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Chances are you have started to develop an interest in electric fireplaces, or you are looking to purchase one for your house. However, you are stuck with many unanswered questions, including how the electric fireplace works. Despite your struggle to understand how the electric fireplace works, you have taken the first step in trying to find out everything you can about electric fireplaces. In this section, we will answer most of your pertinent questions and help you along on your electric fireplace journey.

So, how do electric fireplaces work? An electric fireplace has a remote that controls the intake of cool air entering ports that are on the sides and on the rear of the unit that is heated by internal coils. Then the hot air is forced into the room using fans. The flame is artificial, and it is controlled by the remote control.

Professionals at Brase Electrical also add that although the core concept of how electric fireplaces work is as described above, most fireplace manufacturers add their own spins. They also note that different electric fireplaces can heat different sized rooms, with most types set up to heat up to 400-600 square feet. 

Do Electric Fireplaces Actually Have a Flame?

Electric fireplaces do not have a real flame, nor do they produce any smoke. They also do not have any gas byproducts. The flame you see in an electric fireplace is plasma, which is neither solid, liquid, nor gas. The flame is a collection of colors that produce non-replicable movements.

Chances are you have always been fascinated by electric fireplaces and how they work. However, you are yet to get close to one and see for yourself whether it produces a real flame. Fortunately, in this section, we will look at how these flames are produced and the process that goes into making an electric flame look very realistic.

For starters, an electric fireplace does not have a real flame. It also does not produce fire, or smoke and has no gas by-products. The electric fireplace, like all other electrical devices, works by plugging it into the socket and turning it on. Then, depending on the manufacturer and the spins they have added, you will be able to see what looks like a fireplace.

The electric fireplace utilizes diverse types of heating elements, such as infrared technology, for the conversion of electricity into heat energy. 

The flame you see on an electric fireplace is plasma, which is neither solid, liquid, nor gas. The dancing motion you see in your flame is a collection of colors that are set in non-replicable movements, giving the illusion of an actual flame. Depending on the type of electric fireplace brand you are looking at, it can become apparent fast that you are looking at a fake flame. For some manufacturers, though, the flame in an electric fireplace looks very realistic. 

In most electric fireplaces, you can also choose the type of flames you need to create an ambiance in your room. Knowing the type of flame that best suits your house can help create a convincing illusion of an actual flame or fire.

What are the Top Brands of Electric Fireplaces?

Recommended Electric Fireplace Brands
Duraflame (click for pricing)

Are Electric Fireplaces Hard on Electricity?

A typical electric fireplace will use 120 volts to power the internal heater and draw 1,500 watts at 12.5 amps. This is equivalent to a cost of 11 cents per hour when used for decorative purposes without the heat. With heat, the cost totals 22 cents an hour.

Chances are you are wondering whether installing an electric fireplace will result in your electric bill surging. Fortunately, the cost of running an electric fireplace is low, and in most cases, your electric bill does not surge as you would expect. 

Most electric fireplaces use about 1,500 watts of electricity (kwH). To calculate the cost, you should expect on your electric bill, we must first consider how you intend to use your electric fireplace. When you use the electric fireplace as a decorative item, it remains on, and the flames are displayed. The heat settings are also off, hence remaining decorative. Your electricity charge will be around 3 cents per hour

In cases where you intend to use your electric fireplace for heating, your electric bill will go up. For instance, having your heat settings at 50 percent usage will see your electric bill increase by 11 cents per hour.  I recommend the Bold Brand Electric Fireplace in White that is available on Click here to have your delivered to your front door.

In cases where you need to maximize the heat and your user settings are set to 100 percent, your total electric bill will rise to 22 cents per hour. Combining both the ambiance setting and the heat will add $52.80 to your electric bill per month.

Therefore, compared to other sources of energy, electric fireplaces are better and more energy efficient. They also do not incur large electric bills and can create an ambiance environment that other energy sources cannot.

Table Showing Costs to Use an Electric Fireplace

Cost Per Hour $0.22
Cost Per Day (8 hours per day)$1.76
Cost Per Month$52.80
data derived from

How Does a Dimplex Fireplace Work?

The Dimplex Fireplace works by using a three-dimensional flame effect created from water mist and special lighting. The electric fireplace uses a transducer that, once submerged in water, creates an ultrafine water mist that reflects light as it rises behind the logs, creating a flame illusion.

Getting the best quality product should be your priority as a consumer, and chances are you have already landed on a website that offers Dimplex Fireplace and you would like to find more information about how it works. Fortunately, in this section, we will look at everything you need to know about Dimplex Fireplace and how it works.

