Can you Put a Queen Mattress on a Full Bed Frame

If you are in a pinch and you do not have a queen-sized bed frame for your queen-sized mattress, you may wish to try to place the mattress on smaller full bed frame. Is this a clever idea or not? I have tried to do so and it was ok as a temporary fix.

Can you put a queen-sized mattress on a full bed frame? You can put a queen-sized mattress on a full-sized bed frame. It will not be as comfortable because the mattress will not provide the optimum level of support for your spine along the edges of the mattress.

Knowing the actual dimensions of a queen mattress and a full bed frame will illustrate to you why the mattress will not be well supported.

What are the typical dimensions of a queen-sized mattress and a full bed frame?

The typical dimensions of a queen-sized mattress are 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. A full bed frame is typically 54 inches by 75 inches. The mattress will bypass the sides of the frame by 3 inches, and it will be 5 inches longer than the frame at the bottom.

Item Size (inches)
Queen-sized Mattress60 x 80
Full Bed Frame54 x 75

Since manufacturers such as Serta state that the width is 79.5 inches, you need to have the actual measurements in mind of your queen mattress because of variations that can occur. If you attempt to squeeze a queen mattress into a frame that is extended to its full length and the length is not enough, you will need to replace the frame with another one.

If you are not aware of what the manufacturer has stated for the dimensions of your queen mattress and full bed frame, you will measure the items yourself accurately. Here is how this is done:

How to measure your mattress

  1. Remove all the bedding from your bed including the mattress cover.
  2. Place the mattress flat on the floor and push the front of it up against a wall.
  3. Using measuring tape, measure starting from the wall to the end of the bed. Make sure to measure the portion of the bed at the end that protrudes the farthest.
  4. This is the length of the bed, make note of it right away.
  5. Measure the width of the bed by measuring from one side to the other side with the measuring tape.
  6. Also measure the thickness of the mattress since you want to ensure that it will by-pass the sides of the bed frame. This is also completed using measuring tape.

How to measure the bed frame

  1. Assemble the frame so that it is at its largest size. Metal frames can usually be adjusted be extending the metal braces.
  2. Since you are attempting to use a full bed frame with a queen mattress, you need to determine of the fully extended frame will hold the mattress since they are typically smaller in length and width when compared to a queen mattress.
  3. Flip the frame onto its back so that you can measure it easily on the floor.
  4. Measure the extended bed frame from the top to the bottom for the length.
  5. Measure the bed frame from side to side for the width.

Now that you have determined the difference in size between your queen mattress and your full frame, is there a way to adjust the bed frame to allow the mattress to fit within it?

How can you adjust a full bed frame so that a queen-sized mattress will fit on it?

To adjust a metal bed frame to fit a queen mattress, you will need to extend the length of the railings to determine the width of the frame. If you have a wood frame, this is not possible. Also, if your metal frame is not the type that has various settings for the width, you may have to purchase another one if you wish to have the correct support for your queen-sized mattress.

If you wish to use a queen-sized frame with your queen-sized mattress instead of adjusting your smaller frame, I recommend the Comasach Queen Bed Frame that is available at Amazon. Click here to have yours delivered to your front door.

I am assuming that you also have the box spring for your queen mattress since that is best to add the box spring to the metal frame before adding the queen mattress. If you do not have one, then use a piece of thick plywood in place of the box string because adding your mattress to the assembly.

Here are the steps to adjust your metal full bed frame to become large enough for a queen bed:

  1. Extend the size of the metal bed frame.
  2. Add the coaster wheels to the frame at the four corners. This will make it easier for you to adjust the width.
  3. Extend the sides until the width is 62 inches.
  4. Add in the bolt that will hold the rails in place between the sides of the frame.

What if you have a futon frame instead of a metal frame and you wish to add a queen mattress to it?

Is it possible to put a queen-sized mattress on a full futon frame?

You had put a queen-sized mattress on a full futon frame if it does not have sides that are the arms for the frame when the frame is placed to turn it into a sofa. Nevertheless, if you use the queen-sized mattress on a futon frame without arms, the support on the sides of the bed will be compromised slightly because of the lack of full support.

Most futon frames as designed to fold up to form a couch when the futon is not extended to the mattress position. This can cause a problem if you try to add a queen-sized mattress to it since the arms create a limit to the width of the mattress that will fit. If you were to force the mattress into the compressed area, it will become rounded at the edges making for an uncomfortable night.

