Can Lysol Kill Dust Mites

killing dust mites with Lysol spray

Have you ever noticed yourself sneezing more than usual when around certain furniture or fabrics? Or you’ve experienced a runny nose and watery eyes. Chances are, it’s not allergies—you’re experiencing the effects of dust mites! 

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Can Lysol kill dust mites? Lysol can kill dust mites. Lysol kills 99% of dust mites on contact. To use Lysol effectively against these annoying bugs, spray your chosen surface with enough Lysol to make it damp, but not soaking wet.

How to use Lysol Spray to Reduce Dust Mites

  1. First, I make sure to get my chosen surface damp (not soaking wet) with enough Lysol spray.
  1. I like to allow the solution some time to dry before applying any blankets or cushions back onto the surface.
  1. My final step is repeating this process weekly or monthly depending on how heavily trafficked the area is.

What kills dust mites fast?

What kills dust mites fast is heat. Washing clothes at 120 degrees Fahrenheit is one way to kill off dust mites quickly and effectively.

Stuffed toys should be washed at 103 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure all traces of dust mites have been eliminated.

Bedding should be washed at temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results.

What kills dust mites naturally

Here is what kills dust mites naturally:

  1. Freezing is one of the most effective ways of killing dust mites. Anything made of lace or silk that cannot be washed in a washer should be placed in a plastic bag and put into the freezer for 24 hours.
  1. Diatomaceous earth is another great natural remedy against dust mite infestation – simply sprinkle it around the area you’d like to target and allow it to sit overnight before vacuuming up any remaining particles.
  1. Natural oils such as tea tree oil are also known to help kill off dust mites – simply mix 5-10 drops into 1/4 cup of water and spray it onto problematic areas where dust mite might be hiding (e.g., mattresses).
  1. Finally, there’s also an old home remedy – mixing 1 part salt with 3 parts borax then sprinkling it on carpets or furniture can help get rid of dust mite infestation as well!

Using these natural remedies can help keep your home free from pesky dust mite infestations fast! So if you’re looking for an effective yet safe way to reduce your symptoms – give some of these natural solutions a try.

Does Febreze Kill Dust Mites

So, does Febreze kill dust mites? Unfortunately, not. While Febreze does reduce the allergens by 75 percent, it does not actually kill them—it is designed to trap odor molecules instead. So, if you’re looking for a product that will truly eliminate dust mite infestation – I’m afraid Febreze is not the right one for you.

While Febreze helps reduce instances of running nose and sneezing due to dust mites – it doesn’t kill off dust mite infestations so other measures should be taken such as using high-temperature washing methods or cold temperatures when dealing with fabrics that cannot be washed in a regular machine. 

Alternatively, as mentioned above, Lysol can also be used as an effective disinfectant to help get rid of dust mite infestations fast.

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