Black and Decker Battery Charger Troubleshooting

Through corrosion, overcharging your battery or even faulty wires, there are plenty of reasons as to why your Black and Decker Battery may not be able to charge or hold a charge. The first step in Black and Decker battery charger troubleshooting is to identify where your charger is failing:

  • Check to see if the light indicator on the battery is lighting up. 
  • Rest the back of your hand on the battery to see if it is hot.
    • If the battery is hot, this can signify either a fault with the lithium battery itself, or that it has been overcharged and needs to cool down.

If the light indicator is not on, you could have a faulty charger and it is not the battery itself, ordering a replacement is a viable option. If the light indicator is on but blinking red, your battery charger may not have the proper voltage.

If the battery is hot due to an overcharge and still not able to hold a charge, it may be at the end of its life cycle. All batteries have them and when a battery has reached its end, the only necessary step would be to buy a new battery or attempt to jumpstart it.

If you are discharging and overusing the battery this can also cause its life cycle to be sliced in half as not keeping a competent charge while using the device can be just as harmful as charging the battery at every given chance. It’s best to allow the battery to naturally drain then once it is low, simply put it on the charger again.

How to reset Black and Decker Battery Charger

Resetting the Black and Decker Battery Charger may seem daunting but is quite straightforward. Resetting the battery charger is as simple as checking its voltage and if the voltage is lower than what is advertised (a 20v battery only giving off 5v), you must perform a reset.

Note: When checking the voltage of your batteries within the charger, make sure you disconnect all wiring. Most Black and Decker battery chargers have SIX wires that need to be properly disconnected (a soldering iron is recommended) to not fry the circuit board when you are checking the voltage.

You are able to perform a reset by attaching two cables (negative to negative, positive to positive) from one of your batteries (can be Black and Decker or not) to the one that you are attempting to reset. Allow the jumpstarting of your dead battery from the new by waiting around fifteen to twenty minutes, then after doing so you may disconnect the wires and check the voltage of your battery charger.

As long as the charger is within the margin of error (around 5-10%, i.e. a 20v battery reading 18v) then you will be able to charge your battery once again.

How to test a Black and Decker Battery Charger

A simple test to see if your Black and Decker battery charger is working properly is to plug in a battery and check if it is flashing red; a red flashing light indicates that the battery is not charging due to the charger. This can be due to a number of reasons, the number one most unappealing being that one of the batteries (within the charger) has a bad cell. 

In order to test and determine the rightful cause of the calibration issue of the battery charger, unscrew the screws on the back of the charger and test each battery using a multimeter.

Each battery should have a different charge level and depending on that charge level you can find out your options on how to fix the problem. If the battery reads a complete goose egg, then you most definitely have a bad cell—or the battery has short circuited. If that is the case, then it is advisable to replace the battery charger in its entirety as a singular bad battery is enough to make the rest unable to work.

If all the batteries read low voltages, but still a number nonetheless, then it is possible to jumpstart the battery charger with another working/usable battery charger.

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