Clothes Smell Like Gas After Drying: Expert Plumber Explains Why

The smell of gas is a strong one and it can be quite disturbing if your clothes develop a gassy smell after drying.

Why do clothes smell like gas after drying? Your clothes smell like gas after drying because of a gas leak. The flexible tubing where the gas enters the dryer is leaking gas. You can test for a gas leak by applying gas leak detector solution on the joints of the tubing.

If you feel that you have a gas leak due to a gas smell in your laundry room. I recommend that you call a professional. According to an expert plumber that is certified for gas line repairs at Anytime Plumbing, Inc. in Las Vegas states that you should contact a professional that will be able to adequately determine the location of the leak.

Can You Dry Clothes That Smell Like Gas?

Instead of putting clothes that smell like gas in the dryer, it is best to hang them outside to dry to avoid any issues.

Petroleum products are some of the most used substances today since a lot of modern engines – such as cars, motorbikes, and generators need them to function. Since fueling your vehicle is an everyday task, there is a good chance that at some point, your clothes will get stained with some sort of fuel.

As useful as these fuels are, they have a strong smell because of the benzene component that is found in them. Benzene is a compound that is known for its very aromatic feature. As a result, when gasoline or other fuel substances encounter your clothes, it can get quite problematic.

The stink from gas is strong and tends to stick with clothes and even your hands for a long period. Apart from just leaving an annoying smell on your clothes, gas also makes your clothes get stained visibly, and this stain might be difficult to get rid of like the smell.

When your cloth gets stained by gas and has the trademark repulsive stink, your first instinct might be to put it into a dryer to help make it smell fresh once more. However, this might not be the best move for you to make.

Like all petroleum products, gasoline is a strong product and will remain on clothes even after they have been washed multiple times. If the smell of gasoline remains in your clothes, then the gasoline has not been removed completely.

The best step for you to take in this instance is to wash your clothes by hand, and then put them out to dry outside on a clothesline, instead of using a dryer. The reason for this precaution is that when gasoline-stained clothes are placed in a dryer, they can cause a fire, leading to damage and harm.

If you have gas-stained clothes, you should avoid washing them together with any other piece of clothing, as the gas residue can cause the other clothes to get stained too. You can decide to either wash them yourself or take them to a dry cleaner.

To get your clothes rid of gas stains and odor, you can use basic detergent, and add other cleaning agents such as ammonia, baking soda, and vinegar for a more effective process.

Can A Gas Dryer Explode?

If not installed and maintained properly, there is always a possibility of a gas dryer exploding, though this is not likely.

The best types of clothes dryers’ function by passing hot or cold air through clothes, ensuring that these clothes get dry within a brief period. Using a proper dryer eliminates the need for you to hang clothes outside and wait for several hours for them to get dried up totally.

In terms of function, these dryers are usually powered by either gas or electricity, and either dryer type has its advantages and disadvantages.

As for gas dryers, they help you save money as they are a cheaper fuel option than electricity. This money-saving difference becomes evident after using them for a while. Also, gas dryers are popular for getting clothes dry faster than electric dryers, with electric dryers taking about double the amount of time that gas dryers do.

Since gas dryers function faster than electric dryers, they tend to reduce the risk of clothes getting wrinkled, as their quick performance prevents clothes from remaining folded for extended periods.

As perfect and appealing as gas dryers are, they also present one major disadvantage that you do not find in electrical dryers, and that is the risk of explosion. Gas, like most other petroleum products, is combustive and it is this exact characteristic that makes these products useful for powering engines and machines.

The explosion risk that comes with a gas dryer is not a large one, and usually only occurs after several mistakes have been made.

The first step to ensure that your gas dryer is safe from explosions is to ensure that the installation is done by a qualified professional, preferably one that works with the company that manufactured the dryer. Doing this eliminates most risks that can be caused by a faulty setup, leading to an explosion.

Apart from the installation, you should also ensure that you always hire qualified help for when you need to make repairs or for basic maintenance of your dryer. If you decide to handle either the setup or repairs by yourself or with unqualified help, you might be creating an avenue for gas leaks, which might lead to explosions.

The operation of the gas dryer is also important when it comes to preventing an explosion. If your clothes get stained with gasoline, it is best if you wash them thoroughly and dry them on a clothesline instead of in a dryer.

The heat from a gas dryer can cause a fire and an explosion if it is used to dry up gasoline-stained clothes. Also, some cleaning chemicals can react with the gasoline in the heat of a dryer, causing a fire, and subsequently, an explosion.

How Do You Know If Your Dryer Is Leaking Gas?

The best way to know if your dryer is leaking gas is by smell since gas has a strong smell. You might also hear a gas leak.

If your gas dryer is made by a reputable brand, has been installed and maintained by a qualified technician, and has not been damaged or misused, then it will almost remain leak-free for as long as you use it.

However, if any of the above boxes are not ticked, or for some other reason, you might experience a gas leak, either from the cylinder or from the pipes. While this likelihood is quite slim if everything is done properly, the fact remains that this possibility exists.

