Best Pocket Knife For Chefs: Cooking Everywhere With Portable Chef Knives

Chefs always need to be prepared to cook. What is the best pocket knife for chefs? Everyday carry doesn’t just apply to emergency preparedness gurus. Honing your craft means having your tools with you any time you want to make food. Pocket knives have come a long way in recent years.

Are folding knives any good for food prep? There was a time when the only pocket knives were generic and not great for food. However, things have changed substantially since then, and technology is catching up to our needs rapidly. You can get a superb chefs’ knife that will slide into your jeans pocket. I’ll walk you through the best knives for food prep, so you never have to worry about carrying a bundle of blades with you to create superb meals.

How To Find The Best Chefs Pocket Knife

When selecting the best chefs’ pocket knife, you need to consider three things. First, what do you need from a chefs’ knife? Second, what makes a good pocket knife? Finally, will your knife last in your environment?

Although many top-quality knives require sharpening, a good chef’s knife should be fairly sharp out of the box. Shipping razor-sharp blades is more likely to damage them, so expect to spend a short time sharpening your new pocket knife. You also want to make sure the weight, balance, and size are right for your cooking style.

Pocket knives have a hinge, lock, and other features like belt clips. Read reviews to make sure your knife has a good quality hinge and opens easily. Check for a lock that holds the knife open and closed properly. Belt or pocket clips and loops for carrying your knife on a cord are optional and beneficial bonuses.

Selecting a knife that suits your environment is about more than how it performs cutting food. Is your knife easy to clean? Is it rust and corrosion-proof? Perhaps most vital of all is your chef’s pocket knife carbon steel?

Carbon steel, in particular, is less resistant to corrosion than stainless steel. The chromium in stainless steel gives it an edge over the harder carbon steel. While this is acceptable, you need to be aware of that quirk. Especially if you live somewhere humid, you’ll need to take extra steps to protect your blade.


Can You Make Good Food With A Regular Pocket Knife

Your skills and knife matter most when you are cooking. In particular, the best chef’s pocket knife requires the best care. There’s more to keeping a knife than sticking it in your pocket and sharpening it.

The shape and size of many pocket knives are sub-par for food prep. However, you can get excellent pocket knives designed as cleavers, boning knives, and other chef-friendly styles. Choose a daily carry knife in a blade shape that suits your cooking.

A pocket knife has a hinge, and hinges require maintenance. Oiling your pocket knife hinge is crucial, but you need to choose a food-safe lubricant. Moreover, pocket knives can pick up debris from your pocket. Always clean your chefs’ pocket knife before you start cooking.


Top Five Best Pocket Knives For Chefs

Choosing the best pocket knife for chefs was a challenge. There are so many superb options that sorting through them to find the cream of the crop was an intriguing process. By selecting only blades from top quality companies, with outstanding reviews from real users, you get a blade that helps you cook anywhere at any time. All the knives here hold an edge well and come in styles that facilitate food prep on the go.

1. Gerber Gear Flatiron

Our top pick for folding chefs’ knives is the Gerber Gear Flatiron from Amazon. Not only does Gerber make outstanding knives, but they are known for their high quality. A larger finger choil offers better grip when you choke up on this blade. Plus an aluminum handle keeps this knife lightweight and helps prevent hand fatigue. 

If you’ve never had a Gerber you will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality standards of this company. The blade is easy to share, and keep sharp with occasional stropping. Plus the liner lock helps keep your blade secure in your pocket.

With one-handed opening, you can easily secure whatever you’re slicing. Moreover, this portable cleaver style blade has a convenient forward trending tip for easy cutting. Better still, the pocket clip offers comfortable, low-profile carry.

You will appreciate the textured G10 handle as it helps prevent accidental slippage. A reverse curve on the spine prevents knuckles fromgetting near your cutting surface and the blade is made of durable 7Cr17MoV stainless steel.Get your Gerber by clicking here.

