How close can a microwave be to the stove?

By fitting above the stovetop, over-the-range microwave ovens free up counter space and offer a stylish option to add additional cooking appliances to the kitchen. When purchasing an oven for your home, the most important factor is how close can a microwave be to the stove.

Different kinds of microwave ovens are available today, but the countertop and over-the-range models stand out. Electrical gadgets need room for heat and pressure to escape to function properly. To avoid damage, microwaves positioned above a stove or on top of a countertop require a space that can resist heat. 

Countertop microwave ovens take up minimal space when placed close to the stove. The cooktop simply needs to be two feet away from it. The distance between the microwave and the countertop can vary depending on the model. But regardless of the microwave’s type, the average separation is between 13 and 24 inches.

Before putting your microwave over the stove or on a countertop, one thing to consider is the amount of clearance required. Another consideration is safety, as appliances can trigger fires. Another aspect to consider when deciding the ideal location for an overhead or countertop microwave is the size of the kitchen.

Most manufacturers advise consumers to put the microwave at a secure distance of 30 inches from the stovetop surface at the time of purchase. The recommended space is typically 66 inches from the kitchen floor to the bottom of the microwave. This distance is already considered safe for most people of ordinary height.

In most cases, the steam released by your pans won’t be close to enough to harm your over-the-range microwave. Water droplets may accumulate on your microwave door due to some steam, but this is easily fixed by wiping them with a soft cloth.

Rarely can steam enter the microwave through the door, fogging the glass. These appliances’ specially constructed glass doors allow air to move freely through them. If this occurs, leave the microwave door open for around five minutes. The moisture in the glass door will subsequently evaporate as a result.

Microwaves can be installed higher or lower than the appropriate distance without doing any harm. However, if you install them lower than the typical 14 inches, the gadget becomes heat-sensitive, and there is less room for pans on the burner. 

As long as it is accessible to everyone, installing them higher is necessary to keep them in line with your cabinets. Consider leaving a 2-inch space between the kitchen’s backsplash and the microwave’s bottom. Doing this will preserve the device’s integrity while protecting the bottom.

The most popular kitchen equipment is a countertop microwave. They are simpler to use compared to ultra-range microwaves. It has the benefit of being simple to maintain and clean. The countertop-mounted microwave will require a little more space between it and the surrounding stove. 

The most sensible place to hide this countertop microwave is a vacant cabinet. When not in use, it would be hidden behind a closed door, which would lessen the amount of clutter on a countertop. And doing so is secured by considering three things: ventilation, adequate electrical hookup, and cabinet strength.

The difference in heat resistance between over-the-range microwaves and countertop models is significant. Following safe distance, recommendations are crucial if you don’t want your microwave damaged by the stove’s gas flames or heated electric coils. 

Failure to adhere to the advised spacing might cause a fire and damage appliances. Before installing any appliance, thoroughly read the owner’s manual.

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