Best Flooring for Direct Sunlight: Styles and Finishes

Choosing the flooring for a room that gets direct sunlight requires a little more forethought than a room with only electric light. You don’t want to see huge faded spots after putting a lot of time and money into putting down that beautiful floor. Unfortunately, UV light can damage your flooring’s colors fairly easily if you make the wrong choice. You can always opt for using a good UV resistant stain or sealant if you have wood floors, but what about installing new floors? Well, wood does fade and crack, and even when it’s well taken care of, you may be looking at a need to re-seal it regularly. Especially if the floor gets a lot of traffic, your sealant will wear off unevenly. I’ll walk you through some of the other options for rooms with direct sunlight. You can have your natural light and still keep beautiful floors in your home for years to come. 

Floors That Do Not Fade Easily

When it comes to resisting direct sunlight, your flooring needs to be better than basic. The best choices for floors in bright, naturally lit rooms are all very straightforward. You can always choose carpets or place a good rug over the afflicted area, but I have some smarter, stain-proof solutions for floors on the list below. 

  1. Concrete- There’s nothing basic about concrete flooring. You don’t need to leave it bare. Opt for decorative stamping or a UV resistant paint or resin coat to take this easy floor solution to the next level. 
  2. Hardwood-  Hardwoods can be stained and protected, but this is by far the choice that will have you coming back to do regular maintenance.
  3. Laminate- Skip the cheap knockoffs and get a high-quality laminate floor solution instead. Properly made laminate can last years or even decades. 
  4. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)- Vinyl is not a bad word when it comes to flooring. Go with a known and trusted brand. 
  5. Tile- Real tile floors are an ideal solution. Their ability to stand the test of time is undeniable, and they have the durability you need for sun.

Temporary Help for Preexisting Floors

It’s better to replace a faded floor right away. Still, you can cover a preexisting floor until you can replace it with a better solution for direct sunlight. Since wood floors are often the focus of the fading, we’ll tackle them first.

Sand off any sealant to re-stain the whole floor a uniform color. Seal it well with UV resistant coating. If the damage isn’t too serious, you may be able to get more wear out of that floor, but mistreated flooring often has deep underlying issues. 

The other big culprit is cheap vinyl floors. Remove any sharp edges or loose pieces and place some temporary foam mats over the area so you can walk around safely until you replace them. Choosing the right flooring for every part of your home is essential. 

Top Five Best Flooring Solutions for Direct Sunlight

Sunny rooms are beautiful and uplifting. Selecting the perfect flooring for direct sunlight doesn’t need to be difficult. Depending on your style and decor, you can find plenty of options on this carefully curated list to match any interior. Best of all, these high-quality flooring solutions are easy to install and stay beautiful for years, even in the sunniest rooms. 

1. Ardex Feather Finish Cement

Cement like Ardex Feather Finish from Amazon is a great way to create beautiful, fade-free flooring that lasts. This basic grey cement can be stained, patterned, and covered to look like almost anything. Moreover, cement rarely needs replacing, and it is easy to patch. 

Ardex is a blend of hydraulic and other cement. The self-drying matrix means you can set it and forget it. Best of all, you only need water to take this from powder to wet cement, with no mystery liquids to mess with. 

Not only is this cement trowelable, but it looks great once it dries. Additionally, Ardex is mold and mildew resistant, so it’s excellent for wet climates. Find out more about this surprising cement by clicking here.

2. Co-Z Vinyl Floor Planks

Co-Z Vinyl Floor Planks offer you the look of real wood without the negatives. This high-quality water-resistant flooring is easy to install, and it doesn’t need to be waxed or sealed to look great. You’ll appreciate the real wood grain look without the high-end prices of wood flooring. 

Fire, mold, and wear-resistant, this premium vinyl is durable. Furthermore, it is straightforward to install. The panels adhere within three minutes for fuss-free flooring. Place the planks where you want them on a smooth, clean subfloor, and you’re done. Make sure floors are free of dust, grease, and cracks before you begin the installation. 

Co-Z uses environmentally-friendly 8628A hot melts on the back. This flooring is safe to install, and you can feel great knowing that the glue on your flooring is eco-friendly. Additionally, there’s no formaldehyde in these planks, making them superior to many similar looking products. Have Amazon deliver your Co-Z Vinyl Planks to your door when you click here.

3. Mintcraft Green Marble Vinyl Floor Tile

If you’re looking for a unique and stunning floor for your sunny rooms, choose Mintcraft Green Marble Vinyl Floor Tile from Amazon. This lovely green flooring has the look of marble without the environmental damage that comes from quarrying it. Upgrade your floor without downgrading your credit score. 

In addition to the green options, Mintcraft offers various other styles and colors to match any decor. These twelve-by-twelve tiles are easy to cut and straightforward to install. The self-adhesive backing will stay put once you place it for an instant hold. With no waiting to enjoy your new floor, you’ll be moving furniture in no time. 

The quality and color will pleasantly surprise you. Moreover, Mintcraft has outstanding customer service. If you have any concerns or questions, you will find them prompt and friendly with lots of great information. The biggest problem you’re likely to have with this floor is that you may want more so you can do the whole house. See the outstanding Amazon reviews right here.

4. Achim Home Furnishings Majestic Vinyl Floor Tile

Starting with a pale-colored floor like Achim Home Furnishings Majestic Vinyl Floor Tile will bring more light into the room. You won’t need to worry about these tiles fading, but they’ll certainly help you get the most out of large sunny windows. Bright spaces need brilliant flooring solutions. 

At eighteen-by-eighteen inches, you can cover a lot of space quickly. The simple peel and stick tiles are also easy to apply, so you don’t need to waste extra time on slow drying, messy glues. Plus, once your instant flooring is in place, it can take the pressure. These tiles are wear-resistant, and they last. 

We all love a company that believes in their own product, and Achim backs theirs with a guarantee. The five-year limited warranty means you can cover that floor with no worries. You’ll appreciate the way these tiles help brighten your home. Find your Majestic Vinyl flooring when you click here.

5. SomerTile Ceramic Floor Tile

When you want a truly classic look that can last decades, SomerTiles’ Ceramic Floor Tile from Amazon is the way to go. You’ll love the pattern and finish on these stunning square tiles. Ceramic floors may take a little longer to apply, but they can sometimes last generations, so it’s worth spending a little more time on them. As a statement piece or a backdrop, this pattern is perfect. 

Ceramics don’t fade like paint and cheap vinyl. Plus, the glazed and slightly textured finish gives any sunny room a beautiful glow while still providing some traction. Low sheen means these tiles don’t have the reflective glare that shiny finishes can produce, so your sunny room will still feel cozy. Plus, the shade of white isn’t shocking to the senses, but rather a pleasant shade that stands out without showing off every speck of dust. 

With a P. E. I. rating of III, SomerTile is a good match for medium-duty residential floors. These lovely indoor-outdoor tiles are versatile and can be used for kitchens, terraces, backsplashes, and even hallways. Moreover, they are marginally skid resistant, which is a nice bonus since many ceramic tiles are too slippery to be suitable on the floors. Get timeless tile flooring by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

UV fading on colors is a natural phenomenon that can make a home look old fast. Ugly floors ruin rooms and make a home look drab and uncared for. You walk all over them, so put serious thought into your floors if you want them to last. 

Opt for a long-lasting flooring solution that won’t fade and resists wear. You’ll see those sunny floors every day. Make sure you’re enjoying the view. 

When the floor looks worn and faded, the whole room can look drab and uncared for no matter the decor. Skip that headache by choosing the right high-quality floor from the start so you can enjoy your home hassle-free for years. 

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