How To Clean Urine Stains From Pillow Top Mattress

The mattress, the comfiest seat in the house, the place where we start and end our days, but what happens when a urine stain, or any stain for that matter, slithers its way onto it? How do we clean the stain as well as get that smelly odor out? It’s a process that will require some deep cleaning, but once you’re done with it you’ll be glad you decided to clean your mattress instead of forking over the money to buy a new one. 

How do I remove Urine Stains From a Pillow Top Mattress? Removing urine stains from a pillow top mattress is as simple as a few household supplies: water, vinegar, baking soda and your vacuum. Spraying a water and vinegar solution, casting baking soda on the stain then vacuuming it up will help you retain the integrity and texture of your pillow top mattress.

Bedwetting is extremely common, according to Mott’s Children Hospital, 10-15% of children wet their bed by age six. There are multiple causes as to why this is happening; ranging from enuresis (involuntary bedwetting) as well as UTI’s or possible stress factors. All of this is preventable and it’s best to take your child to a Pediatrician in order to fully understand their situation. TLC (Tender, Love and Care) is one of the few things you can give your child right now. 

Being patient and understanding is the number one way to help your child prevent their own bedwetting, similarly having a one on one conversation with them about your own experience with it may help them understand it is a normal reaction. 

If your child is not to blame, Adult Enuresis (Adult Bedwetting) is extremely common and it usually has symptoms of overactive bladder, enlarged prostates or (in worst cases) bladder cancer. These are just generalized approaches with no baselines however, the why is important, but you’re here to understand how to clean the stains from your bed. 

There are plenty of ways to clean urine stains from your bed without having to buy a new mattress, so there is no worry. 

Chemical Make-up of UrineWhat it is
Water: 95%Abundant chemical substances found all across the world, primary form of drinking for all bodies of life.
Urea: 2%Naturally occurring molecule produced by protein metabolism and found in mammals urine.
Creatinine: 0.1%Compound produced by metabolism of creatine, found in human urine.
Uric Acid: 0.03%Chemical which is detoxified by the kidneys then excreted through urine.
Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Sulfate, Ammonium, Phosphate and other molecular makeups: <0.01%A wide range of chemical compounds that are found throughout the human body and the world.

This information was found here.

What is a Pillow-Top Mattress?

A pillow-top mattress has a thin mattress topper stitched on top and at first glance and use, provides a comforting allure to your bed. 

Pillow-Top Mattresses have become more commonplace in today’s society such as showrooms showing them off with their newest bedspreads and blankets. They provide a certain comforting feel that a non Pillow-top mattress cannot, but do be warned: Pillow-Top Mattresses can have quite a short shelf life due to their design. 

That single, gusseted layer of comfort sags heavily if a proper sheet is not used. And even then, the pillow-top can continue to sag due to pets, children hanging on them, and other subtle nuances that are not found in a usual mattress. That single layer can hold blankets in place, even a restless sleeper. But if you are in the market for a new mattress, there are plenty of other mattresses options that do not come with any added headaches of the pillow-top.  

The lifespan of a pillow-top mattress can range from 5-8 years, so It is imperative to take great care of your pillow-top. if there happens to be a stain that gets on top of the pillow-top or around its lining. and you do not act quickly; the entire integrity of the mattress can be ruined. 

How Do I Remove Urine Stains From a Pillow Top Mattress?

You can remove urine stains from your pillow top mattress, you will need: vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, baking soda, water, towels and a vacuum. Make sure you’ve taken off all of your bedsheets, blankets, comforters; sticking those in the washer immediately to prevent any long term damage. 

A Pillow-Top Mattress is a mattress lined with a gusseted layer of fiber or foam, giving it that ‘pillowy‘ feel. This results in the mattress having a distinct layering pattern, a softer surface layer in front of the usual top of a more uniformed mattress.

Though a Pillow-Top Mattress differs from other types of mattresses, thankfully cleaning a urine stain (or many other stains for that matter) are extremely similar.

