the carpet. 

These DIY solutions should be used with care and proper knowledge about your carpet material and chemical solution.

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