How To Change a High Ceiling Lightbulb: Enlightening Answers

High ceilings are delightful because they give such a sense of open, airy space to a room. However, there are a couple of problems with such high ceilings, such as dusting corners and how to change a lightbulb. Most people are aware of the pole extensions for dusting, but those lightbulb changes can be vexatious. Hauling a ladder into the house is difficult. Climbing the leader to perch precariously and unscrew lightbulbs isn’t much fun either. Moreover, if you drop a bulb from that height, it will shatter all over the floor below, making cleanup dangerous and extensive. Fortunately, there is an easier way. After years of dealing with ladders and bulb drops, I discovered that I was doing it all wrong, and I’ll share two tricks with you that will change everything you thought you knew about changing high ceiling lightbulbs. 

How do you change a high ceiling lightbulb? You can change a high ceiling lightbulb with an extended lightbulb changing pole. These clever tools come in several styles to accommodate every type of bulb and use interchangeable heads. Additionally, it’s important to think about what type of lightbulb you’re using. Longer lasting options will prevent you from needing to change those bulbs so often. 

Steps to Change a High Ceiling Lightbulb

There are two methods for changing a high ceiling lightbulb. While the first, more old fashioned method, is notably more dangerous and time-consuming, I will list the steps here anyhow. After that, I will share a safer and faster way to accomplish this task. 

  1. Determine what size lightbulb you need. Not all fixtures are the same, and as a result, not all bulbs fit the same size hole. 
  2. Gather your materials to make the change. In this case, you will need a ladder, a new bulb, a friend, and a safe way to hold the spare bulb, so you don’t drop it. A workman’s apron with a large pocket will serve well, but you can easily loop a plastic shopping bag through a belt loop to hold the bulb that’s not in the socket. However, you will need both of your hands for safety reasons, so please do not plan to carry the bulb in hand.
  3. If you are changing a recently burnt out bulb, the new bulb may be hot. In this case, an oven mitt or potholder may be necessary, and you cannot simply place the bulb in a pocket. I recommend waiting until the bulb has time to cool down sufficiently to avoid burns. Some low energy bulbs don’t heat up as much, but it’s always good to be cautious if you’re unsure. 
  4. Set up your ladder. You will want a fold-out ladder with four feet. Moreover, it’s a good idea to have someone to hold it steady at the bottom. If you lean too far, a ladder can tip and fall, causing severe injuries. Falling from higher up may even result in death. 
  5. Observe all ladder safety precautions. Most ladders are not meant for use on the top step or two. Doing this is highly unstable and makes it more likely that an accident will occur. If you cannot reach the socket with the ladder you have, you need a taller ladder or a tall friend. 
  6. Watch your step as you climb. Once you reach the top, the bulb should rotate counterclockwise and unscrew. Keep a firm hold on it, so you don’t drop it and break glass everywhere. 
  7. Place the old bulb safely in a pocket or bag.
  8. Take the new bulb and rotate it clockwise until it doesn’t turn any further. Do not try to force it further, or you may break the bulb. 
  9. Watch your step climbing down and put away your ladder. 
  10. Throw out your old lightbulb. 

As you can see, this requires a lot of effort. Furthermore, it’s precarious and a waste of time. Once you try changing those bulbs the other way, you’ll never do this again. 

A Greatest Products Light Bulb Changer Kit from Amazon will change your perspective on high ceilings. The pole reaches a stunning twelve and a half feet and even includes a suction cup release string for one of the heads. Plus, the ergonomic handle and other snap-on heads make it fast, simple, and comfortable to change any lightbulb from any height. Get yours by clicking here

The Easier Way To Change High Ceiling Bulbs

The old way is acceptable, but there’s a far simpler and less dangerous way to change a high ceiling lightbulb. To accomplish this feat, you will need a steady hand and a specialized tool. A lightbulb changer is essentially a long pole and a head that can grasp and turn a lightbulb. 

Telescoping lightbulb changers come in several styles. Some are ‘universal’ and work on most bulbs. Meanwhile, others have different heads that you can change to accomplish the same thing regardless of the size or style. Deciding which one you need depends mostly on what type of lights you have.

