Can Snakes Come up through Shower Drains

can snakes enter the shower via the shower drain

The possibility of encountering a snake in the bathroom can be a scary thought for many people. With their ability to slither quietly and unpredictably, snakes can cause fear and panic even among those who appreciate their ecological significance. But can they come up through the shower drains?

Can snakes come up through the shower drains? Snakes can come up through the shower drains by entering the ventilation piping that connects to the shower drain. They enter the roof top vent by climbing pipes on the side of the house to reach the roof or by accessing the roof via tree limbs. 

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Best Way to Block Snake Access to Shower Drain

To block snake access to shower drain you should Trim trees and foliage near your home: Snakes often use trees and vegetation to climb onto roofs and access ventilation pipes. 

Also, install a wire mesh vent hood: Install a wire mesh vent hood that leaves minimal space for snakes to enter the ventilation pipe while allowing air to circulate properly.

Can snakes climb PVC pipe to get to a Roof Vent?

Snakes are known to be excellent climbers and have been known to climb up plastic PVC pipes to gain access to roof vents. This is especially true if there are hinges or other protrusions on the pipe that snakes can use to climb up.

Snakes that can Climb to a Roof Vent

Certain species of snakes are more likely to enter ventilation vents because of their size and behavior. Here are some examples of snakes that can enter ventilation vents:

Garter snakes: Garter snakes are common in North America and are known to enter ventilation systems and other small openings like cracks in doors.

Rat snakes: Rat snakes are known for their climbing skills and can enter ventilation systems through any openings they can find.

Corn snakes: Corn snakes are another common species in North America that can enter ventilation systems through any small openings they can detect.

Black racers: Common in the southeastern United States, black racers are known to climb and can enter ventilation systems through any openings they can find.

Is It Possible for a Snake to Come up a Toilet?

Venomous and poisonous snakes can enter your toilet through the same ventilation pipe that provides them access to the plumbing system. These snakes can climb up the plumbing vents located on the roof and find their way into the toilet, just like they can enter through shower drains.

How Often Do Snakes Come Out of Toilets?

Snakes coming out of toilets is an extremely rare occurrence. It happens only in some rare cases where there is a problem with the plumbing system, or the toilet is left unused for an extended period, allowing snakes to access the water source.

They use their sense of smell, using their long, flickering tongues to detect any sources of water inside your home. In the rare cases where snakes enter the plumbing systems, they may enter through the ventilation pipe.

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Overall, while it is possible for snakes to come up through shower drains, it is not a common occurrence. However, taking preventative measures is crucial to avoid this happening in the future. 

Keep in mind that snakes, venomous or not, may pose a risk to your health and safety if they enter your home. Therefore, preventing their access is a priority. It’s also important to keep any tree limbs near the house trimmed, inspect your pipes, and install drain covers to prevent easy access.

By following these precautions consistently, you can rest easy knowing that your home is secure and safe from any potential snake dangers.

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