Types of MattressesDifferences
FoamMultiple layers of foam, increasing in density, from top-to bottom. At a minimum this includes up to three layers— a top foam, core foam, and a base foam. Ex. Memory Foam Toppers that can go onto already made mattresses.
HybridA mixture of both innerspring and foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses offer better pressure relief and have better edge support than a foam mattress. Ex. Dreamcloud Premier
InnerspringConsisting of a few layers. More often than not there is a layer of spring coils with foam quilted onto the top layer. Ex. Euro-Top and Pillow-Top Mattresses
This Information was found here.

You can remove most urine stains from any type of mattress, Pillow-Top or not. This type of method is also good for spilt drinks and other forms of liquid stains. Know that while this guide is for Pillow-Top Mattresses specifically, you may still use this for a Euro-Top Mattress.

For just fresh urine stains, you only need the following: 

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Soft bristle brush (think toothbrush or equivalent) 
  • Cold damp cloth
  • Spray Bottles
  • Towels
  • Vacuum
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

How to Remove Stain:

  1. Fill one spray bottle with Vinegar
  2. In the other spray bottle, mix three tablespoons of baking soda, a cup of hydrogen peroxide, and a teaspoon of dawn dish soap.
  3. Soak up as much of the stain as you can with the Towel.
  4. Soak the Urine Stain using the Spray Bottle with Vinegar.
  5. Blot with a towel, helping the stain dry.
  6. Now using your other spray bottle filled with your Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, spray down the stain.  
  7. Allow the solution to sit for around 20 minutes.
  8. Blot the residual mess and repeat Steps 6-7 as many times as applicable.
  9. Once the stain has been taken care of, apply baking soda onto the residual stain.
  10. Allow the mattress to dry, you may also use a box fan in order to speed up this process. 

Due to the design of a pillow-top mattress, you will most certainly have to allow it more time to dry than if it were a regular mattress, just one of the small prices to pay for that added layer.

If you found getting the stain out was less than comparable, you can always rearrange your pillow-top mattress by switching the sides around. A smell can be taken out of the mattress, but the stain itself can remain. If the stain is in the middle of the bed, and you’ve been able to get the smell out (see below) then you may have to deal with the eyesore or invest in some new sheets that are able to cover it. Black, red, blue, and any other solid colored sheets will get the job done.

According to the Sleep Foundation, you should be washing your sheets once per week (once every two weeks if you don’t sleep in your bed everyday). It is also more often recommended that you wash your sheets in the warm summer months, as this is when you would sweat more often and seasonal allergies will make their appearance. If you own pets and they sleep in your bed, it’s recommended to wash them every three-four days instead, to keep up with the cleanliness.

How Do I Get Urine Smell out of Pillow Top Mattress?

Due to a Pillow-Top Mattresses’ design, the urine smell may linger more than it needs to due to that extra layer across the top of the mattress. It’s best to make sure every aspect of the mattress has been cleaned, as well as adding baking soda across every affected area.

Baking Soda’s PH level is eight, meaning it can act as a base that is able to clean up acidic solutions. It’s always best to have baking soda on hand, and I’d recommend you have a surplus of it. Click Here to get a 12 Pack of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda, available on Amazon.

Due to Baking Soda’s PH level, it will combat the long-term stains and deodorize it, though you do have to spread it out evenly across the affected areas. 

How to Get Urine Smell out of Pillow-Top Mattress

You will need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vacuum 
  • Vinegar Solution (50/50 mix of water and vinegar within a spray bottle.). 
  • Cleaning Towels

Note: Combining both of these methods would be overall the most effective, but the question you have to ask yourself is if you want to deal with the long drying process! 

Additional Note: Adding a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil would be perfect in combating the after smell of the vinegar/baking soda. Only a few drops will give off a hefty fragrant smell, not just on the mattress, but in the entirety of your room. Get it on Amazon.


