How to Fix Leaking RV Toilet Seal

I have personally fixed several leaking RV toilet seals over the years, and I want to share my experience with you. The first step is determining the source of the leak. Use a flashlight to look inside your toilet.

If you can see any watermarks or signs of dampness, it’s likely that one of the seals is worn down; if not, the issue may be with another component.

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Steps to Fix the Leaking Seal

Here are the steps to take that explain how to fix leaking RV toilet seal

1. Order Replacement RV Toilet Seals: Start by ordering the proper replacement seals for your caravan toilet. Make sure to measure the size of your existing seal before ordering and double check that what you’re buying is a perfect fit for your model.

2. Turn off the Water Line: Before attempting any repairs, it’s important to first turn off the water line leading into your RV toilet. This will prevent further leaks and make the repair process easier.

3. Find the Bolts and Clamps that Hold the Bowl and Remove or Unclamp Them: Use a screwdriver or wrench (depending on what type of clamps you have) to remove all bolts and clamps to get access to the seals beneath them.

4. Lift off the Bowl to Expose the Seals: Carefully lift up and remove your bowl to expose both of your seals; one at the bottom of the tank and one at the top.

5. Remove the Bottom Seal and Clean the Area where The Seal was Attached: Use a scraper or putty knife (or both!) to carefully pry up any hardened silicone residue from around where your old seal was attached before discarding it completely. Make sure not leave any residue behind before moving on with installation of new sealant materials.

6. Add in The New Seal for The Bottom: Apply a thin layer of silicone adhesive onto both sides of your new gasket material before affixing it into place over where we just cleaned out our old seal/silicone residue from earlier – make sure everything is firmly pressed down for optimal hold when drying out later!

7. Remove The Top Seal: Repeat steps 4 & 6 but this time focusing on our top seal instead! It’s especially important to ensure both sides are properly sealed well before moving forward with attachment of our toilet bowl back onto its base.

8. Attach Bowl to Base: Take care while lining up all holes/screws correctly before attaching each clamp/bolt together – use both hands whenever possible if needed! 

Lastly, don’t forget adding some thread lock compound on threads prior tightening down anything as an extra precautionary measure against loosening over time after regular usage or rough road vibrations!

9. Turn Water Back On: Now that everything is safely secured again    double check there’s no more leaking happening somewhere else then turn back on our water main valve slowly – Congratulations, you’ve successfully replaced the leaky RV toilet seals from start till finish.

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