Can you use Blackstone griddle indoors?

One of the top producers of griddles and grills is Blackstone. Hot plates are another name for griddles, which you may have seen in restaurants. On the griddle, common foods like sandwiches and hamburgers are prepared. What if, though, you wanted to use these griddles indoors? Can you use Blackstone griddle indoors?

The Blackstone griddles are a little bit larger, and you require a lot of knowledge to utilize them effectively. The manufacturer explicitly states that their griddles are not intended for indoor usage. However, some people will claim that their 17″ griddle—a common option—is ideal indoors.

Helpful Tip – learn how to clean Blackstone griddle properly and it will last a long time.

It is not advised to use a griddle indoors because it is a whole griddle and not simply a griddle pan. Like your home stove, it runs on propane gas. However, the similarities are not as obvious. Before lighting it, you must first consider the safety precautions and issues related to combustion.

The use of propane is the first obvious factor to take into account. You will need propane if you plan to use the Blackstone griddle indoors. Your home’s natural gas supply is not propane; therefore, you cannot simply switch it. To use the grill, you must purchase a bottle of propane.

Propane gas is difficult to discharge into the air, so you’ll need a reliable ventilation system. You can also use the smaller propane cylinders that are available for purchase. However, as was already mentioned, there are a few crucial factors that you must take into account when using propane.

Carbon monoxide is a known byproduct of propane combustion. It is an odorless gas produced mainly when your stove does not burn food properly. Usually, incomplete combustion happens when the optimal propane-to-air ratio is disturbed. 

When you use a griddle inside the house, there are additional dangers that you need to be aware of. The flame that is already present is the primary factor to take into account.

While most people won’t find it very important, the open flame poses a major risk if you’ve kept the griddle in a room with combustible items like curtains or clothing. Simply said, it is a disaster waiting to happen. If the open flame starts a fire, it will be more challenging to extinguish.

Always maintain your griddle in a well-ventilated area without any nearby dangerous materials for indoor cooking. More significantly, it would help if you considered the trash that using a griddle will produce. First off, there’s always the hot oil and grease that occasionally pops.

The counter will become disorganized if this falls on either side of the tabletop. If you enjoy cooking, this won’t be a big deal, but it’s still challenging to manage. Most people don’t have a huge issue with this because many chefs like to clean only while they are cooking.

Then there is also the issue of gases and odors. Because of how dangerous they are, harmful gases like carbon monoxide are referred to as silent killers. This gas will be released into your home if the griddle hasn’t been cleaned correctly due to faulty combustion.

If you detect an unusual gaseous odor in your home, you must turn off the flame and remove the grill in order to ascertain which component is causing the problem or leaking.

The connectors and valves on the Blackstone griddle should always be inspected if you plan to use them frequently. Knowing how the valves operate is crucial because you will turn them frequently. One of the major problems with using a propane grill indoors is that defective valves can cause gas to leak.

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