Dimplex has one of the most realistic electric flame effects on the market today. The product is also able to provide warmth, ambiance, and comfort for its users. One of the reasons why Dimplex is a market leader in the fireplace industry is that the product provides fuss-free frames and authentic smoke effects with the press of a button. The Dimplex Fireplace is also easy to use and does not require technical know-how to set it up as a first-time user. I recommend the Dimplex Insert that is available on Amazon. Click here to have yours delivered to your front door.

Its frame effect can also work with or without the heat function, making it flexible for use as both decorative and as a heater. The fires can also be controlled by a remote, which comes with three buttons: the heat output button, the standby button, and the fireplace button. Unlike gas fires, Dimplex also doesn’t need annual service. 

A Dimplex Fireplace creates the illusion of a flame by using a 3D flame effect with water mist and special lighting. Dimplex uses a transducer that, once submerged in water, creates an ultrafine water mist. As the mist rises through the logs, the light reflects off the water mist, creating the flame illusion. The water inside the Dimplex Fireplace does not heat up and stays at room temperature, meaning you can touch the flames. The mist is also fine to the extent that it does not add significantly to your room humidity. One bottle of water can run for about 8 to 10 hours, after which it is supposed to be replaced with filtered water. 

How To Use an Electric Fireplace Remote

If you are stuck on how to use your remote control, the steps below will guide you through what every button does. 

  1. Flame Effect Button: in most fireplace products, the button has a fire icon next to it. It is used to turn the flame effect on and off.
  2. The Heat on and off Button: The button is mostly signaled by a flaming icon. It is used to turn the heat on and off. The intake temperature is mostly displayed before turning off using this button.
  3. Temp Down Button: The button is responsible for decreasing the temperature setting. You can adjust it by pressing it repeatedly if you notice the heat in your room is high.
  4. Temp Up: it is used to turn the heat up. In most electric fireplace products, it is placed either on top of the temp down button or opposite it. 
  5. Eco Operation Button: Some electric fireplace products come with an eco-operation button that helps you run it using a reduced wattage. 
  6. Heat Boost Button: The button is used to turn the heat boost on and off. When activated, it does the opposite of the eco operation button and runs the fireplace at full rated wattage. 
  7. Standby Button: The standby button turns the unit on when pressed. It can also be used to turn the fireplace off.
  8. Color Theme Button.: Some electric fireplaces allow for color change and come with a remote button to control the theme and color. 
  9. Brightness Button: The button is used to change the brightness of the fireplace. It is adjusted by repeatedly pressing the corresponding button. The button can help you change the brightness from high to low and vice versa.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Electric fireplaces are safe and family friendly. Most electric fireplace products are also approved before hitting the market to ensure maximum protection of their users. 

If you are thinking of installing an electric fireplace, but you are worried about its safety and risks, then you are not alone. Many people also come looking for answers to the same questions, hoping to find answers that can help them make the final decision. Luckily, we have got you covered. 

Electric fireplaces are safe to use in a home setting, or any other setting, you may want to put them in. However, like with all other electric appliances, improper use and other safety issues can arise. However, compared to their alternatives, such as real fireplaces and gas, many people and experts regard them as the best solutions for people looking for a fireplace.

For example, people who use traditional fireplaces or gas have to regularly check and do repairs to ensure their fireplace is fine. Failure to do that can result in real damage, which includes fire, which can put your whole house at risk. An electric fireplace, on the other hand, uses water and color to create the ambiance and look of a burning flame. I recommend the Portable Electric Fireplace that is available on Click to have yours delivered to your front door.

Therefore, people do not have to fear their houses getting burned down. The lack of real fire also means you can use them safely even when you have a big family with kids without putting them at risk. They are also easy to install since they are plug-and-play types of gadgets.

How Do Inset Electric Fires Work?

Inset electric fires work by being fit into a wall cavity and then they are connected to the household electricity source. They do not require a chimney or any other ventilation.

If you are looking for a more minimalist design for your home that consists of a fireplace, then you should consider installing it as an inset electric fireplace. The principle for this type of design involves placing your electric fireplace in your wall or any other opening such as the previous area where the chimney opening was located. 

After placing your electric fireplace into the wall recess, you can then plug it into an electric outlet and switch it on. You will then be able to operate your electric fireplace normally as you would if you had placed the fireplace in any other area of your room.

Some of the reasons why inset electric fires are preferred more than the traditional fireplaces include:

  1. They save space: inset electric fireplaces can save more space compared to freestanding fireplaces. This can improve the general look of your interior decoration by leaving more space for you.
  2. Great efficiency: The heat given off in an inset electric fireplace is highly optimized and it does not dissipate into spaces it is not supposed to. Therefore, if you are looking for great efficiency, consider the inset fireplace.
  3. Improves the design of the house: The general look and feel of the house are improved by an inset electric fireplace. In some cases, standalone electric fireplaces can be an eye sore.

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