How to Get Carpet Tape off the Carpet

Using a double-sided tape is very useful in many ways, and one of the usages of its usage is to prevent the carpet from slipping, so you can put a small piece of double-sided tape on the floor, then lay the carpet, but if you want to remove the carpet, you will find the adhesive on the carpet and the floor, so it will be difficult to remove it, and you will ask yourself “how to get carpet tape off carpet”.

In this article we are going to describe many effective ways to remove the double-sided tape step by step with the best results and using common materials in your home.

Carpet tape is difficult to remove, but you need to read how to get nail polish out of carpet to learn the newest tips.

  1. Using Hair Dryer: –

As the name of the method says, we are going to use a hair dryer to remove the double-sided tape from the back of the carpet with these steps: –

  • Bring the hair dryer and set it at medium or high temperature.
  • Keep the hair drier a few inches away from the place where the adhesive is on the carpet and let the air penetrate the adhesive from two to five minutes.
  • Try to focus on the edges of the double-sided tape with the hair dryer.
  • Once the glue on the double-sided tape has soften, hold the double-sided tape with your fingernail and try to remove it (You can use a putty knife or a butter knife instead of using your nails to not spoil them.).
  • Using Natural Anti-Stain with White Vinegar: –

This can be considered the easiest way to remove the double-sided tape from the carpet.

We can use white vinegar products to soften the glue at the double-sided tape and to disinfect the surface of the carpet, but make sure that the white vinegar will not damage the fabric of your carpet. We can use this method in two ways: –

  • First way is by Bring a wet piece of cloth with a little white vinegar and rub it directly on the spotted area for at least one minute, and leave it to act with the double-sided tape glue for 15 minutes.
  • Second way is by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar, then we apply it to the spotted area, and let it act overnight.

After using any of the above ways, we will wipe with a damp cloth to finish our mission by removing any double-sided tape remaining, and allow the rug to dry on its own.

  • Using Rough Sponge: –

This method is so simple as it can be used easily to remove the double-sided tape from the back of your carpet. We can use this method with the following steps: –

  • We will bring a rough sponge and wet it in a little water.
  • We will rub the spotted area on the carpet with the sponge using a light circular motion for a few minutes, until we get rid if the adhesive of the double-sided tape completely.
  • After that we will clean the carpet with a clean cloth dipped in dishwasher soap and diluted with hot water, then we got a clean carpet.
  • Using Alcohol with a concentration of 70%: –

In this method we will use alcohol with a concentration of 70%, as it does not affect the carpet color, and have a good result in removing the glue of the double-sided tape.

We can use this method with the following steps: –

  • We will bring alcohol with a concentration of 70% and dip a clean cloth in it.
  • We will rub the carpet with the cloth in gentle circular motions, until the tape is completely removed from our carpet.

At this point, we removed the double-sided tape from the carpet back using various ways with simple tools and materials which exist at every home.

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