Can I Use Laundry Detergent in Carpet Cleaner?

Can I Use Laundry Detergent in Carpet Cleaner

Carpets are one of the most amazing household fixtures, and they are true love and blessing to have. Carpets offer great luxury and comfort to their owners, but at the same time, they are the most difficult and expensive household to clean. 

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Carpet shampoo is a dedicated product used in carpet cleaners to clean only carpets. If you have more than one large, wall-to-wall carpet at home. Your carpet shampoo bill will hurt your pocket and make you wonder can I use laundry detergent in the carpet cleaner. 

The answer to this question is one Yes and one No. Yes, you can use laundry detergent in a carpet cleaner, and no, you cannot use every available laundry detergent in a carpet cleaner. You can use laundry detergent in your carpet cleaner. Laundry detergents are the most reliable option out of all the available household cleaning items like shampoo and dishwashing detergent.

You need to be very careful in your selection of laundry detergent for a carpet cleaner. Laundry detergent produces a lot of foam and residue that can be very harmful to your carpet and carpet cleaner. 

Laundry detergent marked with HE can be used in carpet cleaners as a carpet cleaner shampoo alternative. Here HE means high efficiency or highly effective. These laundry detergents are designed for high efficiency and are a good alternative to carpet cleaning shampoo.

The laundry detergent with the HE mark produces little foam and no residue during cleaning. These detergents can be washed with a considerably small portion of water making them the best alternative to carpet cleaner shampoo.

The quantity of HE-marked laundry detergent that can be used in carpet cleaners has to be measured. Only a tablespoon of HE-marked laundry detergent can be used in a quarter liter of water in the carpet cleaner.

If you are going to use laundry detergent in your carpet cleaner, then be sure to use the liquid type of laundry detergent. The powdered form of detergent is not recommended for carpet cleaners. Liquid detergents mix very well in water and do not have any residue or grains. So, these work very well with water and work best with a carpet cleaner.

Powdered detergents due to their small grain and powdered form usually do not mix well in small quantities of water. So, they can easily block or clog the carpet cleaner, and that’s why they are not recommended for use.

Along with the powdered detergents form, it is also needed to be checked that the selected detergent does not have any type of bleach in it. It’s only recommended to use those laundry detergents in a carpet cleaner that does not have bleach mixed in them. Bleach has more to do with the carpet than a carpet cleaner. Bleach can destroy the entire carpet by decolorizing the carpet.

Some detergents even in their liquid state have abrasive particles in them for providing better results. These abrasive particles can prove fatal for your carpet cleaner. As they can easily clog the carpet cleaner. If these particles get stuck between carpet fibers, they can produce an overpowering smell and reduce carpet life.

In the end, it depends a lot on your carpet too. Carpet material and value will also decide whether you can use laundry detergent in a carpet cleaner or not. If you have a high end very expensive and natural fiber carpet or rug. Then it’s never recommended to use laundry detergent in a carpet cleaner. If you have a normal wall-to-wall carpet for domestic use, then using an HE market laundry detergent is not an issue.

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