How Long Before You Can Use Shower After Sealing

how long do you need to wait to take a shower after using sealant

Sealing a shower is a crucial step in keeping it protected from water damage and ensuring its longevity. However, it’s important to wait a specific amount of time before using the shower after sealing to ensure that the sealant has cured properly.

How long before you can use shower after sealing? You should wait 24 hours before using a shower after sealing. silicone sealant may dry to the touch within 60 minutes, but it may still not be fully cured. 

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What Happens If Silicone Sealant Gets Wet Before it Cures

If silicone sealant gets wet before it cures, it will cause the drying time to be longer than expected. The moisture will prevent the sealant from curing properly and will compromise the seal. 

You may notice that the sealant is softer than usual or remains sticky and does not fully set. This can also lead to mold growth since the moisture provides a suitable environment for it to grow. 

In some cases, the sealant may need to be removed and resealed to ensure proper adhesion and sealing. 

What Influences the Curing Process of Shower?

The curing process of shower is influenced by the following factors:

Type of sealant

Diverse types of sealants cure and dry at different rates. The type of shower sealant you use can influence the curing process.


The temperature can also play a crucial role in the curing process. Warmer temperatures can speed up the curing process, while colder temperatures can slow it down. The ideal temperature for curing silicone sealant is typically between 7 to 27 degrees Celsius.


Elevated levels of humidity can also slow down the curing process. When there is a high level of moisture in the air, the silicone sealant may take longer to dry and cure properly.

Thickness of the sealant: The thickness of the applied sealant can also impact the curing process. If the layer of sealant is very thick, it will take longer to cure.


Expired sealant may not properly cure as the chemical composition of the product may have deteriorated or weakened over time.

Using a Hair Dryer to Dry Sealant Faster

While some DIY enthusiasts may recommend using a hair dryer to speed up the drying process of shower sealant, it is not something that is recommended by most manufacturers or professional contractors.

Using a hair dryer may save a bit of time and can shave off one to two hours of drying time. However, it is important to note that applying heat using a hair dryer can cause the sealant to melt and to dry unevenly and may compromise the overall effectiveness of the seal. 

It is recommended to allow the silicone sealant to dry and cure naturally, without any external assistance or heat source. This is because the natural drying process is designed to allow the sealant to cure evenly and thoroughly, ensuring a strong and long-lasting seal.

While every minute counts during the bathroom renovation process, it is important to prioritize quality and effectiveness over speed. Rushing the drying process using a hair dryer may save a bit of time, but it can lead to bigger problems down the line.

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