For example, the grasper style lightbulb changers are superb for smaller and standard round lightbulbs. However, flat bulbs that spread light widely may be hard to grasp. Luckily, some designers considered this as well. Resultantly, the suction cup headed a lightbulb changer is also an option. 

The Unger Universal Light Bulb Changer from Amazon has options for any style of lightbulbs. With an eleven foot telescopic pole, you can easily reach high ceilings. The non-scratch part design won’t damage your bulbs. Plus, the interchangeable heads snap into place with no screws or additional small pieces to lose. Learn more by clicking here

Regardless of the head style you need, you will see how fast and effective these high ceiling bulb changers are in action. Grab the pole, and extend it as necessary. Next, you reach up carefully and either suction or grasp the bulb you need to remove. Turn to unscrew and lower the bulb carefully. 

To add a new lightbulb, you reverse the process. Cautiously grasp your lightbulb by the bulb end. Then raise it to the socket. Center it and turn until the bulb is secure. Then you let it go. 

Bulbs That Do More For Your High Ceilings

When you have to go to all the trouble to change bulbs in a high ceiling, choosing the right bulb can save you a lot of trouble. Some styles are made to last up to ten years or ten thousand hours. That’s an impressive lifespan for a lightbulb. This helps reduce wasted time and cut down on the number of bulbs going into landfills. 

Additionally, there’s another, lesser-known style of bulb that is excellent for high ceilinged homes. Self-charging lightbulbs provide regular light when there is power. However, they also store some power in case of an outage. When the power cuts off, you will still have light for a few hours. Since high ceilinged homes have so much space to light, they can feel unusually dark when the lights go out. 

Sunco Lighting Rechargeable Emergency Bulbs offer you plenty of light under normal circumstances. Plus, they turn on automatically when the power goes out so you can see. They last up to four hours apiece even without any running electricity and are reusable. When the power is restored, they will store up power again for next time. Have Amazon deliver a six-pack of Sunco bulbs to your door by clicking here

Who Can Change a High Ceiling Bulb

Changing high ceiling lightbulbs yourself can be difficult. Unfortunately, for some people, even specialized equipment isn’t enough to help you do the job. For example, if you’ve damaged your shoulder muscles or broken an arm in an accident, then even the best tools won’t make it easier to swap those bulbs. Yet you still need to see. 

I have never found a specialty lightbulb changing service, although, in some areas, there’s certainly a call for it. That said, when you need help changing those bulbs, there has to be someone you can call on for assistance. Hopefully, you have a friend or family member who can do it for you, but when that’s not an option, there are some folks you can call on. 

Electricians don’t usually change lightbulbs, and firefighters have ladders meant for outdoor use, but other specialists can handle the job. Start by calling around to handyman services. Typically they have ladders and tools, and they do all sorts of household tasks. While this is a fairly small task, they may be willing to stop by for a few bucks and handle your problem. 

Another place to check for people who have ladders and tools that reach the ceiling is house painters. While you can still expect to pay someone for their time, it’s certainly not going to run you the same as it would if you wanted a room painted. Finally, if you have high ceilings and a landlord, you can always ask them to handle the bulb changes. Most are willing to offer a hand under special circumstances even though tenants are generally expected to do their own bulb changing. 

Grab a pack of Tenergy LED Light Bulbs from Amazon before you make the change. These incredible bulbs only use nine watts of power to put out sixty watts worth of light. Moreover, they come with a three-year warranty. Using a bulb built to last will help you cut down on unnecessary bulb changes. To see the exceptional Amazon reviews, click here

Final Thoughts

When it’s time to change those high ceiling lightbulbs, wasting time and energy on dangerous solutions isn’t a smart choice. Climbing a ladder should always be your last choice when it comes to reaching up high. Even when you have someone to hold the base, it’s less efficient.

Make sure you choose ecologically friendly, longer-lasting bulbs. By replacing old bulbs with newer sources, you can cut down on your contribution to landfills and spend less time performing this routine home maintenance task. Not only will you have more light for longer periods, but you can feel good about doing your part to cut down on the environmental damage from old fashioned lights. 

Skip the stress and choose a better method for changing high-ceiling lightbulbs. You’ll be happier and safer when you use the right equipment for the job. 

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