Gas leaks are dangerous since they can cause explosions and have negative effects on your health. For these reasons, gas leaks need to be identified as fast as possible, so that proper measures can be taken to stop them instantly.

Finding out if there is a gas leak should usually be a simple task because gas, like all petroleum products, has a strong smell that comes from its benzene component. The odds are, if your dryer is leaking gas, your nose will be able to pick up the scent, alerting you to take adequate precautions.

However, the nose is not always a reliable gas detector because of these reasons. First, the human body is imperfect, as some people do not have a keen sense of smell and might not be able to pick up the odor of gas quickly enough. Old age, for instance, is one factor that can cause people’s sense of smell to diminish.

Apart from having a weak sense of smell, you might also be experiencing odor fatigue. This happens when you have been around the smell of gas for a while, making your nose used to its smell and stopping you from realizing that there is a gas leak.

Another factor that might affect the effectiveness of your nose is an illness. Cold or allergies can block your nose, preventing you from smelling properly. Also, if you have been taking some medication, alcohol, or smoking cigarettes, your sense of smell might be hampered. Finally, other strong smells in the area might hide the scent of a gas leak.

The next best way to detect a gas leak from your dryer is by listening. When gas leaks, it gives off an audible hissing sound. You can also try to evaluate a gas leak with your eyes, like if you see a cracked or broken gas pipe. Also, if the gas in your dryer suddenly finishes quicker than usual, you might want to get it checked out.

Some physical symptoms often accompany a gas leak, and these might be signs that your dryer has been compromised. They include chest pain, blistering from directly touching gas, headaches, nausea, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, and other symptoms of the flu.

While these symptoms above do not always mean that there is a gas leak, you might want to call a technician to review your dryer, just in case.

How Do You Get The Smell Of Gas Out Of Your Dryer?

To get rid of the gas smell coming out of your dryer, you might need to clean it up properly or call a qualified technician to check it out.

If you notice a gas smell coming out of your dryer, the approach that you should take and how worried you should depend on whether the dryer works with electricity or gas. If you use an electric dryer, then the gas smell is from some clothes that you washed previously in the dryer.

Gas has a strong smell that is hard to get rid of, and if any of your clothes get stained with any petroleum product, you should avoid putting it in a dryer. Apart from the risk of a fire, the gas stain on the clothes can lead to the dryer smelling like gas. Since gas is an oil-based compound, it is often difficult to wash off, and the lingering smell might be annoying.

If you want to clear out the smell of gas from your dryer, the best way is to clean it appropriately. You need to get a proper cleaning agent that can remove gas smells and stains, and the best bet is bleach.

First, you need to make sure that your dryer has cooled down after being turned off for a long while. Then, you should make a mixture of bleach and warm water, then dip a cloth into the mixture and squeeze it properly. Next, you should use the cloth to wipe the inside of the dryer, including the drum, and leave the dryer door open to dry.

After drying, you should wet a piece of cloth with water only and use it to wipe the interior of the dryer and then leave it to dry again. Finally, you can spray vinegar on a cloth and use it to finish off the cleaning.

This procedure should be enough to get the gas smell out of your electric dryer. You can repeat any or all of the steps for maximum effectiveness.

In the case of gas dryers, the smell of gas is a different issue. Usually, gas dryers give off the smell of gas when there is a gas leak. In this case, simply cleaning the inside of the dryer will not be sufficient.

To avoid any mishaps, once you detect a gas smell from your gas dryer, you should contact tech support immediately. After the repair has been completed, you can then carry out the cleaning process explained above for perfect results.

Here is a video that explains how to fix your dryer to get rid of the smell of gas:

How to get rid of the smell of gas from clothing

Here is a table that I derived from various online forums that were related to cleaning tips and laundry:

How to get rid of the smell of gas that is on clothingPercentage of total results
Coffee grounds can get rid of the strong gas smell from clothing.11%
Soaking clothes that smell like gas overnight in vinegar and baking soda to get rid of the scent of gasoline.44%
18-hour dawn will remove a lot of gas smell from clothing. Just soak the clothes overnight in this detergent. Click here for Dawn Ultra that is available on Amazon.12%
Oxiclean helps to remove the smell of gas or even smoke from clothing. Click here for pricing on Amazon. 33%

Samsung Dryer Smells Like Gas

If your Samsung dryer is giving off a smell of gas, then it could be because your dryer’s igniter is developing issues.

The igniter of your Samsung gas dryer can get faulty after constant use, leading to a noticeable gas smell. Other factors causing this smell include a gas leak and an improper setup.

Regardless of whatever is causing the issue, you should instantly seek help from a skilled technician to avoid further issues.

LG Dryer Smells Like Gas

Your LG dryer might smell like gas because there is a fault in the components, or because there is a gas leak.

Over time, appliances – including gas dryers – develop faults. In the case of your gas dryer, poor ventilation or a gas leak are among the issues that could be causing a gas smell.

For safety, you should consult with LG’s customer support service for help or hire a technician.

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