Using a Futon Frame as a Permanent Frame for your Queen-sized Mattress

If your futon frame is a sturdy one and it does not have armrests on the side when extended, you can try to set it up as a permanent solution for your queen mattress. Here are the steps:

  1. Flatten out the futon frame.
  2. Add braces to the portions of the futon frame that allows the futon frame to fold up. This is only necessary if you would like to be able to move it around as one unit while the mattress is on the frame. Otherwise, there is no need to solidify the frame.
  3. Add the mattress to the futon so that it is supported as much as possible by the futon frame.

Types of Futon Frame that will Work with a Queen-Sized Mattress:

Model of Futon Frame Maximum Width
Lake Manor 81.5 inches
South Shore Tao Platform Bed with Drawer80 inches
Zinus Good Design Suzanne 6 Inch Bamboo and Metal79.5 inches

Will you damage a queen-sized mattress if you use it on a full bed frame?

You can damage a queen-sized mattress if you use it on a full bed frame because the area that extends past the sides of the frame is not supported correctly. Over time, dents will appear on the underside of the mattress due to the added stress when the frame ends.

If you add your queen mattress to a frame that is too small, you are risking the integrity of the mattress. Here is what can happen to your mattress that is not well supported by its frame:

  1. It can sag. The part of the mattress that is overhanging will be pulled downwards over time by gravity. Also, the pressure of your body on the sides of the mattress will cause it to bend downwards on the sides. Especially if you are the type of sleeper that allows a leg to hand over the edge of the mattress.
  2. Material Warranty Can Be Voided. If you were to use a mattress on a frame that is too small for the mattress, the manufacturer may refuse to repair or replace your mattress. They will be able to see the telltale signs of frame that was too small for the mattress. You need to read the fine print of your warranty before you use a tiny bed frame.
  3. Flipping it will not Prevent Damaging It. Some people simply flip their mattress is it becomes dented due to a full bed frame being used. This is just going to cause the problem to appear on both sides of the mattress. Also, some mattress makers state that their mattress cannot be flipped over since the most comfortable material is on one side only.
  4. You will need to shift Mattress Constantly which will cause it to Wear Down Faster. Since you are attempting to use your queen mattress on a small frame, the chances of the mattress moving around are higher. You will need to adjust the position of the mattress every time that you make the bed. Moving the mattress around on a frame will cause microscopic tears in the fabric of the mattress that touches the frame. After a few months, you may end up having a hole appear in your mattress.

How can you strengthen a full bed frame so that you can use a queen-sized mattress on it?

You can strengthen a full bed frame so that it can better support a queen-sized mattress by adding in bed slots and strengthening the screws that are holding the frame together over the width of the frame.

There are a few tactics that you can use to make your full bed frame strong enough to handle a queen mattress.

  • Add in extra wooden slats. You can purchase wooded slots at a local hardware store to strengthen the bed frame. Make sure to accurately measure the length required. I would suggest that you purchase slots that are at least three-fourths of an inch so that the strength factor will be higher. Skinny slats will break easily especially if you are two on the bed.
  • Add in stronger screws that hold the frame together. At your local hardware store, bring with you one of the screws that you are currently using in the frame so that you can purchase the right size. I would suggest that you use galvanized steel screws since they are tremendously strong fasteners.
  • Use a piece of plywood on your bed frame. Bug a thick piece of plywood to use on top of your bed frame before adding the mattress to it. This will cause the weight of the mattress to be evenly distributed and the comfort level of the mattress will be enhanced.

Can you use a full-size headboard with a queen-sized mattress?

You can use a full headboard with a queen mattress. You will need to use brackets that will hold the bed frame to the headboard in a secure way.

You may have a full-sized headboard that you wish to use with your new queen-sized mattress. There is a way to attach the headboard to your bed frame that is for a queen bed. Brackets are sold at Amazon that will attach to the frame of the bed and then to the headboard even though it is for a full-sized mattress.

Here are the steps:

  1. Add the brackets to your bed frame. Make sure that there is enough space between the top of the mattress and then bracket once you have it added to the frame.
  2. Slide the headboard into the brackets that are now on the top end of the bed frame. There will be two horizontal slots that will allow you to slide the headboard into place from the top to the bottom.
  3. Make sure to use a level after attaching the headboard. Adjust the screws in the brackets if the headboard is not correctly aligned.

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