2. Herbertz Large Folding Kitchen Chef Knife

Carrying a Herbertz Folding Kitchen Chef Knife will help you cook on the go. These lovely rosewood handled chefs’ pocket knives come in two sizes. The larger nine-point-nine inch style offers a full size chef knife that you can fold up and carry anywhere. 

Made from heat-treated 440 stainless steel, these corrosion and rust resistant blades hold an edge well. Moreover, this knife comes with a pre-sharpened blade. The low speed edge hand grinding process gives you a nice working edge right out of the box.

With a thumb stud for single handed operation and a liner lock for added safety, these are ideal for chefs who cook everywhere. To learn all about the Herbertz Folding Kitchen Chef Knife on Amazon, click right here.

3. Eafengrow CH3531-G10 Folding Knife

The Eafengrow CH3531-G10 Folding Knife from Amazon is ideal for a chef on the move. As camping cleavers go, you will love this clip point, portable knife wherever you cook. Not only does the Eafengrow have a perfectly machined edge, but the ball bearing pivot is also smooth and easy to open. 

The blade is D2 stainless steel for corrosion and rust resistance. This knife will hold a razor sharp edge exceptionally well for all your cutting needs. Plus, the Eafengrow comes with a convenient belt clip for everyday carrying.

Best of all this company offers a one-hundred percent quality and satisfaction guarantee. You can cook worry free with this blade. To read the excellent reviews on Amazon, click here.

4. CRKT Ripsnort EDC Folding Pocket Knife

A CRKT Ripsnort EDC Folding Pocket Knife from Amazon is a cleaver you can take anywhere. Columbia River Knife and Tool (CKRT) is a well-known and trusted brand of pocket knives. With a stainless steel inlay, this classy black and silver blade is ready to take the heat. 

Designed by Philip Booth, this well engineered blade is great for daily use. The CKRT offers superior control and cutting for clean slices. Moreover it has a satin blade finish that is easy to clean and a simple to operate flipper. At just five-point-eight ounces, you won’t need to worry about hand fatigue. The deep pocket clip helps hold your knife in place for easy access.

Unlike large, bulky blades, the low-profile of this CKRT cleaver offers convenient and less noticeable carrying. Better still you get a limited lifetime warranty that covers any defects in material and workmanship. Check out CKRT by clicking here.

5. CIVIVI Mini Bullmastiff Pocket knife

For a lightweight yet highly versatile chef’s blade, I recommend the CIVIVI Mini Bullmastiff Pocket Knife from Amazon. When you need  smaller, more portable option, this is the best choice. At seven-point-one inches long, you have enough blade to slice most food without any excess material or weight. Plus the convenient cleaver style comes with a channel to move blood and other liquids away from where you’re cutting. 

High-carbon 9Cr18MoV stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, so you’ll have this knife for years to come. Additionally, the forward profile offers a smaller, pointed tip for detailed cutting. The smooth opening system includes a ball bearing for quick pivoting when you need to open or close your blade.

This model comes in classic black, bright easy-to-find blue and covert olive drab green for any aesthetic. The textured handle is easy to hold and helps prevent slippage. A wider blade spine offers better stability and easy operation.

You’ll appreciate the high-quality customer service if you have any questions about your new chef’s pocket knife. Finally, you get the lifetime warranty against any defects in workmanship or materials. To have Amazon ship a CIVIVI to your door, click here.


Final Thoughts

Making top-tier meals doesn’t mean you need a full kitchen. By choosing the best pocket knife for chefs, you will always have your hand on the blade you need. Cooking is an art that anyone can master with enough practice, so take every opportunity to hone your skill.

Creating outstanding food is always an in-demand industry. A great folding pocket knife is perfect for keeping up with the trends in your profession. Even amateur cooks can make high-quality meals when they have a chef’s tool on hand. Practice is the key.

With your skills and the best pocket knife for chefs, you will always be ready to eat. Skip the bulky bundles, and grab your folding knife instead next time you want to camp or travel.

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