  1. Spread the Baking Soda evenly across the affected areas.
    • If one area is worse than others, then it is best to apply an extra amount of baking soda. Be Careful not to overdo it. 
  2. Allow the Baking Soda to sit for a couple hours, this can range from two to three hours for the minor long lasting smells, or can be entire days if the general area is still greatly affected. 
  3. Vacuum the remaining baking soda residue.
  4. Repeat the process as many times as possible until the smell has dissipated. 


  1. Spray the Vinegar/water solution across the affected areas.
    • Do not spray too much, as you will be allowing it to air dry afterward.
  2. Allow the affected areas to air dry. 
  3. Use the Baking Soda, spreading it out evenly across the affected areas. 
  4. Use your Vacuum to suck up what’s left of the Baking Soda after it has sat for hours.

Note: For both these techniques, the stain is along that long line of pillow-top surrounding the mattress, it will be best to air dry and vacuum up the smell before you allow it to dry. You do not want the pillow-top to harden in such a way that ruins it’s integrity of lining.

This is all for Human Urine stains, not for your pets. That requires a completely different method, more rigorous method of cleaning.

If you’re looking to freshen up your bed after this mishap, there are plenty of deodorizers and ways you can give it that fragrant smell again.

Charcoal BagDurable and lasts years, simply place the bag in an open area of your house and it will naturally deodorize and rid odors in the room.
Febreze / Any Air FreshenerA couple Spritz of this anywhere in your house will leave a long lasting fragrance that’s sure to rid of most smells, as long as they have been properly cleaned.
DiffusersEmits essential oils in the air, slowly but surely applying a natural smell that reveals, masks, then rids of any tiresome odors in the air.

How Do I Remove Discoloration from a Pillow-Top Mattress

 From sweat stains to a spill, to urine stains or your animal’s tracking unwanted dirt and mud onto your bed, there is a quick and simple fix for removing discoloration from your pillow-top mattress.

Consider a deep clean of your mattress. If a pesky urine stain still remains and refuses to come out despite your best efforts, it’s time to bring out the big guns. This will be a more intensive task (and expensive if you do not have the required tools on hand).

You must first start with cleaning your mattress, this means removing everything off the mattress, leaving it as bare as the day you bought it. 

You must then

  • Vacuum every possible area of your mattress; from side to side.
    •  This helps remove any dust particles or things you may not be able to see with the naked eye.
  • Scatter some baking soda across the mattress, especially the smelliest areas. 
  • Let sit for up to an hour.
  • Vacuum the remaining baking soda from your mattress.

Once you’ve completed the deep outer cleaning of your mattress, it is time to move forward to the next part. Removing that discoloration! This is very similar to cleaning the urine stain, though you will have to put some extra grit (and legwork) into it. 

You will need:

  • Soft Bristle Brush
    • Think toothbrush though of a bigger size, depending on the size of the discoloration.
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle
  • Steam Cleaner (Portable, handheld, any type will do!)
  • White cloth
  • Bowl
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Warm Water

Note: The Vinegar is necessary for deeply disturbed discoloration that does not work by doing steps 1-4, though I still recommend doing so as things change appearance from damp to dry. 

Additional Note: Using a portable steamer can make all the difference after following the steps provided. A steamer also can mask that smell of vinegar with some warm water with added essential oil drips.


  1. Mix the warm water and a few squirts of the dawn.
  2. Dip the bristle brush in the soapy water.
    1. Start scrubbing the discoloration/stain.
  3. Allow the scrubbed stain to sit from 10-20 minutes (depending on severity)
  4. Use a clean, damp cloth to blot up the soapy mess.
  5. Spray the area down with the vinegar.
  6. Let the vinegar sit for up to 60 minutes.
  7. Use a clean white towel to soak up the residual vinegar.
  8. Let the mattress dry, this can take up to 2 hours depending on the amount of cleaning that was necessary.

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